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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ The Unbothered Queen

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This is me when the thought that I'll not get to see kyo in Encounter new episode again next week..:bawling: It took long for her to take another drama/film in the past but hopefully she do not plan to slow down this time around..but I hope she get a good rest after Encounter though.

Really gonna miss her....:kiss_wink:

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In the Actress, the fans and the Song Hye Kyo's thread I started to like Song Hye Kyo in 2001 while watching "Autumn in my heart". It was her first Korean drama in a main role and it was my

Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

Dots is currently broadcasted in Japan and Japanese give a hot  support for Dots  . Dots will be broadcasted in the US and Canada soon http://www.focus.kr/view.php?key=2016063000115732796

Hello. I've been mostly posting in the Encounter drama thread and since the drama ended I just want to say how much I love Song Hye Kyo's acting range. The way she delivers her lines, her expressive eyes, I feel that in each character she portrays she manages to make that character her own. I love her performance as Doctor Kang Mo Yeon in DOTS, and now as Cha Soo Hyun she just made the character so relatable that I cried with her whenever she cries, most especially in episode 14. My favorite scene was when she appeared at JH's home for the first time. She didn't have a lot of lines in that scene but she and PBG made it so memorable and special. I'm not sure if this should be posted in the drama thread. Just want to say SHK is just amazing. 

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@dukesa1122 i really wanna know what did u read,but i bet it will ruin my happy mood if i do :sweatingbullets: we always know everything that SHK does, will it be good or bad thing will always be a bad thing for haters..

For me every actor n actress has their flaws not always perfect..even for seniors..n x factors like script,directing ways etc its give a point too, eventhough that artist has superb acting ability..cheer up chingu, lets celebrate SHK successful project..n hope she n PBG will work together again in the near future (I will add this in my many wishes for her :lol:)

PS: by the way,how to PM someone in this forum :sweatingbullets: haha

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More gifts for Kyo and  the rest of Encounter team from her fans Hyebaragi (Korean) & Baidu (Chinese) So sweet! :wub:DxrTNiEVYAIEPeE?format=jpg&name=900x900

Credit iam_loveee


@htk9207 hello nice to see you here! Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! I hope to see you more here and talk about Kyo!:)


@dukesa1122 I ain't ready yet for her ninja mode:ph34r::D She still has work commitment like cfs, record for encounter's commentary, magazine covers, attend awards night etc. I believe we'll still see her  in public this year.



Encounter's conmentary- hoping

Magazine covers-hoping

Attend awards ceremony-hoping

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Her decision to participate in the drama initially received a lot of negative reaction, doubts and concerns, even from some of her fans.


Not me though.


I completely trusted her and absolutely believed that 'Encounter/Boyfriend' would be a very, very good drama; otherwise, she would not have agreed to do it.


I came to the drama, therefore, with high expectations.


And to my pleasant surprise, both the drama and Song Hye Kyo well exceeded my expectations. 


'Encounter' has become one of the most beautiful dramas that I have seen.


And Kyo's sincere, touching, nuanced and superb performance for me, played an important part of what makes it so beautiful.


For that, I am thankful to her


and proud of her.


And I will miss her (in fact, I have already missed her).



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Thursday, January 24, 2019

TV: [Spoilers!!!} Boyfriend (Finale)


Article: Song Hye Gyo and Park Bogum's happy ending at 8.7%... 3 achievements by 'Boyfriend'

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+1,304, -179] It makes me happy to read articles written by people who watched and understood the drama... It was a traditional melodrama. Soohyun and Jinhyuk's love helped awaken feelings deep within me and I felt warmed and happy by their relationship. I'll miss this drama a lot..

2. [+839, -68] I've been an avid viewer since the first episode and their first meeting left such an impression on me. All of the actors showed great talent in expressing the excitement of a new relationship and I laughed and cried with both the leads over their emotional acting. I read up all the books and listened to the OST introduced in the drama and spent these past few weeks relishing in the emotions that they brought. I thank everyone involved in this work and will always support Song Hye Gyo and Park Bogum. 'Boyfriend' fighting~!!

3. [+665, -44] I was excited and happy to be able to witness the strong love between Jinhyuk and Soohyun. This will be remembered as the best melodrama of my life. Park Bogum was like a fresh piece of fruit in his expression of their first love and was also deep like a tree, forever giving and always there with his love. Kim Jinhyuk made my heart clench but was also such a heart fluttering character. His acting made it so much easier to focus on the drama.

4. [+540, -75] There's nothing provocative about the drama so I was able to watch reruns without much worries. Great job to Song Hye Gyo.

5. [+424, -54] I agree, it was a drama that showed the worth of such a warm and noble love.

6. [+136, -5] I know that Park Bogum is already a star who has had his acting skills acknowledged but this drama made me fall for his charms once again. Hoping to see him in a new drama soon!

7. [+117, -13] I watched from the 1st to the 16th episode and even watched reruns three times over. I enjoyed every gaze, every scene, every direction of the drama~~~ So sad that such a beautiful drama is over and I feel empty about it already~~ I'll be watching out for Director Park Shin Woo's future works... I've always been a fan of Hye Gyo but this drama has made me realize how much I like Park Bogum's gaze when he acts~~~ thank you...

8. [+95, -2] Really happy about the happy ending~ I'll never be able to forget Park Bogum's tearful acting~ it was the best~ hoping the best for the two~

9. [+86, -7] I enjoyed it, it was such a heartwarming melodrama and the two had great chemistry

10. [+80, -7] Finally someone who analyzed the drama correctly. The past two months of winter was made warmer thanks to Song Hye Gyo and Park Bogum....source credit @http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/01/tv-spoilers-boyfriend-finale.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&m=1
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Hahaha, okay I finished all episodes 14,15,16 in one night , bawling my eyes out and I have to say my decision to postpone until all the episodes coming out  is the best decision ever :D, otherwise I would wake up every night dosing like zombies dreaming, spectaculating what’s gonna happen !!! 

Im so proud of SHK, and with SHK, when it comes to project, if  she likes the script, she will choose to do it regardless of social norms, people’s biases, judgement.

I miss her already , don’t know what to do 

and how would I move on ???

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