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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ The Unbothered Queen

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Guest xyzebra

Hey all! I've missed you guise! A big thank you to all for for updating and tending to this thread with care and love :).   

There have been so many positive comments about SHG on Naver and even Nate. Although I won't be translating word for word, many of the top comments share our sentiment of wanting to see more of SHG on the small and  big screens. Amen to that, sistas!

C-netz and C-stars also can't get enough of SHG! I made a gif set of a short convo between Du Chen, a Chinese actor, and the host Jin Xing of the Jin Xing Talk Show on Shanghai Oriental TV. In the captions, I use the abbreviation DC for Du Chen and MJ for Jin Xing, or Miss Jin. 

TL;DR points of the convo:

1. DC wants to marry SHG (LOL). Get in line, mister.

2. Jin Xing offers to take DC to Korea next month because she has a drama project there. Apparently, Jin Xing's boss for this project is also SHG's boss. ;) Does DC have any hopes of catching a sight of SHG the ninja?

Background facts: 

1. The host, Jin Xing, is actually one of the few officially approved trans woman in China who is Korean by ethnicity. Her Korean name is Kim Song. She is sassy and to the point; you may think of her as your female and more tame RuPaul. 

2. The old guy sitting next to DC is his dad. Jin Xing asked if he knows who SHG is. He was like, "I have no idea". LOL. Also do you guys notice anything familiar? That grey sweater is the cardigan version of the Thom Browne sweater worn by YSJ in the first episode. 










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In the Actress, the fans and the Song Hye Kyo's thread I started to like Song Hye Kyo in 2001 while watching "Autumn in my heart". It was her first Korean drama in a main role and it was my

Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

Hello everyone!   It's been a while since I made a post of just my thoughts on Kyo and recent happenings. I finally have some time today so I hope you don't mind. I'll hide it since I tend to wri

I'm kinda lost to what happened, I back read few pages since I last posted but I'm still clueless.  But I'm glad everything is all settled down after all we are here for our love and devotion to Song Hye Kyo as everyone here stated already.

I want to give huge thanks and sincere gratitude to hclover96 and twtwb for the updates, news and other related information to Song Hye Kyo.  I like the article from StarN.

My fellow Kyonatics, thank you for keeping the thread alive and I share your sentiments and I love reading all the post here, its my stress reviler from workloads.  

Last week, I felt, I need to do something to show my appreciation to Song Hye Kyo and end up buying Laneige products... I was shocked to see the total bill but end up paying it after all I trust Song Hye Kyo. 


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My first post here after a silent supporter for decades

SHK is my long time favorite since I watched her first drama " Autumn in My Heart"  

I am not saying I'm a true kynotic because even I watched all her dramas I don't go to forum to read about her life /news 

I'm busy with work , kids and other stuff and sometimes I feel I'm too old for this haha

But her recent come back with the success of dots that made me just so happy for her 

but at the same time I feel very bad when reading some comments here and there criticizing her acting ( saying she is bland , boring ) which totally discounted all her efforts, hard work and dedications 

I also feel a little bit unfair when the main actors got so much attention and credit , SHK is just hybernating in her comfort zone , quiet and humble 

I hope she will always be happy , act more and receive recognition she well deserves 

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I forgot one name used to be active, sis @rubylia where are you? You may not know me. I love your posts on SHK.

SHK looks so gorgeous in black. Photographer, can I ask one more photo of her in black? 


Also one of my fav, she is like a princess in fairy tale. Hope that she can be one and partnered with ...let s say...ummm when talking about princess, what I have in my mind is ...Chris Evans or Chris Pine. That would be great to see her with a handsome Hollywood star. 



I forgot one name used to be active, sis @rubylia where are you? You may not know me. I love your posts on SHK.

SHK looks so gorgeous in black. Photographer, can I ask one more photo of her in black? 


Here is also one of my fav, she is like a princess in fairy tale. Hope that she can be one and partnered with ...let s say...ummm when talking about princess, what I have in my mind is ...Chris Evans or Chris Pine. That would be great to see her with a handsome Hollywood star. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQehlKU97slq0q0z1YV8_-



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That is beautiful @twtwb. Your writing is impressive, I'm a bit jealous, keke at the same time, I'm glad Kyo has a fan like you, and a male at that! It was love at first sight for me when I saw her on a Chinese channel. I'm a girl and I'm in love with her. Kept on watching autumn in my heart dubbed in Chinese albeit I did not understand a word and I was in fourth grade at that time! Thank you for sharing the excerpt from Hye Kyo's book and of course @khxyfor the translation. We aren't as vocal as other celebs' fans. But I believe we're as passionate, perhaps even more. We try to emulate Kyo's personality as much as possible. Kyonatics try to be classy and respectful just like her. As fans, we keep our behavior in check, since it will reflect on Kyo.
Thank you @MasY and @ewff for coming back. Welcome @metal!

@sunflower91_ my pleasure sunbae! I'll try my best to contribute to this wonderful thread. :wub:

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Guest xyzebra

@hclover96, Hahah! Thank you for the compliment! It means a lot because I do worry sometimes that my commentaries are off-kilter to some. :P And thank you again for all your updates! <3 

@twtwb, Woah! I had no idea you are a guy! What a rare panda you are in this part of the woods! :D I love reading your posts here and elsewhere as they reflect the calmness and eloquence of SHG. And I agree with you and others that this thread is a piece of heaven on this forum, mostly because many of the posters here share SHG's personality :) 

@metal, whaaaa? Too old for fun? Never :) Welcome to this thread! 

@Amethyst, *sheepishly raises hand* I have also purchased items endorsed or worn by SHG since contracting DOTS fever! Hahah! I iz weak! My cousin in KR went nuts with the Laneige two tone lip-bars, J.Estina products, and the likes. SHG's spokeswoman power is no joke, especially in KR and CHN right now. Besides Jeon Ji-hyung, I really can't think of another KR actress that can single-handedly increase a company's revenue within a span of 2 months. 

@ all who worry about language barriers, don't worry:)! We'll understand you just fine since you speak the language of love and mutual respect! 

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hi guys, i'm new here, i've been a fan of SHK since AIMH but never knew about thread until yesterday :sweatingbullets: (i'm sorry, i'm not really familiar with tech. and all). i hope we can be good friends hehe

anyways, i need to quote this, this is the first time i read this.

6 hours ago, twtwb said:

Excerpt from "Hye Kyo's Time"

In the Actress, the Fans

... My fans, most of them had been with me since I started till now. And most of their characters and personalities are surprisingly same as mine. No worries, not panicky, not particularly concerned about news and anxious to express their views. They silently support me, trusting me. And I trust them too...

Translated by @khxy


this brings me a peaceful heart hehe. i'm super glad i choose to be her fan, may she always granted with success :heart:

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Today is such a good day in the SHK's thread. We are united and now we have the chance to ask her questions. Let me think of the questions I should ask her. Should I send the link of this thread to K-pop Herald and ask K-pop to ask her if she knows of our existence? Do you agree for me to do it?

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All...on weibo... Is it clear shg gonna do another chinese movie.. The title is Europen Rider n it gonna start filming on may ... Ohhhh myyyyy... Hope someone can post it here n translate it .. Chinese movie again.. ???? Hope is true 

*edit... Hope is not true... Hahaha don't really like the opposite male.. I really hope for more younger lead male

Edited by strawberry555
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Hope Song Hye Kyo gets to work with Lee Min Ho!!!


It should be mentioned that Song Hye Kyo is the one actress that Lee Min Ho has specifically mentioned, in a prior interview, that he wanted to work with someday. He was quoted as saying, 'I would like to work with my ideal type, Song Hye Kyo sunbae (senior). Although she has an elegant and classic style, her charisma is also strong and her acting talent is outstanding. If we act together, I think I could learn a lot from her. But I'd probably tremble (be nervous) a lot.'



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