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Even in Hollywood between male n female paid rate become a probs too.. the paid rate between Hollywood n SK standards may differ,cz maybe Hollywood has been seen as a standard of achievement all these long so,of course the rate of their celebrities is different from other countries,who knows?n I don't know if they play in Hollywood movie,their paid rate increasing or not..


N that payments only in dramas,not when they play movies, usually they paid more higher when they are in a movies,right?or no?

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In Hollywood actress who are paid the most are actress like Ellen Pompeo who is earning 20 million person season. Actress who are playing for a very long time in a tv show are paying the most like Mariska Hargitay on SUV. After yeah there is a big gap betwen male and femal. I know that a bad actir like Stephen Amell a B or C lister is paying 250 000$ per ep of Heels on startz while it is was the 1st season and it only had 8 ep. 


I think network in US may have more money to give to production than in Korea. It is why Korean actors are paid less than US/Canadian actors.


Brand reputation. No 6 for SHK




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