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A reminder to SHK.............



Thank you to those who have been painstakingly furnishing us with news about SHK. 

Your hard work is very much appreciated! 

Thank you to those who have been very patient providing support and everyday words of wisdom!

To lurkers who continue to watch from afar, but in times when SHK is being lambasted, they

emerge and give full support, thank you!

Now, we all know that SHK is in very good hands!:heart:


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Korean fans will be organizing a Song Hye Kyo cafe in honour of her birthday. Please support this campaign.




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The silence is so deafening!

You could hear a pin drop!

I hope all is well with everyone!

Well, silence does not mean nothing is going on!

Anyhoo, just thought of writing something to keep the thread moving,

Seems like we're stuck!:mrgreen:

Good morning everyone!

Hope your day goes well!

Wonder where SHK is now.

Hope she is having a fun time as well!

A well-deserved time off!


We are not going anywhere!

You are stuck with us or maybe the other way around!!:blush:



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Advertisers prefer actor Song Hye-Kyo to Song Joong-Ki

Joong-Ki who is now living with his parents, has to work harder to win the affections of advertisers again. 

South Korean actor Song Joong-ki is no longer a favourite for advertisers since his divorce from A-list actress Song Hye-Kyo.

33-year-old Joong-ki announced his break-up in June which was not well-received by many fans.

He is now paying the price with Korean media noting that there has been a significant drop in demand for him to endorse products or services.

The couple met on the set of hit drama 2016’s Decendants Of The Sun and they got married in 2017.  

The advertisers, according to experts played it safe after nothing that the divorce also caused ratings for his current TV series Arthdal Chronicles to fall.

His father apologised for his son’s marital woes.

On the other hand, 37-year-old Hye-Kyo seems to have sympathy on her side with fans impressed that she has not lashed out at Joong-ki over the separation.

The actress was not even in the country when he dropped the bombshell, a detail which infuriated many fans.

Barely a week after the divorce news, Hye-Kyo appeared in China for a cosmetics promotion event.

She was spotted sharing the spotlight with celebrities Natalie Portman and Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova at a glitzy event hosted by high-end jewellery firm Chaument in Monaco and was interviewed by magazine Hong Kong Tatler.

She moved to a villa in the exclusive UN Village in Seoul after the divorce.

The couple had an amicable arrangement over the splitting of their assets.

Hye-kyo is also financially secure so her representatives said she would be adopting a less hectic schedule for the rest of the year.

As for Joong-Ki who is now living with his parents, he has to work harder to win the affections of advertisers again.

In the meantime, his representatives are dealing with the divorce impact by just saying that the actor is taking a break from public appearances.

The reason for the divorce is that they were different in their personalities...                       source credit @http://theindependent.sg/advertisers-prefer-actor-song-hye-kyo-to-song-joong-ki/

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