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August 1, 2019



Song Hye Kyo - the ultimate beauty icon of Korea


After 22 years since debut, Song Hye Kyo is still one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea.




Song Hye Kyo is receiving special attention thanks to her consistent "goddess beauty". When participating in official events, she always exudes the beauty which is more brilliant than anyone. While in the daily life revealed through SNS, she oozed the inborn loveliness. Because always showing the perfect appearance to the point of being considered as one of the 3 most beautiful actresses, Song Hye Kyo looks ravishing all the time. Recently, Song Hye Kyo has become the topic of discussion after her divorce from actor Song Joong Ki. Nevertheless, let's go through the moments that Song Hye Kyo flaunts her unchanging beauty.


# Doll-like beauty





In the past, Song Hye Kyo once revealed her childhood pictures on her personal SNS. In addition, she also made everyone exclaim at her beautiful appearance when those pictures occasionally appeared on television. Since she was young, the actress has owned a doll-like beauty with defined facial features. Her beauty was so perfect that people couldn't help but compliment because of her round eyes, straight nose bridge and cherry-like lips which are all completely identical to the current image.


# Short-hair Goddess




Song Hye Kyo is famous as an actress who can pull off all hairstyles, from natural long hair to the fancy hairstyles or elegant short hair. The doll-like hairdo in a drama which she starred in recently has added so more beauty and loveliness to her stunning visual that the phrase "Song Hye Kyo short hair" became trendy.


# Special elegance




Some of the latest photos on Song Hye Kyo's SNS are behind-the-scenes pictures of a jewelry photoshoot. Song Hye Kyo wore a white dress and conducted the photoshoot in an elegant manner. She cleverly flaunted her perfect goddess beauty and showed the moments where she was even more sparkling than jewelry with her lovely beam.


# Innate loveliness





Although Song Hye Kyo often posts everyday-life photos through her personal SNS, her acquaintances also usually reveal images of Song Hye Kyo while filming. Recently, Song Hye Kyo's stylist has unveiled an image of the actress wearing a yellow flowery-patterned dress and exuding a lovely look. Having a natural look with tied up long hair, Song Hye Kyo's brilliant visual has completely captivated everyone's eyes.


# Monaco Goddess





Song Hye Kyo also informed the public of her recent situation when attending events held in China and Monaco. The actress caught the attention with unchanged face despite post-divorce suffering. While Song Hye Kyo exuded the pure yet equally elegant aura when donning the white lace dress in an event held in China, at an event of a jewelry brand in Monaco, she gave off the goddess vibe with the heavy hairdo and makeup. Every moment of Song Hye Kyo, without a doubt, is all beautiful.


OSEN = Reporter Seon Mi Kyung /seon@osen.co.kr

Photo = OSEN DB, SNS of Song Hye Kyo - Elle Hong Kong - W Korea


Source: OSEN & V LIVE


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A reminder to SHK.............



Thank you to those who have been painstakingly furnishing us with news about SHK. 

Your hard work is very much appreciated! 

Thank you to those who have been very patient providing support and everyday words of wisdom!

To lurkers who continue to watch from afar, but in times when SHK is being lambasted, they

emerge and give full support, thank you!

Now, we all know that SHK is in very good hands!:heart:


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Korean fans will be organizing a Song Hye Kyo cafe in honour of her birthday. Please support this campaign.




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Part 1 credit weibo via @beauty.hyekyo and special thanks to @sandra_alam


Part 2 credit and thanks to @sandra_alam

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The silence is so deafening!

You could hear a pin drop!

I hope all is well with everyone!

Well, silence does not mean nothing is going on!

Anyhoo, just thought of writing something to keep the thread moving,

Seems like we're stuck!:mrgreen:

Good morning everyone!

Hope your day goes well!

Wonder where SHK is now.

Hope she is having a fun time as well!

A well-deserved time off!


We are not going anywhere!

You are stuck with us or maybe the other way around!!:blush:



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