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Just now, ImAryaStark said:



I am certain she wants to play a lawyer. If the script is good there is high chance she will accept this. She doesn't mind nega KNetz comments she has always received bad comments from them whenever she has a new drama but her dramas became successful both domestically and internationally everytime. 


My worry is the script. The writer Kim Roo Ri has only written one and it wasn't even a full drama. She only wrote a one episode TV movie "The Ace" for SBS before. It's a legal thriller movie. 

I search her name on Google and even the TV episode you said but there are no information about this. I want to watch her previous drama to know if her script is good or not. I also consider about the script, too. Have you watched her drama before? Is it good?

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Didn't see this posted yet (Korean netizens comments)


June 04, 2019

Actress Song Hyekyo show some support to IU and her new drama



(+31,-1) It's so heartwarming ㅠㅠ I'm IU fan, so thank you for sending her a food truck!

(+21,-1) Wow you're even coming to the concert, you're so pretty.
(+12,-1) Hyekyo and IU is so warm and I'm so proud of you, I will support both of you!
(+11,-1) Hyekyo I really want to see you soon.. Please tell us your next drama again, I will support you.
(+11,-1) Pretty Jieun ♡
(+5,0) Both of them are the best!



Original Link : Naver






May 30, 2019

Song Hyekyo and Joo Jihoon reportedly to be the cast of KBS2 TV new drama 'Hyena'



(+91,-33) Finally Song Hyekyo next drama ㅠㅠ  I will look forward to Song Hyekyo in court.
(+35,-8) Please don't do this..
(+28,-4) I'm gonna wait for the agency to confirm. I'm so happy to see your next project. But please think carefully.
(+12,-6) I'll wait until Hyekyo announces her confirmation~ I will believe in her!
(+5,0) It's still not confirmed.



Original Link Naver

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Throwback pics. of Kyo in drama Guardian Angel.

Credit songhyekyopic


It would be great if Kyo accepts the recent offer drama "Hyena" soon.Hoping for Kyo to win an award for her portrayal as CSH in Encounter. I miss seeing her again in K-ent annual awards:rolleyes::wub:

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