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- Favorite drama 'Sean Shine', Movie 'Busan', Game 'Battleground', Singer 'Bulletproof Boys'

[Herald Economy = Senior Reporter Seo Byung-ki] Recently, the popularity of K-pop and OTT (Over The Top) platform has increased and Korean wave consumption has been increasing due to the contraction of feelings due to the alleviation of political and diplomatic tensions. 
This is in accordance with the results of the <2019 overseas Korean Wave Survey> sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Jong-Hwan Do) and the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency (President Yong Yong Rok) 
This survey measured the consumption of contents in 10 fields related to Korean Wave such as broadcasting, movies and music to 7,500 people from 16 foreign countries who have experienced Korean cultural contents and cooperated with the Korean Cultural Service in Korea . 
K-Pop was the highest with 17.3 percent, followed by Korean food (9.9 percent), IT industry (6.9 percent), drama (6.8 percent) and beauty (5.6 percent). The North Korea / North Korean nuclear image, which was surveyed in the second place in the previous year's survey, dropped to less than 4% this year.
The popularity and consumption of Korean cultural contents increased overall compared to the previous year. The favorability of Korean cultural contents increased in all fields except fashion, beauty, and games, and it was higher in the order of drama (74.7%), Korean food (72.7%), entertainment (72.2%) and movies (70.9%). (60.2%), books (60.1%) and drama (59.8%). The proportion of consumption of Korean culture content per month (consumption of Korean cultural contents among individuals) , And games (59.5%). Among 16 survey countries, Indonesia has the highest proportion of consumption of Korean cultural contents in all content areas. 
Most of the main contact routes of Korean cultural contents have been converted from TV to online / mobile platform. OTT is the main means of watching Korean video contents such as broadcasting, movies, and animation. In all genres, the contact rate is about 10 ~ 20% higher than TV. Major OTT platforms using Korean video contents were YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. For music, the proportion of online / mobile platform usage was 83.6%. Books including webtoons and web book were mostly used through 67.2% of their own sites / apps, while games were mainly used by online (58.1%) and mobile (55.3%). Fashion and beauty have a higher rate of use through SNS than their own sites.
The most favorite Korean cultural content survey shows that the drama is 4.7 percent for the star of the movie, followed by Sun Shine (3.7 percent), Goblin (3.4 percent) and Kim Bissa (2.9 percent). (2.1%)> Burning (2.0%), the game is battleground (18.0%), and the movie is going to Busan (8.4% (16.8%)> Ragnarok (15.7%)> Crossfire (11.0%)> Black Desert (8.8%)> Maple Story (8.6%), (11.6 percent) and Robocarpi (10.5 percent). The most favorite singers and actresses surveyed were Singh (10.3 percent), Cy (6.9 percent), Black Pink (3.8 percent), Big Bang (2.5 percent), Exo (2.3 percent) Song Hye Kyo (2.4 percent), Sharing (2.4 percent), Song Jung Ki (2.1 percent) and Lee Jong Suk (1.9 percent). 
The recognition rate of negative acknowledgment of the Korean Wave was 28.1%, down by 2.9% p from the previous year. In particular, the proportion of negative awareness in China was 25.6%, down sharply from 49.4% a year earlier. Major reasons for the recognition of irregularities were 'excessive commercialism' (27.4%), 'uniformity' (21.8%) and 'stimulating / sensational' (14.4%). In addition, 17.4% of the respondents said that the report on "North-South division of North Korea's international threats" was the biggest negative acknowledgment. The main contact issues related to Korea were 'North Korea nuclear and missile threats' (65.6%), 'North American Summit (48.8%)' and 'Pyeongchang Winter Olympics' (42.1%). 33.8% of the respondents said that they affect the content consumption. 
The future prospects for Korean cultural contents were positively investigated. Over the next year, 45.6% of the respondents said that interest in Korean cultural contents will increase, up 8% p from the previous year. In addition, the respondents' expectation that consumption expenditure of Korean cultural contents will increase in the next year will increase by 4.3% p to 42.9% of the total. 
(41.1%)> drama (36.3%)> music (35.0%)> entertainment (34.1%)> animation (30.7%)> cartoon / webtoon (28.4%)> And books / web books (26.9%). In particular, 62.3% of the respondents said that the perception of Korea changed to 'positive' after experiencing Korean culture contents, and the positive change response was higher in the 20s and 30s. 
"The distribution and consumption of Korean cultural contents has been revised in accordance with changes in the media environment, and the consumption of Korean cultural contents has a positive effect on Korea and a strong impact on consumption of consumer goods," said KIM Yong Rak, Director of the Korea International Culture Promotion Agency. It is important to increase the accessibility of Korean cultural contents in the global market by expanding distribution based on online and mobile platform, and to develop policy measures to alleviate language differences such as translation and subtitle support. " 
LeeJongSuk-1.9%...@heraldcorp.com.....source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=016&aid=0001503607

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8 minutes ago, gigivillaceran said:


Hope they will give an award (trophy) for all of them, Mr. and Mrs. Song!:wub: I want Kyo and her husband as well to have awards (I mean other awards are bonus) and acting award more in important for them this year!

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23 minutes ago, caileysmiley said:

Hope they will give an award (trophy) for all of them, Mr. and Mrs. Song!:wub: I want Kyo and her husband as well to have awards (I mean other awards are bonus) and acting award more in important for them this year!

Yes i hope so too dear they deserve it

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Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo 2019: ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Actress Will Take a Break from Acting

Tue, Feb 26, 2019 9:55 AM


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are one of the most popular couples today as their on-screen romance has transitioned into real life. Following their much-celebrated marriage, fans have been asking when the two are planning to have a baby.

So far, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo haven’t announced anything yet. The duo appears to be focusing more on their professional career than trying to start a family. However, the actress did say that she’s going to take a break from work given that her drama recently ended, Allkpop reported.

“It's only been a short while since my drama ended so I don't have plans for a new project yet. I'm searching for a good scenario and drama. I want to greet fans with good production in the near future. I want to have personal time. I came to think that I need some time of my own. I think I'll be resting for a while,” Song Hye Kyo said. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki is expected to start filming his next project called “Asdal Chronicles.”

The actor traveled to Brunei last Sunday to start production of the series. Along with Song Joong Ki, the fantasy drama will be including Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-bin into its lineup. It’s been slated to air this coming May. As for Song Hye Kyo and the possible projects she may take up in the future, the actress said that she’s interested in working with director Wong Kar-wai again.

Part of the reason why the actress is interested in collaborating with the director is to see how much she’s grown. Song Hye Kyo explained that she’s curious how her appearance will look on the screen when Kar-wai is on the helm given that she has aged quite a bit ever since their last project. However, given that Song Joong Ki’s wife has stated that she’s going to take a break, this collaboration may take a while to come into fruition.

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