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She really pretty :wub: I feel fail as a woman :sweatingbullets: 

SJK really is lucky (both of them actually) no wonder CTH  said she is more beautiful when u see her with your own eyes..


By the way,we know some of her close celebrity friends most of them older or same age as her..but I rarely know her dongsaeng that close to her beside YAI, PHS..maybe Kim min suk,Kim ji won,Onew,Jung eun ji? do u guys know whose dongsaeng that close to her beside them?

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5 hours ago, caileysmiley said:

I think her movie offered along with actress Go Hyun-Jung won't happen. It's been 1yr and a half since the news came out and until now no follow up news, what do you think?  @ahdrianaa



Actually I don’t want her to do that movie and I don’t think that movie will get made or at least not with the same cast.


I would prefer that she did movies that went to international film circuits like she always wanted to. The sort of movies that Yooahin does. 


The blue kitchen catered lunch a few days ago for a sulwhasoo advertisement set, mentions Kyo in the tag. I hope this means we will soon have new pictures!



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Encounter finale: tvN series starring Park Bo-Gum and Song Hye-Kyo concludes like most romantic K-Dramas, earns high viewership

26th January 2019 by War Omega

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Encounter K-drama stars  Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gumEncounter, the K-drama starring Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum, recently concluded. Image Credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

Encounter (also known as Boyfriend), the popular romantic K-drama that was airing on the Total Variety Network (tvN), recently aired its penultimate and final episodes. It ended similarly to the typical trope of other romance K-dramas, which in turn, resulted in high viewership.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Skip to the first paragraph after the second video to avoid!


Even though Encounter played to the typical tropes reminiscent of romance K-dramas, how it was executed was well-done. 

In the course of two episodes, Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye-Kyo) and Kim Jin-Hyuk (Park Bo-Gum) breakup and end up together again all within the series’ real time. This means there wasn’t any time jump between the two.


Having two significant moments in Cha Soo-Hyun and Kim Jin-Hyuk’s relationship happen back-to-back would have resulted in rushed writing, but instead, it was produced and directed to actually fit.

The breakup happens in the penultimate episode in which Soo-Hyun breaks up with Jin-Hyuk as she cannot bear dragging her boyfriend and his family through the media circus pertaining to her family. Jin-Hyuk clearly shows how upset he is resulting in some of Park Bo-Gum’s best acting.

Park Bo-Gum did an amazing job showing his character’s sadness and anguish after a breakup. 

In the final episode, Kim Jin-Hyuk does all he can to win back Cha Soo-Hyun saying that Soo-Hyun can “break up with him” but he won’t “break up with her” and that he’ll keep his promise to protect her.

Eventually, Cha Soo-Hyun realizes that she is happiest being with Kim Jin-Hyuk and comes back to him. One year later, both Soo-Hyun and Jin-Hyuk are going strong, eating out at restaurants, spending time together, and at that point, discussing marriage.

Cha Soo-Hyun and Kim Jin-Hyuk are still going strong after one year. This time, Jin-Hyuk is even thinking about marriage.

Happy ending for the network as well as the K-drama

Most K-drama fans are happy that Encounter ended the way it did (happily ever after). As for tvN, they are happy too as the K-drama ended on a high note both domestically and internationally. 

According to the viewership ratings provided by AGB Nielsen Korea, the final episode earned 11.161 percent viewership for Seoul and 8.678 percent for Korea. The series on average was 10.704 percent for Seoul and 8.475 percent for Korea.


Once again, tvN is a Korean cable (pay) network so viewership would relatively be lower than free-to-watch networks like SBS, KBS, or MBC. Anything scoring over two percent is considered good and the fact this K-drama hit double-digit viewership for Seoul means it was a major success.

Internationally, Encounter did very well at least in the Americas. Exclusive to streaming site Rakuten Viki, it is the second most-popular/trending K-drama. The only K-drama to be more popular/trending is Thirty But Seventeen.


What is next now that Encounter has concluded? 

Since Encounter just recently concluded, we have no news on what the cast and crew will be doing next.

As for the time slot, it will be occupied by upcoming tvN K-drama Touch Your Heart. Even though the K-drama has yet to air, it is already getting plenty of attention among fans as it reunites Goblin co-stars Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook.


For K-drama fans who are interested in see why Encounter was so popular, the entire series is available to watch, for free with ads, on Rakuten Viki....source credit @https://www.monstersandcritics.com/kdrama/encounter-finale-tvn-series-starring-park-bo-gum-and-song-hye-kyo-concludes-like-most-romantic-k-dramas-earns-high-viewership/

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“Encounter” Cast Says Their Farewells As Drama Comes To An End

“Encounter” Cast Says Their Farewells As Drama Comes To An End

Jan 26, 2019
by L. Kim

Farewell, “Encounter!” The hit tvN drama starring Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo has come to an end.

With the airing of the finale, the cast shared their closing feelings and comments. On January 25, Song Hye Kyo expressed her gratefulness to the viewers for loving the drama and uploaded a behind-the-scenes clip with her co-star Park Bo Gum.

Through Blossom Entertainment, Park Bo Gum shared, “Hello! This is Park Bo Gum. After reading the script for ‘Encounter’ for the first time, I filmed it half with anticipation and half with excitement. Of course, I was deeply immersed in the warm thrill and aftertaste of the work, as well as the beautiful scenes in Cuba.”

Then he commented about his character Kim Jin Hyuk, saying, “I think Jin Hyuk caught my eye because he was similar to me and I had a lot to learn from him. I learned a lot from Jin Hyuk, who gave warmth to his family, friends, lovers, and others, and I think the viewers liked him and cheered for him because of this.”

He added, “Thank you again to the directors, writers, and all the crew members who worked hard to create a good production in the cold weather. I hope that ‘Encounter’ will be remembered in the hearts of viewers for a long time like a fairy tale.”


Kim Joo Heon had played Lee Dae Chan, one of Kim Jin Hyuk’s good friends. He uploaded a photo of a hand-written letter on Salt Entertainment’s Instagram that read, “I received ‘love’ and ‘consideration’ through the drama ‘Encounter’ and learned ‘courage’ and ‘warmth’ from Dae Chan. Thank you for loving ‘Encounter’ all this time.”

Baek Ji won, who had played Kim Jin Hyuk’s mother, commented, “I learned many things during the time I was with my long-cherished ‘Encounter,’ and I was happy. I feel sorry and sad to say good-bye to the characters I’ve been with all this time. The cast and crew worked every hard. I really appreciate the viewers who have loved ‘Encounter’. Thank you.”


Jeon So Nee became well-known through “Encounter” with her realistic acting. Despite the fact that this was her first drama since her debut, she perfectly captured the emotions of her character’s friendship and unrequited love with Kim Jin Hyuk and received the support and affection of viewers at the same time.

The actress commented, “I can’t believe it’s already the end. It doesn’t feel real. I was worried because it was my first drama, but fortunately, I met such great actors and got a lot of help. Thanks to them, I was able to adjust to the scene in no time.”

Then she expressed her gratefulness to the viewers, saying, “Thank you so much for supporting Hye In [her character]. While acting, I looked at things from her perspective, and I always felt sorry for her. I was grateful that there were people besides me who thought so. Thank you for watching until the end.”


In the drama, Kim Hye Eun played the role of Kim Sun Joo, the head of the public relations team of Donghwa Hotel with a strong yet supportive leadership. Through her label 1N1 Stars, she shared her final thoughts on the drama coming to an end. She said, “True love that overcame wealth and honor. I was very excited while participating in this drama. I am grateful to the teamwork with my co-stars on the public relations team. It was valuable to feel the energy of warm love. Thank you for loving me so much.”


Go Chang Suk, who warmed viewers’ hearts with his generous character and soft charm in “Encounter,” expressed his gratitude. He said, “Thank you to all the viewers who loved ‘Encounter’. Nam Myeong Sik, the character I played, was like a shelter with a warm charm in it. I was happy to meet such a great character, and I also tried to make the audience feel comfortable. The directors and writers, who created a filming atmosphere that was as warm as the tender story, as well as the cast and crew worked hard. I will see you again with various works in the future.”


“Encounter” ended on January 24 with a total of 16 episodes.

If you haven’t already, watch the final episode below:...source credit @https://www.soompi.com/article/1298655wpp/encounter-cast-says-farewells-drama-comes-end

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"Restrained Sensibility + Hot Rolling" .. 'Melo's Dignity' showing 'Song Hye Kyo Genre ing' [Goodbye boyfriend...Articles, enter 01/25/2019 24:45  

0003942373_001_20190125124721084.jpg?type=w430_q70View origina[OSEN = Kim Naehee reporter] 'Boyfriend' Song Hye Kyo 'delicate emotions, tearful smoke' melodic queen 'proved once again. 
Song Hye-kyo has enjoyed beauty and intelligence in the TVN drama 'Boyfriend' (play Yoo Young-ae / director Park Shin-woo), which lasted 24 days, and also acted as Chae Soo-hyun, a former daughter-in-law and a member of the National Assembly. 
Chae Soo-hyun is a person who has everything but regains his life that he lost with his relationship with Kim Jin-hyuk (Park Bo-gam) who happened to live in an achromatic life in Cuba. Song Hye-gyo lived with all abandoning his dream for his parents' dreams. He had to meet Kim Jin-hyuk before he could smile. 
0003942373_002_20190125124721116.jpg?type=w430_q70View originaIn particular, this drama is the return of Song Hye Kyo, which was selected in two years after the success of KBS2 drama 'The Sun' in 2016, and the casting of 'Daesse Star' bar. In the case of Song Hye - kyo, I was married to Actor Song Jung - ki, so I had more expectations and interest in choosing this boyfriend. 
Song Hye-kyo, though he was burdened with it, was restrained by the 'Queen of Melo' and was deeply involved in the play. It is said that Cha Seo-hyun exploded on the scene of saying goodbye for Kim Jin-hyuk on the 23rd. Song Hye - kyo expresses the pain of Cha Soo - hyun, who endures everything silently, without doubt, without doubt, and doubles her emotional immersion. 
Thanks to Song Hye Kyo 's performance like this, ending happy ending at the end of the final' boyfriend 'is also a favorable ending. It is the viewers who followed the emotional line of Cha Seo Hyun, who is suffering through Song Hye Kyo for the time being, and the happy ending that he made love with Kim Jin-hyeh came closer with joy. It was a cold winter, a reaction that warmed the hearts of frozen viewers.
0003942373_003_20190125124721132.jpg?type=w430_q70In addition, he plays his role in every work, and he is interested in how he will finish his 'boyfriend' and show him what next. 
On the other hand, Song Hye-gyo won the grand prize at the school uniform selection contest in 1996 and made his debut in the drama "First Love" in the same year. It was followed by the sitcom 'Sukwon Obstetrics and Gynecology' and the drama 'Autumn Fairy Tale'. Since then, he has been involved in the drama 'All In', 'Full House', 'The world they live in', 'The winter, the wind blows', 'The descendants of the sun' and movies 'Blue cautionary', 'Hwangjinyi' And solidified its position as a leading Korean wave star. 
In addition, Song Hye-kyo signed a marriage ceremony with Song Jung-ki, the son of Sun, in 2017. / nahee@osen.co.kr....source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003942373&lfrom=twitter
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Besides Chinese film The Crossing in 2015, she also did  Chinese movie The Queens in the same year, In Korea her last movie was My Brilliant Life 2014 so it's been really a longtime she hasn't made a movie comeback since. It may be good for her to do Chinese movies cause she has opportunity to work with top/veteran Chinese actors but I prefer to see her make movie in Korea more. 


@ahdrianaa The plot of story seems interesting but I'm hoping to see her more in movie like YAI does too. Again, like what I always say I trust and support her whatever decision she makes! :wub:


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1 hour ago, dukesa1122 said:

Kyo so beautiful even with bare face :wub:


I miss her so much already :bawling:

praying for another movie from her

Magazine shots, CFs

Anything from her really. :tears:

For now let's wait and  see. I have gut feeling she'll surprise us soon:)

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Kyo fits so much to be like a real chinese here:


..... I want her to make a movie in China again. Just because she has so many fans there. They need a Kyo reward. Is the conflict between China and Korea ok now?


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I wish she would do a Hollywood movie, there are so many movies made in Hollywood which are actually produced by Chinese production houses. All the really famous Chinese actresses have done at least one major Hollywood movie, given Kyo’s fame all over Asia she would be a wise choice for any movie with an Asian subject.

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I’m too scared of Kyo doing a hollywood movie because her english is just not that good. Sorry Kyo. I love you to the moon and back but I just cant understand why you didnt put in too much effort in learning how to speak english. 



Removing it


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Thank @ahdrianaa YAI n PHS really  lucky to have supportive noona like her..n she looks really fresh..

 Hollywood its good for her too,I think now a days Hollywood more diverse in roles n more Asian star could play in..her english its not very bad though,maybe just her accent..


@dukesa1122 I know your convern but she is strong woman,I believe that..hate comments sure will give a pressure n wound for her but with her commitment in her works,I believe she will move forwards,after calculating all the risk that she will bear..I believe we as her fans will be stand with her if anything goes bad..


I'm sure people that bash her or any other artists becz of their job its narrow minded person

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People who actually “bash” other actors/actress for doing their job is brainless and cruel :thumbsdown:


If you dont like an actor/actress, you can just shut up and stay still. No reason to spread hate. Unless attention seeking is what you aim for.




True. No matter what she chooses, I will support her!


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HOME  preview  Preview education  Box 4

[Sekut TV] 'Hae Tae Ha Tae Tae' This week's TV scene 'Alley Restaurant', 'Boyfriend', 'Radio Star'
  • Press Office | Han Seong Hyun PD
  • Approval 2019.01.27 10:58  

    Gaze News Han Sung-Hyun] January 21st ~ January 25, 2019 What scenes in the TV made viewers entertained? In this week 's TV show, a picnic house in a pokjeong - dong that made Baek Jong - won laugh at a popular entertainment' Baek Jong - won alley restaurant ', a playground kiss scene of' Boyfriend 'that ended on the 24th, and the genealogy of' Radio Star 'Yuno Yunho became a hot topic.

    This week's key features to avoid! After reading it, I can see a review of the sight line news that I want to see the main piece. 

    The first scene, <Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant> Paek Jong-won

    96182_212963_4954.jpg[Photo / 'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant' screen capture]
    'Cheongpap-dong Alley Restaurant' of Baek Jong-won was completed, and the Donggyeong-mural alley line showed its first line and focused attention.

    In SBS <Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant> broadcasted on the 23rd, Baek Jong-won was searching for a pizza house, a pantry house, a lobster house, and a cup of rice cooker at four stores. Especially noteworthy is that the pizza house has been participating in the solution once again after failing to make two pizza house solutions. Baek Jong-won said, "Is it also a pizza house? I have a rumor that I hate pizza. "

    But anxiety has turned into praise. After seeing the store, Baek Jong-won tasted Margaritta pizza, Amatriciana pasta, and Chicken rosé stew, and after saying "I think I've been betrayed by the pizza, I am going to cry", "Delicious, yes, this is pizza" "The praise is so great that it has raised the expectations for the success of pizza solutions for many viewers.

    The second scene, <Boyfriend> Song Hye Kyo

    96182_212964_4955.jpg[Photo / 'Boyfriend' broadcast screen capture]

    Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Sung kissed the reunion at the playground where they were snowing and confirmed their hearts.

    In the TVN drama "Boyfriend", which lasted 24 days, the picture of Suhyeon (Song Hye-gyo) to divorce and Jinhyuk (Park Sword Sword) to deny the parting was drawn. Jinhyuk, who had a one-sided farewell due to Suhyun, gave Suhyun a few days later to deliver the film, Suhyun's shoes, and the letter, which he had shot a few days later, and Suhyun was moved by Kim Jin-hyuk's words " Two people who rejoined in the snowy playground afterwards. 

    Suhyun "What if the playground disappears? I saw my heart that I did not know. I'm laughing all the time I was with Jinhyuk. I did not know that I was smiling happily, "he said." I'm sorry. I apologize for breaking up. " 

    Jinhyuk said, "Do not be sorry. Thank you. I am courageous. I love you, "and confessed," I love you, Jinhyuk. "I made a happy ending with a romantic kiss at the playground.

    The third scene, <Radio Star> The genealogy of the 'fast' 86-year-old Yun Yoon-ho The bore and fight

    96182_212965_4956.jpg[Photo / 'Golden Fishery - Radio Star' broadcast screen capture]

    Korean age only exists in Korea. TVXQ Yu Yun-ho appeared on a radio star to reveal an episode related to "a quick year" and laughed.

    On the same day, U-Know Yunho said, "The ID card was born in 1986. I have cleaned up the 85-86 line, but I can not figure out just one. "He confessed that he had not talked with the singer Boa for more than a year.

    Boo is a friend of BoA, who was born in 1986. He is a friend of mine in 1986. For example, in 1986, Donghae and Eunhyuk call it Dae-hyung, When I first saw BoA, I said to her, "Well, my sister, is not it?" But Boa says, "It's not the same age, it's the same age." I laughed.

    In this week's theater, the beginning, the end, and the pleasure were brought together and lauded and impressed many viewers. Next week, expectations are gathered as to which broadcasts will bring happiness to the audience 's public space....source credit @http://www.sisunnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=96182#closed%23_enliple.. 


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Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Live In A Luxury Home Next To Rain And Kim Tae Hee

SBS NEWS | Published January 20th, 2019... 

It looks like Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo currently live in a very luxurious neighborhood of Korea, right beside Rain and Kim Tae Hee!



Song Joong Ki first purchased the ₩10 billion KRW ($8.7 million USD) home in January, while dating Song Hye Kyo.



Their new house has two floors plus a basement, and is located in an extremely rich neighborhood of Itaewon.


Rain and Kim Tae Hee also have a home together in the exact same neighborhood.



Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s home cost the couple ₩5 billion KRW ($4.5 million USD).


Both of the couples’ homes are in one of the most exclusive, richest neighborhoods in all of Seoul.



The new power-couple looks like they’ll be enjoying their married life together, with such a beautiful home to share!


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