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"Three-Year Earnings Decline" ... Foreign Love Call to AMOREPACIFIC,      Last Update 2019.11.07. 5:49 pm                                          外人8 billion trading day of 1322 net long
recovery closing price 20 ten thousand won in six months
after third quarter earnings expected to improve next year,


[Seoul Economy] AMOREPACIFIC (090430) is on the rise thanks to love calls from foreigners. As earnings declines over the past three years have ended this year, operating profit is expected to increase significantly next year, leading to improved sentiment toward the cosmetics sector.
According to the Korea Exchange on the 7th, foreign investors bought KRW 1322 billion for AmorePacific for eight consecutive trading days. The upside continued from 29th to 6th, except for the 4th day, which closed flat. On the 5th, it recovered 200,000 won based on the closing price in 6 months. On the day, it rose 1.2% from the previous day to 210,000 won, but in the afternoon it turned down and closed down 1.45% to 20,500 won.
The rise in AMOREPACIFIC is attributed to the fact that foreign buyers are focusing on expectations for earnings improvement. AMOREPACIFIC said on the 30th last month that its 3Q fourth quarter operating profit was KRW 107.5 billion, a 40.5% increase from the same period last year. It is estimated as an earnings surprise of 22.8% more than the consensus of W87.7bn. The 4Q04 operating profit consensus has risen from W58.6bn in late September to W72.4bn. Sales growth at high-end brands such as Sulwhasoo and Hera, led by duty-free shops, is driving earnings improvement.
AMOREPACIFIC's annual operating profit fell 29.7% in 2017 to W596bn, due to the sluggishness in the domestic and Chinese markets. The stock price, which once went up to KRW 455,000 in 2015, continued to decline, falling to KRW 118,000 in August this year, and rebounding in September. The securities industry diagnoses that earnings will improve in earnest next year. According to F & Guide, AMOREPACIFIC's annual operating profit consensus for this year is 454.5 billion won, down 5.7% from last year, but next year's operating profit is expected to surge to 575 billion won. Mijin Cho , a researcher at NH Investment & Securities (005940), said, “We expect to see a drop in the performance of the past three years and enter a turnaround phase. We have revealed that the company plans to increase its operating profit. ” Staff Reporter socool @ sedaily.com....source credit @https://t.co/9A6P98bCCZ?amp=1

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The passionate feeling that goes well with the role of a doctor, 3rd place Park Shin-yang 2nd place

  • By Kwon Yeon-su
  • 2019.11.11 14:38
사진 출처=각 스타의 공식 홈페이지, 출연 영화 스틸컷  Photo Source = Official Website of Each Star, Cast Movie Still Cut                                                           Actor Kim Myung-min took the first place with a passionate feeling that goes well with the role of a doctor. Kim Myung-min played the role of the elite doctor Jang Jun-hyuk, the hero of the drama 'White Giant Pagoda' in 2007. Kim Myung-min, who performed her first role as a doctor, became a chance to become the best actor in Korea through this drama. Among the various attractive points, he was attractive in order of 'smart' 36%, 'suction input' 24%, and 'intellect' 17%. Next, Han Seok-gyu, Park Shin-yang, Jisung, Lee Sun-gyun, Song Hye-kyo, and Sung-min Lee were the best actors in the doctor's role.   Source Credit @   http://digitalchosun.dizzo.com/m/article.amp.html?contid=2019111180122&__twitter_impression=true.....Goddess #SongHyeKyo always on the list the power of queen
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