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Song Hye Kyo Resumes SNS Activities, Posting Her Artwork
By Debi Lee Oct 27, 2019 02:11 AM.      

Song Hye Kyo Resumes SNS Activities, Posting Her Artwork
Song Hye Kyo Resumes SNS Activities, Posting Her Artwork (Photo : Song Hye Kyo SNS) 


 Actress Song Hye-kyo's SNS is reactivating. Her fans are happy to see her SNS updated in two consecutive days. Netizens are also showing expectations for Song Hye-kyo's next work. Song posted a Moroccan carpet on her Instagram story on October 25th. The carpet harmonized with beautiful colors was posted with her friends' accounts.
Earlier, it was reported that the actress was taking an art school short-term course in New York. Her aesthetics was revealed once more with this carpet craft.
On October 24th, the day before, she released her photo in black and white. The pictorial, which seems to have been taken in a recent jewelry brand shoot, shows the elegance and allure of the actress. Wearing splendid accessories, her posture is even more glamorous attracting attention.
Song Hye-kyo has been active in her SNS recently, and fans are welcoming her move. The actress star has suspended her SNS activity since June 5th. However, uploading 10 photos of the pictorial on October 5th, SNS was restarted in about 4 months. The news of Song Hye-kyo has been released by third parties such as media reports, magazines and advertising brands. Even when the entertainment world was noisy due to the divorce between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, the actress only expressed her situation through her agency's official statements when necessary. Agency released statements when the divorce was confirmed and its process was finalized. 
Actress Song was silent even in the midst of countless speculations and rumors. She continued to fulfill her schedule in a calm and controlled manner. After the divorce, her first official appearance was made in the Chinese cosmetics brand event. She also joined a jewelry brand event held in Monaco. She was spotted at the Ralph Lauren fashion show in the US. The celebrity actress attracted the media with much attention. She did not lose her graceful posture as a veteran actress of 23 years. 
Amid spotlights worldwide, Song Hye-kyo's SNS has been silent. When the 'big incident' broke out, SNS was used appropriately to reveal actors' position, but she chose to remain silent on the issue of divorce, and released the announcement after four month length of time.
Now, however, she is actively using her Instagram to show her activities. Song Hye-kyo overcame her personal pain, and her social network also revived. Many fans are sending her welcoming messages. Yet fans are curious about what Song will take as her next path. She has appeared in tvN's drama 'Boy Friend'.
Song Hye-kyo is currently reviewing to play in Lee Ju-young's film, "Anna," as her next movie. Fans are excited just by the possibility of Song Hye-kyo's reappearance through the movie. ....                                                                    source credit @ https://www.google.com/amp/s/en.businesstimes.cn/amp/articles/120926/20191027/song-hye-kyo-resumes-sns-activities-posting-artwork.htm

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