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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 - Stay home, Stay safe

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Song Hye-kyo, the pictorial cut Black and white goddess beauty, Herald POP 25/10/2019 07:00  


Song Hye-kyo Instagram

[Herald POP = Reporter Bae Jae Ryun]

Song Hye-kyo released a photo of his recent situation. 
On July 25, actress Song Hye-kyo released a pictorial cut with recent information. 
The picture shown is a black and white photo of Song Hye-kyo's fashion photocut. Song Hye-kyo stares at the camera with no expression. Song Hye-kyo, who recently resumed social media activities, still admired her fans with her visuals and beauty. 
Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo is currently considering the appearance of the movie Anna. 
popnews@heraldcorp.com...source credit @https://m.news.nate.com/view/20191025n04946
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Song Hye-kyo, Seo Kyung-deok, Independent activist Choi Jae-hyeong Memorial Guide 10,000 copies, Enter article 2019.10.26. 8:30 am       

AKR20191025089700371_01_i_20191026083031437.jpg?type=w430View original
Hangeul and Russian weapons guidebook provided by Choi Jae-hyung Memorial Department
(Provided by Professor Seo) (Seoul = Yonhap News) 
This handbook was handed to the Choi Jae-hyeong Memorial Hall in Russia's Usuhae Excellence Risk. 
Professor Suh said on his Instagram, "On the 26th, today is the 110th anniversary of Dr. Ahn Jung-geun." . 
"We must remember that the biggest reason for the success of Ahn Jung-geun was possible because of the full support of Mr. Choi," he added.  
The guide contains historical pictures of Choi Jae-hyung's medical activities, Ahn Jung-geun's relevance to Harbin, Dong-eup Complex, and the Korean Provisional Government. 
Song Hye-kyo and Professor Seo have produced and donated Korean handbooks to 18 sites of independence movements around the world. 
Born as a son of Nobi, Choi Jae-hyung earned wealth through military service, and used the funds for anti-Japanese independence movement and national support. He had about 30 schools in his lifetime. 
As the first treasurer of the Korean interim government, he was arrested by the Japanese army in 1920 and he gave his warm support to his compatriots.
AKR20191025089700371_02_i_20191026083031452.jpg?type=w430View originalAhn doctor (left) and Dr. choejaehyeong appearance [document provides professors]
ghwang @ yna.co.kr 
Source Credit @https://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&sid1=001&oid=001&aid=0011170109
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