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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 Hyebaragi ~Upcoming Movie 2024: Dark Nuns /Upcoming Drama 2024:Show Business/Special Appearance Drama 2025: Everything Will Come True


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Exclusive: ‘It’s difficult to be graceful’ – South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo on her new video for Chaumet

BY JACQUELINE TSANG4 JUN 2019 The Parisian jewellery house’s ambassador in Asia-Pacific, known as the star of Encounters, says she loves to dress up for events 
27e210ca-85c8-11e9-a9bc-e8ed9093c066_image_hires_092210.jpg?itok=TtpTM33C&v=1559611351   South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo, Chaumet’s Asia-   South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo has been in the headlines quite a lot over the past few days. 
She has had to deal with everything from rumours over her marriage to actor Song Joong-ki to excitement over a suspected new drama role, but she seems to have turned her back firmly on gossip and is focusing instead on her work – specifically her new collaboration with Chaumet...source credit @https://amp.scmp.com/magazines/style/people-events/article/3012969/exclusive-its-difficult-be-graceful-south-korean
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Song Hye Kyo shows her fangirl love for IU with a cute gift


On her guesting on “Knowing Brothers”, IU shyly revealed that Song Hye Kyo supports her as a fan. She even attended her concert with her husband Song Joongki.


On June 4, Coffee Pong, a coffee truck company posted a photo of Song Hye Kyo’s gift for IU on her upcoming TVN drama Hotel de Luna” with Yeo Jin Goo. 


The caption reads: “Song Hye Kyo, an angel who always takes care of people around her, prepared an unlimited amount of coffee, drinks, and patbingsu (shaved ice with red bean) for IU, staff members, and actors [of ‘Hotel del Luna’], who are working hard until late at night.” 



The truck banner reads: “Pretty Ji Eun (IU’s given name) and staff members of ‘Hotel del Luna,’ gather strength!!”

IU also posted pictures of the gift on her instagram.


Song Hye Kyo is really cute as a fan right? Are you also excited for “Hotel de Luna”?...source credit @https://annyeongoppa.com/2019/06/04/song-hye-kyo-shows-her-fangirl-love-for-iu-with-a-cute-gift/

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4 hours ago, redbeanbuns said:

She really is ninja..:ph34r: always found a way to go her way without notice..hope there will be a good news about her newest project,can't wait :wub:


Count me in @redbeanbuns ! Hope there will be :wub:....It's been a long long time ago since she did back to back drama!!!

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4 [Tidbit] Lovemaking couple rescued f ... Start the Independent Workbook Refill Project. 

Enter Article 2019.06.06. 8:31 am
Last modified 2019.06.06. 8:33 am  SportsKoseonDB[Sports Koseon Kojawan reporter] Song Hye Kyo and Seo Kyung Deok once again show 'Collabo'. 
Professor Seo said on his 6th day of Memorial Day that he started "a refill project" of his "Donation of the Guide to the Independence Movement Historical Places" campaign, which has been conducted along with Song Hye-kyo for the Memorial Day, on his instagram. . 
Professor Seo has donated 10,000 brochures to 15 places around the world, including the Hangzhou Provisional Government Office in China, Utoro Village in Japan, and An Chang Ho House in Dosan, USA, and donated large relief works in two places, "We plan to continue to donate the guide to other historical sites all over the world, but we thought it was more important to constantly refill where the manual was exhausted."
2019060701000385900025252_20190606083307717.jpg?type=w430_q70 The first guide refill is the Yunbonggil Memorial Hall in Shanghai, China.Professor Seo 'donated 10,000 copies again. As this year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the 3.1 Movement and Provisional Government, many Korean tourists visited and immediately received a message that they needed more guidance. 
In addition, we have always produced the best eco-friendly paper because it is a project to honor the sunk-guk, and it has always been known not only Korean but also the language of the country, Today, we go to China to find a cultural heritage site."It's going to continue in the future," said Seo Kyung-duk, assistant Song Hye-kyo. 
Gojaewan reporters star77@sportschosun.com 
▶ opponent's my destiny to find out in four weeks 
▶ the eye video news hattem
- Copyrightsⓒ Sports Chosun (http://sports.chosun.com/) ,all rights reserved....source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003425903
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Just now, gigivillaceran said:


what's up guys? Do I miss something? what are the hostile rumors about? rumor about her divorce? The rumor has appeared for recent months but why until now UAA starts to punish these anti fans? 

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I'm a newcomer but I totally fell in love with this woman. Autumn Tale is the first drama of her which I binge watched and it left me crying throughout and this is what brought me here. So far I also watched Descendants of the Sun as well as Encounter and I love her more.  


I looked into her histoy to know more about her and it breaks my heart to read what she has gone through. She is such a lovely and caring person to receive such negativity until this day. Her husband seems so genuine with good manners whom can easily be loved and they make a very lovely couple. I just hope people will respect their privacy and let them live as a normal couple. I'm eager to hear about her next projects but I won't go so far as to want to know why is she not with her husband, why is she travelling alone, why is she not wearing her wedding ring, why is she not pregnant yet and the list can go on with people also questioning her friends about her whereabouts. This is heartbroken stuff which I think will have an effect on her but she is a very strong woman who will rise above this all.

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