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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 Hyebaragi ~Upcoming Movie 2024: Dark Nuns /Upcoming Drama 2024:Show Business/Special Appearance Drama 2025: Everything Will Come True


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BC Card: Talking with her friends / Dining with her friends / Flying SHK / Appa fighting! / SHK holding an apple / at a sidewalk cafe

Etude: Etude House / Vita Glam / Etude Mascara / Kiss mark on glass / SHK as a mermaid / SHK on the balcony / Video Pink / Juicy Beam / Matte Finish / Flower Fairy / Real Base / Aquatox

Essen Cookie: cookie lover

Ever: DJ SHK / Rockstar SHK / Dancing SHK / Ice Skating / Barcode / SHK animated / playing baseball

Clride: with Lee Jung Jae

Vivien: Hidden Wire / Slimming Bra

Litmus: Summer 2005 / Autumn 2005 (behind-the-scenes) / Winter 2005 (behind-the-scenes) / Spring 2006 (behind-the-scenes) / sporty SHK

McDonald: teasing a small boy / 2nd version / 3rd version / wrong oppa!

Olay: getting engaged / in the library-White Radiance / at home-White Radiance / window shopping-White Radiance / in a convertible-White Radiance / white lilies

Chung-ha (soju): in a restaurant at night

Wells: by stairway feat. Lee Byung Hun

A Solution: SHK vs the pimple / double clear / wearing a graduation cap

Woongjin Morning Drink: Woongjin Milk / Morning Drink

Hyundai Oilbank: cutest gas attendant ever! / 2nd version

Netsgo: crying with dove on her shoulder

Ottogi Vegetable Drink: vegetable drink

Samsung: at an auction

Orion: hiccups

Dios (LG): shooting stars / getting ready for bed / Linear

Unknown (Hyundai?): young SHK vs a vampire

uShell:blue paradise / photoshoot / through a mirror / multi-tasking SHK / sexy elegance / teatime in the garden / talking on the phone / in an airplane

CJ Juice: paparazzi / paparazzi (behind-the-scenes) / Blueberry / Blueberry (behind-the-scenes)

Innisfree: among wildflowers / among wildflowers (longer version) / in the library / purple flowers / making of Innisfree CF

Woongjin Coway: water purifier / 200 researchers

Roem: sneaking behind the guy / walking down the street / walking down the street (behind-the-scenes) / photoshoot / making of winter 07 catalog / Fall 2008 Collection / Summer 2008 Collection / Fall 2008 Collection / Summer 2009 Collection (part 1) / Summer 2009 Collection (part 2) / Summer 2009 Collection (part 3) / Fall 2009 Collection , Spring 2010, Fall 2010

Nintendo DS Lite: Pretty in the park / Pretty in the park - longer version / laidback in the living room / Cute & Cozy during winter / Cute & Cozy during winter - longer version]

BBK Mobile (China): in sunny Australia / with little girl

Hazeline (China): Shampoo CF

Laneige: Laneige works for HyeKyo / Snow Crystal / White Plus Renew / Multi-function Mascara / Hydra Solution / Water Sleeping Pack / Intense Lipstick CF / White Plus Renew 2 / making of SHK Lipstick / Be Waterful (short version) / Be Waterful CF

Levi's: crushed diamond jeans / Premium Collection / Lady's Style Spring/Summer Collection (behind-the-scenes)

Aritaum: beautiful girl / beautiful ladies / with Hyun Bin / the four beautiful models / shopping Hye Kyo

Jinro: Jinro is back / 1032m / with Ji Hyun Woo / noraebang with Ji Hyun Woo

Soon Baek Cha: White Tea / making of CF

Frontline: with Nicholas Tse

Doutor Coffee: multiple Hye Kyo

^.~ credits to the uploaders: purplesea, freeta, josephbausas, kellyhk, hyekyolover, francisco007, barbieyung, nobubu0808, iosleepyoi, wloi, ruthie08, pipsfeefa, Inaki79, nofear11877, solpy, xinmei, cutiehoneydrop, jenny5522, fidda868, quake4tt, qu4nm1n9, suz84, snoopycat, tenshidew


SongHyeGyo.net by mhbt (Shanda)


Eden9 homepage

Song Hye Kyo's Clubbox

Song Hye Kyo's Photo Gallery at AsianFanatics.net

Song Hye Kyo's Wikipedia


KBS 2TV Yunyega "Worlds Within" cast interview

"Worlds Within" presscon in Singapore

Fuji TV interview

"Make Yourself at Home" presscon MYAH trailer

Laneige event in Shanghai

ABC Boston special report featuring Song Hye kyo & Daniel Henney

KBS Entertainment Relay: Song Hye Kyo (with English subtitles)

Hwang Jini - YTN Interview

Hwang Jini - TVN Interview

Hwang Jini - SBS Interview

Hwang Jini - KBS Interview 1

Hwang Jini - KBS Interview 2

Hwang Jini - Press Preview

My Girl & I: Film 2.0 (SHK)

My Girl & I - Thailand Interview (CTH & SHK)

My Girl & I - TVB Interview (CTH & SHK)

My Girl & I - KBS Interview (CTH & SHK)

My Girl & I - Japan Interview (CTH & SHK)

Full House: Changsa Part 1

Full House: Changsa Part 2

Full House: Changsa Part 3

KBS 2004 Awards (Table Interviews)

KBS 2004 Awards: Song Hye Kyo winks

Song Hye Kyo's 3 Bears Song

Full House: Bi & SHK Interview 1

Full House: Bi & SHK Interview 2

Autumn In My Heart - Main Cast Interview 1

Autumn In My Heart - Main Cast Interview 2

Autumn In My Heart - Main Cast Interview 3

Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Hun Interview

Hong Kong Film Festival: SHK & KSW

Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun

1996 Song Hye Kyo Interview


Song Hye Kyo's career

Andre Kim's Fashion Show with Won Bin - part 2

Andre Kim's Fashion Show with Won Bin

Song Hye Kyo - Celine Bag Launching

Song Hye Kyo's MY STORY

KBS Bio Special: Song Hye Kyo - jindaum

KBS Special: Big Star X-File

Song Hye Kyo in Loveletter

Song Hye Kyo: World Cup 2002

Song Hye Kyo & FinkL Skit

young Song Hye Kyo skating clip

Open City VIP Premiere: SHK & WB

^.~ credits to the uploaders: wloi, kpopitgirl, furnaces, angelenzo11, princessalways, SHG.net, coolguywb, gelaicutie,moceng, no0ne, francisco007, xinmei, bastanoh, nurdalilah, fairy2004, sunday0516, gracious88, rafaz07

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Song Hye Kyo has been featured in countless magazine articles, it would be impossible to post them all, so i just posted the ones that featured her on the cover :)


-- just some of the fanmade videos featuring Song Hye Kyo found in YouTube :)

- by Tammie

- by EvilWitchMonster

- by lilcharmer

- by wloi

- by Tammie

- by hyebaragi.com

- by KoreanYen

- by isabella :lol:

- by isabella :lol:

unnamed creators kindly pm (or if you know who made these videos kindly pm me their names) so i can credit you properly


Wildflower - feat. Bin-Kyo by xiao_ai19 (Kaycee)

'Til I Met You - feat. Bin-Kyo by xiao_ai19 (Kaycee)

The Girl Is Mine - feat. Bi-Kyo-Bin by xiao_ai19 (Kaycee)

Years Gone By - feat. Bi-Kyo by Miss Bouakham

The Magnolia Trail - feat. Bi-Kyo by Miss Bouakham

At What Price? - feat. Bi-Kyo by Miss Bouakham

How To Stop Eating Chocolate - feat. SHK, Kangta, KSW, & Boa by happyisbest

Just How Strange Can Love Be? - feat. SHK & Changmin by Far^away

Cupid's Mishaps - feat. Bi-Kyo, et. al. by tin2marie

My Girlfriend Is A Kid - feat. Bi-Kyo by CrAjEeXpSyChOxAzN

if you have a fanfic (feat. Song Hye Kyo) that you want added to the list just pm me the link and i'll gladly add it ^.~


Etude Wallpapers - by gemt

Vivien Wallpapers - by gemt

Olay Wallpapers - by gemt

Full House collage pics - by PuccaGirl_64

Baby Pics collage - by mzz_booo

Litmus Pics - by mzz_booo

Deadly Eyes Pics - by gemt

Usell Pics - by Chiperaholic

Usell CF Pics

Usell Pics - by Chiperaholic

Roem - Summer '07 (batch 2) - by Cikumis

HyeKyo in Paris - 1 - by Cikumis

HyeKyo in Paris - 2 - by Utkim

SportsKhan.net pics - by Chiperaholic

Hwang Jini Pics

Screen Captures - by Shanda

Interview-Poster Shoot-Screen Captures - by cikumis

Wallpapers (Hyebaragi) - by thammy57

Movie Poster - by janiceChan

Screen Captures - by Chiperaholic

Screen Captures - by Utkim

Poster - Screen Captures - by Cikumis

Screen Captures - by Utkim

Hwang Jini's Hair - by Chiperaholic

Screen Captures - by wloi

Screen Captures - by Chiperaholic

Magazine Scans - by Utkim

Magazine Scans - by Utkim

NG Screen Caps - by Chiperaholic

My Girl & I Pics

Screen Captures - by pwrpufgrl

Screen Captures - by guchiguchiageugeu

Screen Captures - by Fleur

Wallpapers - by mzz_booo

Posters - by Ha Tinh Nhi

Interview - by pwrpufgrl

Promotion - by Fleur

Promotion - by Punmile

Screen Captures - by Fleur

Danny Boy - by Fleur

Premiere - by mzz_booo

Promotion - by pinklily


BC Card - by gemt

BC Card - by mzz_booo

Foce Ad - by ginachan

Calendar - by buMbOLe

Banners - by lilsh0rtnancy

Wallpapers - by Miss Bouakham

Autumn In My Heart with Won Bin

#2154 - by ginachan

#2225 - by ginachan


#1549 - by gemt

#1518 - by gemt

#1803 - by pwrpufgrl

#1843 - by Gotericshin

^.~ credits to eynjel18, simply_suZ for the CFs and to mzz_booo for PMing me eynjel18's post

:excl:]PLEASE READ!!!

Forum Rules before posting.

Note: If you have any additional information (or corrections) or if some of the links are down kindly PM me so I can update SHK's thread :)

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Guest lemoncoke

I am so glad that someone started this thread again! I was so afraid of not being able to see her pictures and news again!!

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kyo, you're fast...

hehehe...glad you started shg thread early...thanks!

huhuhu... :( all those beautiful pics of SHG are all gone...

will post pics later!

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