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Ngoc Chieu Nguyen

Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 | ♥ You'll always be loved ♥

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geeez i love this girl. she is such a great actress and she SO FREAKING BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. geez her face is perfect. nice noes, nice skin, pretty eyes,full lips. GRAAAH she is to talented. i can't wait to see blue alert.

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why is shg in a pic w/ finkl? lol its so random lol

she's close to finkl members especially song yuri and lee jin

when was this taken? (the pic above)... they look young

here's more...(posted before)



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Just doing my share and posting a few random pictures of hers for all to enjoy.




is it just me?? or maybe i havent seen SHK for quite a time

or she's gettin just a lil fat

or has anyone noticed too of SHk's change in bra cap size???????????????????????

did she went to "see" the dr. or sth????

its hella big in those pix!!!

update me if u may

so surprised~!

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