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January 27, 2014
Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Always with Her “Prime Minister and I” Script in BTS Photos
kpop1stop soompi.com

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Always with Her “Prime Minister and I” Script in BTS PhotosThere’s a reason why Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA is receiving high praise for her role in her current project. She’s always reviewing and studying her script.
New behind the scenes photos show YoonA from KBS’s “Prime Minister and I” with her script in hand practicing her lines. The idol turned actress shows her extreme work ethic as she reviews her lines even between filming. In the drama, YoonA plays the role of the mistake prone Nam Da Jung trying to get a story on Prime Minister Kwon Yul (played by actor Lee Bum Soo),  but ends up in a marriage contract with the Prime Minister.
SHINee’s Taemin lent his voice for “Prime Minister and I” OST, and the music video for “Steps” was recently released.  The drama is near its end, and there are only four more episodes left for this romantic comedy. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm (KST)

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January 27, 2014
Dajeong is always with the script [Prime Minister & I]
Source: KBS Global
To be more like real Dajeong!
Dajeong is checking the script between times even during the meal with Prime Minister Kwon for more natural and perfect acts. 1977_5389_l.jpg

Look at her enthusiasm for the script!
Dajeong keeps reading the script at all times. 1977_5391_l.jpg

Don’t miss Dajeong’s story becoming a real mother and a wife in Kwon’s family.
Tune in to find more on today’s episode of ‘Prime Minister & I’ at 10 PM on KBS 2TV.

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January 28, 2014
Dajeong’s life itself is a photo shoot! [Prime Minister & I]
Source: KBS Global1980_5414_l.jpg
Such a cutie with a yellow helmet on!

Dajeong is having a enjoyable moment with a cute yellow helmet on. It fits so nicely on her! 1980_5416_l.jpg

Her beautiful face is shining more brightly in the snow.
There’s no need of lighting due to her exceptional beauty! She is showing off her pretty features in front of HD cameras just like pure white snow. 1980_5418_l.jpg

Is Dajeong taking a photo shoot? 
Dajeong’s smile make fans happy. Maybe she is getting more and more beautiful because of being loved by Prime Minister Kwon. Let’s have time to recharge yourself with Dajeong’s smile by watching today’s episode of ‘Prime Minister & I’ at 10pm on KBS 2TV.

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January 29, 2014
Prime Minister’s two women have met [Prime Minister & I]
Source: KBS Global
Na-young appears before his son, Man-se
Prime Minister’s wife Na-young, who is regarded as the dead, is watching Man-se from a long distance missing her children.
Then she bumps into Dajeong who comes to pick Man-se up after kindergarten.
"I did see Prime Minister’s wife. She is alive." It’s only now that Prime Minister and Da-jeong have realised their feelings for each other. But, Na-young’s appearance makes Da-jeong disturbed. Would the relationship between Prime Minister Kwon and Da-jeong be faltered because of Na-young’s existence? Don’t miss Mon/Tues drama, ‘Prime Minister & I’ to find out how their relationship goes at 10pm on KBS 2TV.

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January 29, 2014
Yoon A, To Present 8 Kinds of Lovely Coat Look
Source: BNTNews
[by Sunghee Park] Yoon A’s 8 sets of lovely coat looks are capturing the eyes of audiences. On January 29, KBS 2TV drama ‘Prime Minister and I’ released the steal picture of Yoon A’s lovely coat look.  

In the released picture, Yoon A is capturing people attention with various kinds of coats. By wearing various colors of lovely coat looks, Yoon A doubled the lovely attraction of character Nam Da Jung. Throughout the pictorial, Yoon A digested the bright colors coat perfectly, flaunting her tall height and clean skin tone. 
Netizens who saw Yoon A’s lovely coat look responded, “Yoon A’s lovely look looks very lovely~” or “She looks good on anything” or “I want to wear coat like Yoon Ah.”
Meanwhile, because of Yoon A’s departure of Lee Bum Soo in episode 15, people’s curiosity about what would happen in next episode is increasing each day. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Prime Minister and I’ capture)

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January 31, 2014
'Prime Minister & Me' New steal cuts of Yoon Ah unleashed
Source: STARN News  20140129131223_52e87fa564959_1.jpgThe coats that Yoon Ah wore in 'Prime Minister & Me' are drawing many people's attention.

On January 29th, the production team of KBS 2TV drama 'Prime Minister & Me' revealed new steal cuts of Yoon Ah.
The photos show Yoon Ah showing beautiful looks in coats of different colors.
She is making herself even lovelier in coats of different colors, and a great number of people are showing great reactions for her casual, but stylish and beautiful looks.
Many people are showing great reactions for her slim body shape and flawless skin condition as well.
Meanwhile, the final two episodes of 'Prime Minister & Me' will air on next Monday and Tuesday.
/Reporting by Kim Hye-in jp@starnnews.com

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February 2, 2014
'Prime Minister & Me', Yoon Ah's smile collection unleashed
Source: STARN News 20140202130337_52edc39922f11_1.jpg
A new photo collection of Yoon Ah is becoming a hot issue among many fans, drama viewers, and Netizens.

On February 2nd, the production team of KBS 2TV drama, 'Prime Minister & Me', released a new steal collection of Yoon Ah, who is casting as a lovely girl named 'Nam Da Jung'.
The photos show Yoon Ah showing bright smiles at shooting scenes. She shows a lovely wife's smile for Kwon Yul(Lee bum Soo), a proud smile at Man Se(Lee Do Hyun), and a lovely daughter's smile for her father, Nam Yu Shik(Lee Han Wi).
Yoon Ah also never loses smiles even when she makes small mistakes, and keep continuing with the shooting energetically.
Yoon Ah is being called as 'Happy Virus' by many staffs, and the viewers are also showing great reactions for her lovely charms.
The production team of 'Prime Minister & Me' said, "Yoon Ah never loses her smile, no matter what she does, and she always motivates all of the staffs by showing unchanging professionalism. Everyone's deeply in love with her."
They went on, "She is showing her full concentration even though drama is almost reaching its end. Please show a lot of supports for the production team and the actors."
Meanwhile, the last two episodes of 'Prime Minister & Me' will air on next Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM.
/Reporting by Kim Hye-in jp@starnnews.com

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February 3, 2014
Their relationship is at risk [Prime Minister & I]
Source: KBS Global
Da-jeong knows Na-young’s existence

Da-jeong is supposed to be happy to get proposed by Prime Minister Kwon.But, she feels disturbed after seeing Na-young. 1986_5449_l.jpg
Is Da-jeong leaving the residence?

Da-jeong is putting the ring down on Prime Minister’s desk. Has she decided to leave Kwon?  1986_5451_l.jpg
"Someday, you will leave this residence, won’t you?

Prime Minister Kwon has realized his feelings for Da-jeong.But will he be able to stay with Da-jeong when he is aware of Na-young’s existence? Tune in for more stories of ‘Prime Minister & I’, today at 10pm on KBS 2TV.

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Guest adikkeluangman

YoonA completes filming for 'Prime Minister and I' and to focus on preparing for Girls' Generation's comeback

There's more exciting news for SONE! YoonA has already wrapped up filming for her KBS 2TV drama 'Prime Minister and I' and will focus on preparing for Girls' Generation's comeback!
An SM Entertainment rep told Star News on the 4th, "After the finale of 'Prime Minister and I', YoonA will focus on preparing for Girls' Generation's new album... YoonA finished her final filming for 'Prime Minister and I' on the 3rd... Following her wrap-up party for 'Prime Minister and I' in Seoul on the 5th, her official activities for this production will conclude. She will then focus on her album preparation."
Although Girls' Generation are rumored to make a comeback this month, the exact date has not been confirmed yet. In other news, 'Full Sun' will premiere following 'Prime Minister and I'.
It's been a year since the girls hit the stage with "I Got A Boy", but you only need to wait a little longer for more details on their comeback!
Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/02/yoona-completes-filming-for-prime-minister-and-i-and-to-focus-on-preparing-for-girls-generations-comeback#ixzz2sLDnzrvB 

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February 4, 2014
Kwon’s children, Woo-ri, Na-ra, Man-se [Prime Minister & I]
Source: KBS Global
Prime Minister Kwon’s three little devils
Our cute Woo-ri, Na-ra, and Man-se always make the filming spot full of laughter.Man-se is acting charming at his kindergarten party. 
Taking photos with mom
Na-ra and Manse are picturing themselves with Da-jeong. Don't they look alike?
“Please let them off this time.”
Prime Minister Kwon is trying to stop Da-jeong who is blaming children for causing trouble. It seems like their roles as parents have changed.
Sweet brothers and sister
Three kids are taking care of each other during the shoot in this cold weather.

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February 5, 2014
Thank you for watching ‘Prime Minister & I’
Source: KBS Global
Three cuties in ‘Prime Minister & I’

Prime Minister’s three children; Woo-ri, Na-ra, and Man-se have been energizers during the whole 17 episodes.  After the last shoot they still show bright smiles hiding their sad feelings.  1990_5479_l.jpg
Three characters who have been right next to Prime Minister
Ms. Seo, a chief of public affairs, has been missing Prime Minister for a long time. Minister Park has focused on harassing Prime Minister. Though viewers blamed you at the beginning, thank you, Mr. Kang. 1990_5481_l.jpg
Please let them love each other.
This couple is just watching each other till the end.What will happen between those two on last episode? Thank you for your support on ‘Prime Minister & I’ and look forward to watching ‘Beyond the Clouds’ coming on February 17.

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February 6, 2014
YoonA to Show off Feminine, Pure Charm at Finale party

Source: BNTNews
[by Chloe Yun] ‘Prime Minister and I’  finale party was held on February 5 in Seoul, and female lead YoonA attended, having a special time with the cast and crew. 
KBS2 TV drama ‘Prime Minister and I,’ starring YoonA, Lee Beom Soo, Chae Jung Ahn, Ryu Jin, Yoon Si Yoon, and Lee Min Ho, is about a young female reporter, who desperately wishes to get married to stubborn prime minister. The show went off the air on February 4. (photo by bntnews DB)

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Guest adikkeluangman

“Prime Minister and I” Actor Yoon Shi Yoon Talks About YoonA’s Real Personality

Actor Yoon Shi Yoon earned the nickname of “bookworm” for always having a book in his hands, even on the drama set and was recently picked as the most clean-cut celebrity by industry insiders. In an interview with Sports Seoul, Yoon Shi Yoon talked about filming the drama, “Prime Minister And I” and his co-star, Girl’s Generation member YoonA. In the drama,Yoon Shi Yoon plays the role of Kang In Ho, the Prime Minister’s assistant, who develops feelings for YoonA’s character, Nam Da Jung. 
Yoon Shi Yoon went on to give YoonA glowing praise for her professionalism and sweet personality. “YoonA is such a down-to-earth person with a good heart. She’s pure; she’s a great actress. She has a way of expressing gentle emotions in a sweet way. Although she’s a part of Girls’ Generation, she has an ‘analog’ type of charisma. When I see her on stage with such explosive energy, it makes me think about how much effort she puts into what she does.”  
He also didn’t forget to cheer on Girl’s Generation on their comeback saying, “Girls’ Generation has already written their own legacy. Just like H.O.T, wouldn’t Girls’ Generation also be a sensation for a really long time? I hope YoonA enjoys being a part of [Girls’ Generation] and becomes someone even more admirable. Since YoonA is a part of Girls’ Generation, I’ll definitely be monitoring them and cheering them on!” 

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February 25, 2014
“Prime Minister & I” to be happily ever after
Source: KBS Global

KBS Mon/Tues drama “Prime Minister & I” aired its final episode with heartwarming ending, Lee Beom-soo and YoonA’s reunion.   Starting from December 9th in 2013, “Prime Minister & I”(written by Kim Eun-hui and Yoon Eun-kyung, directed by Lee So-yeon) has infected viewers with happy virus for about two months and finally came to an end with the final 17th episode on February 4th.  In the final episode, all the characters have found themselves after the death of Dajeong(YoonA)’s father(Lee Han-wui) through forgiveness, reconciliation, and love.   First of all, Dajeong came back as a children’s story writer after a world tour which she left with feeling guilty of her father’s death. Then, she finally reunited with Kwon Yul(Lee Beom-soo). In the earlier episode, Dajeong said, “Some day, when we can truly start our relationship, I’ll hold your hand first,” and when they met again after a long time, Dajeong offered her hand to Kwon Yul, suggesting the true love between them has begun.   Meanwhile, netizens who watched the final episode of “Prime Minister & I” mentioned on SNS and other message boards, “The drama was too good to be true and I was happy to see Dajeong every week,” “It was one of the most relaxing dramas I’ve ever seen,” “Lee Beom-soo and YoonA, Thank you so much for your efforts,” “I loved your dramatic lines during the drama and I look forward to seeing your next dramas!” 

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March 18, 2014
Yoon Ah tells that she sent a text message of apology to all of her teammates after her relationship got publicized
Source: STARN News 20140318064134_53276c0d741f3_1.jpg
Yoon Ah told that she sent a text message of apology to all of her teammates after her relationship with Lee Seung Gi got publicized.

On March 17th, all of the members of Girls' Generation appeared on SBS 'Healing Camp', and talked about their debut stories and careers.
During the show, Yoon Ah talked about her relationship with Lee Seung Gi, and said, "I sent a text message of apology to all of my teammates after my relationship was publicized. We've never been through such a situation, and I felt very sorry of them."
Yoon Ah said, "I felt sorry that they were getting questions that they did not have to get because of me. I thought that they must be feeling very troublesome."
Meanwhile, Soo Young told that she did not want her relationship with Jung Kyung Ho to get publicized.
/Reporting by Lim ju-hui en@starnnews.com

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