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Im Yoon A (임윤아)

Guest Soy

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model, actress, singer

Real Name: 임윤아 (Im Yoona)

Stage Name: YoonA 윤아

Birth Date: May 30th, 1990 (17)

Height: 166 cm

Blood Type: B

Previous Works: TVXQ 'Magic Castle' M/V (2004), SANYO Eneloop CF (2006), TEUN TEUN English 'Follow Me' CF (2006), Super Junior 'U' M/V (2006), TSZX The Grace '열정 (My Everything)' M/V (2006), ELITE School Uniform CF (2007), HAITAI Beverage Sunkist 'Lemonade' CF (2007), Clean & Clear CF (2007), MBC Drama '9 Hits, 2 Outs' (2007)

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Guest f0reveralways

wow. i can't believe there's only 1 post

..well actually, she's only been in 9 End 2 Outs so it's not that unbelievable :sweatingbullets:

here's some more pictures of her so my post isn't useless:








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Guest pips_feefa

at first i dislike her because of her-not-so-evil-role in "9 End 2 Outs".

but now,she is my favourite now.

plus she's pretty :blush:

hope to see her more in dramas or movies.

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Guest freetshirtsorg

I like her too. I think for awhile I thought she was the leader of SNSD because teh director keeps putting her face in.

I found her character annoying in 9 End 2 Outs.

her first meeting with Soo Ae was really funny though. XD

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Guest anne&top

i think her acting improved a lot.

comparing 9 ends 2 outs to her acting in SNSD episode of Unstoppable Marriage;

her acting improved.

like she's more comfortable now.

looking forward to You're My Destiny.

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Guest mopwns

I guess she's a pretty good actress,

cause apparently everyone hated her character in 9H2O,

she portrayed it well I guess!


Can't wait for YAMD

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Guest silentmarj

a thread for yoona?? and I didn't know all about this...shame on me..lolzzzz

Soy mind to edit the first post? just to have more information of my yoona...haha

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Guest 4ever_티파니

she is a very pretty and a good actress

i love her new drama (YAMD) actually i'm wathing the drama now!^^

oh i also love watching the new haptic cf with yoona and micky

soy thanks for making dis thread i will vist here everyday ^^

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aw i wish i can make the twelfth post. but..

cant believe noone posted here in between jan n may o.0

well, think she acts better as poor girl,

Soy, can you edit it with guest appearance in Unstoppable Marriage series?

hahahahha. XD she plays quite a huge part in that.

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Guest silentmarj

coz most of yoona fans didn't know that she has a thread here..like me..lolzzz

marv it's your first post..haha..so you're going to visit this thread everyday *high five*

we should visit this thread regularly.....

yoona is currently on no.6 most searched on yahoo korea today =.=

yeah yeah the first post...can we add more?

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Guest silentmarj

^ I bet she will :) my wish for her is to grab the best new actress award :lol:




gosh I'm so inlove with this girl..

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Guest M@dLyiNLoveWityEsung

somehow i can't really hate her cos she's not even "OMG PRETTY"

she's average pretty.

i like her high voice it's cute but i'm sorry she needs more learning to do on acting.

her acting isn't quite there for me to say she's good.

of course i don't act but i can tell if someone stinks or not

need to work on facial expressions too

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Guest redevilica

available in CB



[HQ] You Are My Destiny - Im Yoona (SNSD), Lee Ji Hoon , Park Jae Jeong, Gong Hyun Joo, etc

Ep. 001 [360.3MB]

Ep. 002 [364.8MB]

Ep. 003 [360.7MB]

Ep. 004 [360.1MB]

Ep. 005 [358.4MB]

Ep. 006 [349.7MB]

Still uploading Ep. 004 - 006.

Cashewmania cb will be uploading "You Are My Destiny" drama from this week onwards ^^~

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Guest silentmarj

gah I'm proud of her...she's now receiving the love from the viewers that she truly deserved..

yoona jjang!

New set of pics
















plus three larger pics




credits as tagged+cyrus&luvme@yoona.bainafans+marj04@soshified

gah I'm not exaggerating but she's uber gorgeous here wearing this blue dress.. :lol:

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