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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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Guest xiiSARANGHAEEx33

I cant really remember lol, but I'm pretty sure it was a BoA songg (cant remember which one xP too long ago!!)

Also, when I got my first korean CD ever~ SMTown Summer Vacation~ (where I first discovered DBSK!)

Got me obsessed with DBSK and SuJu~~! hehe XD

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hahahaha i still could remember the day when i listened to the song with my friend

we were completely swooned by their voices..

their voices was like the perfect guy voice ever.. dreamy.. breathy.. *sigh*

I's pretty sure it was DBSK because i forgot koreans existed when I heard Because I'm a Girl...

Please excuse my previous ignorance =__=''


lol i forgot about this..

yeah.. i was kind of figuring out what language it was before..

the actors/actresses looked japanese .. some words sounded japanese.. but some really did not.. it sounded kind of middle east-liek XD at some point..

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Guest adikkeluangman

I still remember it and love it so much till now. End of 2004. During first time Stairway to Heaven aired in Malaysia. I'm so mesmerized with the song.

Kim Bum Soo - Bo Go Ship Da.

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Guest XoXiHaEoX

I would say DBSK debut song!..."HUG"

my friend had no idea who they were and just posted their mv in her myspace and showed it to me out of admiration..


Now im so obsessed wit them..

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sh*et I can't even remember. i think it will have to be the opening theme song for "Attic Cat" starring KRW .n. the beautiful JDB (R.I.P).

The theme was catchy and funny so I kept humming it then the opening theme for "Country Princess" was like the same so for some reason I was got pulled into it.

but my first kpop song will have to be Shinhwa "Young Gunz" or was it Bi "I'm Coming" damn now that I think about it I can't remember...lol

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