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What Was The First Song That Got You Into Korean Music?

Guest wtfitzbrian

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Guest itsblueskies

If I'm not mistaken it was Rain - It's Raining. I'm pretty sure it was one of Rain's songs since he was my first Korean obsession.

But, the song that really got me loving Korean music was DBSK - One. Beautiful song.

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Guest aznmusiklife

DBSK! lol it was Balloons. at like 11 or 12... dun remember. my friend told me that they were all gay but girls still go crazy for them so i checked them out and fell in love. lol till this day since like 3-4 years ago i am still fighting with this that they are not gay but really really hot. lol

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Guest RussianButterfly

I was searching on YouTube for "misheard lyrics" and I found DBSK : balloons.

I thought it sounded adorable, and so I looked the real MV up.

And then I saw those 5 boys dressed up like that....

and that is how my obsession with K-music started.

My friends think I'm crazy, back here in my country hardly anyone listens to that kind of music.

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