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Anime With The Most Interesting/unsual Plot

Guest x_IS0YUM

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Guest srenity

i always thought yume tsukai was just like any other magical-girl type anime, except with a different theme.

School Days definately has my vote for interesting and unusual.

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Guest superfreakk

Well, I know which series had a terrible rather FAMILIAR plot..

*COUGH* Gundam Seed Destiny.

lol, agreed.

And for me, it's xxxHolic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, School Days, and Death Note (well, the manga at least, I don't know about the anime). I also thought Revolutionary Girl Utena was pretty interesting.

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei <- definitely the weirdest out of all the ones i`ve seen xP.

School Days - err.. started out pretty generic & i think the person just wanted to end it quick so he killed everyone =_=? but wouldn't call it the weirdest - i`ve seen a lot of anime like this actually ._."

Ouran High School Host Club <- different plot to most anime i think; if not simply entertaining.

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Guest MoonlightConfessionx3

^ yeah. Ouran High School Host Club had a pretty interesting/strange plot. It was still entertaining though.

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Guest Jang_Yoon_Jung ^ ^

Ouran High School Host Club - I loved this one, and I never heard of a host club so I thought it was pretty interesting. xD

Death Note - This one's very interesting. O__O;; Instead of the main character being a hero, he's a killer...( though he doesn't think of himself that way... )

Wallflower - I thought this one was interesting. xD;;; sumiko's funny, with all her horror stuff >.>;

Pucca - I guess Pucca counts as anime, right? right? xD This one's interesting to me...with all the kissy stuff going on between Pucca and Garu xD

Yoh Oo Bi - It' a Korean anime movie...I don't know if many people heard about it, but it's very interesting...kind of reminded me of Miyazaki's movies. xD

Spirited Away - Definently unique and interesting <3

Azumanga Daioh - funny and interesting. At least to me. xD

Lovely Complex - the most interesting romantic manga I have ever read xD

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Guest Take Five

probably mind game, even if it is a movie. you can't beat getting stuck inside a whale while trying to escape the yakuza.

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Guest Mirae-chan

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei <3 absolutely nuts, I love how each of the students has their own weirdo personality/quirks

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Guest Special Ed

Probably for me would be:

Death Note (omfg the potato chip scene was amazing! I am still amazed even after a year later. how the hell do they come up with those stuff?!)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (words can't even begin to describe this anime)

Fooly Cooly (I've watched this like 3 times and still don't get it)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (dark humor I suppose ...)

When They Cry (Ummm ...)

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the serial experiments of Lain is the weirdest anime I've seen. the ending was highly unexpected.

I agree.

one of the animes where you actually need to have a brain to understand it. haha

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