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Óáå°Ã÷ (yu Haoming)

Guest Wayyli

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from Super Boy
I always thought he was pretty cute, even though he didn't win. (btw, did anyone even watch superboy? lol)

heres some pictures =]








Some facts about him (taken from wikipedia):

Yu Haoming (Simplified: 俞灏明; Traditional: 俞灝明; Pinyin: Yú Hàomíng; born November 14, 1987 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China) is a Chinese pop singer. Yu HaoMing was placed sixth in the 2007 season of the Super Boy (快乐男声), a national men's singing competition in China.

Yu's fan's club is named 'Yu Tou'(Simplified: 芋头) - 'taro' in English.

English name: Ham

Height: 180 cm

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Constellation: Scorpius

The blood type: O

Language:Chinese, English, Cantonese

and hes a really good singer

Yu haoming's first EP

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Guest tokyochicdoll

I know him... :D well my mom knows his parents so yeah

and HAHAHAHA come onnn

his english is worse than Micky from DBSK LOL

Random facts that i can dig up from the back of my head

He's twenty and he studied in Shanghai for a while

Only child although he does have a cousin... who has hella stick skinny legs just like him o_o;

He plays badminton and swims

and... he's proud of his phone (which his dad bought him) :lol:

OHHH and he had a photobook (我是大明星) with 王栎鑫 (Wang Yue Xin) who came 7th in the Superboys contest~ They're best budsss. (But I :wub: yuexin more lalala)

Pics of them:




(Zhuhai concert .. I WAS THERE! :D)



of course my supa awesome one in which I got caught on camera with the both of them xD


with a very strange expression -_-

BUT HEHEHE yuexin and I are both wearing striped beanies! :wub: :wub:

I fangirl over yuexin. :D

Anyway haoming...

He's currently in that Hunan dance competition - "Strictly Come Dancing" partnered with some HongKong chick. Anyone watch?

Btw did you guys listen to his new song? "陷入爱立面"

It's the part two of 如果可以爱你 (first single after superboys)

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Guest tracee245

OMG Yu Haoming is soo cute/hot!! He is so young too! (only 20 O_O)

I really love his songs:

Ai Shi Yi Ge Ren De Shi

Ru Guo Ke Yi Ai Ni

Xian Ru Ai Li Mian

Xing Zhong De Ying Xiong

Those are the ones that are actually solely his songs, not ones he performed on Superboy. I heard that his singles have done REALLY well on the China music charts. Yay!!

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