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[♡][한해] The Official Hanhae Thread - Super Junior's Overlooked Couple

Guest miss scarlett

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Guest Ji Eun

YAY!!!! HANHAE THREAD!!!!!!!!! ^__^ I am super happy!!

BIG THANKS for creating this thread!

I was surprised that I found official thread of hankyung+donghae couple.

I was fan of this couple since their debut. (ofcourse. cause these two are my fav members) <3 :heart:

They are just so cute and seeing them together makes me feel very happy! :lol:

I'm gonna share all their photos I collected later!

First, check this out! Anyone has seen it yet?

fanvid of "hanhae" on youtube.^_^

Credit: tomodachi714@youtube.com

^____^ love you two~ hanhae

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Im not familiar with HanHae. I dont know if I've heard of it before or it even it existed. But nonetheless, Donghae is there and to be wth Hankyung is not a bad thing. Two of the great dancers from SJ. I didnt know that they were close.

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Guest sugarzai

Hi guys, I was on this website: blog.naver.com/ablehangeng/60052028159

When I spotted this:


credits: ablehangeng

I was wondering if anyone have the 1st animated gif (where Donghae was pretending to chomp on Hankyung's arm) on the website?

HanHae's being so cute on it so I really want to save it, but the blog doesn't allow me to! T_T

Could anyone help? Thank you =)

Edit: Ahh.... never mind.. I've found the gif! Yay ^_^


credits: haeaday@lj

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Guest sujubean

Can someone help me find this video? It's from around the SJM Me era.

Wearing this: 


(they wore those outfits for like EVERYTHING this is why it's hard to find omg)

Anyway Geng and Hae fed each other. They were standing up on stage. 

Here's a pic, which is all I have to go on.


It would be GREATLY appreciated if someone could help me find this. I've spent the past 5 or so hours looking for it. \(>n<)/ I will love you forever and ever if you can help me. ;u; Thank you!


if anyone is interested. The above happens around 11:20 :)
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