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[♡][한해] The Official Hanhae Thread - Super Junior's Overlooked Couple

Guest miss scarlett

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Guest iya.donghae


This is soo adorable. :D I've always thought it was HanChul...but now it's HaeGeng! <3

Okay, I'm not making sense. xD

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Guest silverblood

Han-anyone or Anyone-Geng is always good imo. smile.gif

*obviously a Han Geng fan*

Thanks for the pictures, and the link to the HaeGeng blog. smile.gif

^Yeah, Han-anyone or Anyone-Geng is hot, lol.

I did notice and loved the HaeGeng cuteness, but didn't think anyone else did...

They were so cute together during Full House ;)

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Guest Peachdoll_Ocean


They're the best!! The two best looking from FULLHOUSE...hehehe can't help, but fall in love with these two gorgeous, funny, sweeeeeet, men!!

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Guest miss scarlett

dong hae is like a kid who held his hyung's hands ALOT.

They have a really adorable hyung-dongsaeng relationship. <33

i like eunhae more, but i think hae with whoever is cute.

Most people like Eunhae because that's what they usually see a lot. :lol: Just like how many people in this forum likes Shihan.

But I think whoever-hae is cute. XD

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