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Hello guys ;)

@screambyscared thanks for the video really appreciate it :)

lucky malaysian fans they can see MDTf again enjoy guys, if you guys know where i can watch the english sub please let me know :)

@yeekrfan2 Thanks for the pictures :)

@bobsavero same here love them both CJH and LMH :)

@mishiellie, @yuuqiikeke, @annanannn  and to others  :-h  :-h :-h :-h

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cr to DC  

Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

Choi Jin Hyuk speaking English, Japanese and Russian    Published on Jun 19, 2015Source of video clip: I Need Romance, The Heirs, Panda and Hedgehog, Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 影片來源:需要浪漫, 繼承者們

Guest Anne Catherine Oliveros

I started to love Choi Jin Hyuk because of his role in Gu Family Book "Wol Ryung"....It's totally Wol Ryung Fever" I really love him. I really have Wol Ryung Fever. My heart beats really fast just when hearing his name. Oh Gosh! I really want to see him, hug him, kiss him. Thanks for this thread. I will really support him all my life. <3!! I am really jealous of Lee Yoon Hee and Yoon Se Ah. Gosh! Love him more than my life! <3~

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Omo there's a video of him filming heirs! :x Shall check it out soon! :) Thank you @screambyscared for the video!

@anannanann thank you for the videos too! :) And @booha Thank you for the translation! :)

Welcome to hyukhyuk thread newcomers! :) Let me give you guys a goodnight hug! :D

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Guest annasophiabby

Hello everyone!hope everyone is doing well!it's been a while since ive been on here =[sadly i wont be coming on very often anymore as I've 1) been busy preparing to head back to school (waaahhh my summer is practically over) and 2) ive beeen kinda sick so =[ but ill enjoy the last moments i have left... =[ WAAAHH
what is everyone up to? whats everyone watching?!miss you all!

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   @anannanann's posting (1&2):

   1: Perseverance  to stay on an acting career during the last 7 years; 최진혁 "7년간 나이어린 후배에 무시당해 서러웠다" 고백


    2:CJH misses GWR. ( OR they miss each other and we miss both of them. ); 최진혁 후유증 고백 "'구가의 서' 100회까지 했어야 해"


CJH said he still missed GWR and had been watching GFB periodically, regretting that the drama wasn’t  longer, like 100 episodes.     Having been through a tough 7 years and survived, he became much stronger, because the  alternative wasn’t acceptable and he didn’t want to be a loser. 

(from different article): He was keenly aware that he was lucky to have the character GWR and many helping hands big and small.  He talked about his saguk hair style which was new to him yet it fit him well and, for his wardrobes, the production staff tried on him over 30 ones. He also talked about the writer who knew the second GWR  would be bad but something different was on her mind.   It was unfolded this way: She said “I want a sexy GWR!” “Lower your voice.” “ Lower more.” “Now show more skin.”  ( The first GWR was  completely covered  on the top.) “Loosen a belt?  So more will be revealed  as you move.” “OMG! He is hot!”

(From another article): CJH was given two scripts by PDnim and asked to choose one.  One was for Gu Wul Ryung and another,Park Tae Seo which was taken by Yoo Yun Suk  later.    He somehow hesitated.  GWR character  was written for 2 episodes whereas Tae Seo was in the whole series.  Then PDnim  put           the finger on GWR script and  GWR/CJH was born.  CJH said that, from the start, he was attracted to GWR character.      It  is interesting to think how things could have  been reversed, GWR to Yoo Yun Suk and  Tae Seo to CJH.    Yoo Yun Suk  is a good actor to do GWR but now it is hard to picture GWR without CJH and vice versa.

CJH explained that the male gumiho was never done on screen before.    Even little things like the eye color or the look of hands had to be created, and, since GWR wasn’t supposed to be a human, he had to find subtle differences in acting.

 The actors use many techniques to create a given character.  CJH decided to submerge into a character since it was a blank slate and only way to deal with it, he thought, was to become the character.     This approach can be exhausting psychologically and physically because, even after the camera stopped rolling,      the actor is still in a character.  The GWR is a comic, fantasy character which is perceived  as a two dimensional one.  However CJH made GWR to come across the screen and tugged the viewer’s emotions. He did it with a half covered face and the depth of tragedy was revealed through one eye, mouth and tears.

   Netizens  response to ‘CJH still misses GWR.’: ‘WR  fever’  ‘ we are the same ’ ‘missing GFB’

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  @anannanann’s posting (6):

    CJH dating style: 최진혁 연애스타일 "티 안내고 잘 해주는 스타일"   http://news.nate.com/view/20130813n15758

  “ If my girlfriend  wants something, I prefer  to do it under the radar. I don’t like making a big splash.”

 (1) The memorable moment; “ During pouring rain, inside of a car, I lighted candles on a cake and  sang to her. I also gave to her a handwritten letter.               She cried.”       

 (2) (Google translation) Choejinhyeok girlfriend told Dawn after the most memorable events "very rainy day rain on the cake in the car, turn on the fire          singing to his girlfriend gave a hand gave letters to confirm availability girlfriend receives events were crying," he told the envy jaahnaetda to.  (This version could be more likely to fit to the description of my most memorable date, excluding  words-choijinhyuk girlfriend.)                                         

   @anannanann’s posting (7):

    Singing activity? Hoping more in future: '음원 강타' 최진혁, "가수 활동? 꼭 한 번은…"    http://news.nate.com/view/20130813n15561

He was uneasy, when the GFB  OST was recommended to him because the song was already sung by the One, very talented singer, and his version of a song might not come through the deep sadness.  Fortunately many  people liked it and he was grateful that Lee Sung Ja sun bea-nim sent text massages,  “ Did you sing during Sow Ha’s dying scene?  It was good and hoping for good responses!”

    @anannanann’s posting (8):

     CJH about JWS: 최진혁, "정우성? 신선한 감독님, 존경하는 선배"   http://news.nate.com/view/20130813n15573

To CJH, JWS “is an opened mind and friendly director. I was surprised to see another side of him when the boy-actor (played a younger version of CJH) was tired during evening how he coaxed and played a game with him. He has a gentle manner. Before meeting him ( a big star to me  ) I was tense but he made the situation very comfortable. He is good at cheering, even in filming location. I wish to learn many things from him as an actor and a person. My thumb is definitely  up for him.”

  @anannanann’sposting(10): 최진혁, '구가의 서'는 '신의 한 수'가 아닌 노력의 산물이었다


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The article described how once he left in the middle of party and ran home to see the dog.

( From another article/articles(?) the story is expanded a bit more ); . When CJH became the first on chart, the media was excited to report about the cry of CJH and his mom.  And the second came out with the same story line.  By the time another one was written there were changes.  It may be that CJH thought of the need to add more details.    CJH has a puppy dog (endearing name for one’s pet ) named ‘Mong-Siel.’ ( cute Korean name )   He bought a puppy dog for his mom so that she could always have company, telling her it was from a gift.  The whole family fell in love it.  After learning of the news, he told his mom about projects he had been receiving lately.  He was telling that he would make her happy.  Before he finished talking she was crying.   Asking her what was the matter, he, himself, couldn’t finish before tearing up.  They hugged each other and cried.  The Mong-Siel cried too and then it walked away sheepishly and disappeared into the other room. 



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"My daughter the flower" repeat telecast on Onetvasia, fans of Choi Jin Hyuk from Singapore and Malaysia able to view this drama on Saturday 9am to 12.45pm

Megamissy said:

El6ni12 . said:

Hi CJH girls!

I know that My Daughter the Flower is impossible to find with English subs but wow does it suck because I hear it's not bad of a drama and CJH is a main character so it double sucks for me! LOL

Is there a good website or blog that describes the entire storyline of the drama?

You can read the recap of from this blog under the name from ep1 to ep131

"In Need of Romance 2011" will be broadcast in HK Cable TV Channel 13/ 213 every Saturday at 21:00 (Re-run at 00:00) starting from 7th September. Nicam, Cantonese dubbed and Korean. HK Cable TV subscribers in HK are able to watch CJH in this drama.

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Hello all JinHyuk lovers, I'm a newbie here but definitely not a new fans of JinHyukxi. Got to know him in "Pasta" and being devoted since "I need Romance". Hope can share more his news here. (I'm a non-native English speaker. Sorry for any improper English.)

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