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cr to DC  

Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

Hyuki deleted this and his friend posted this.  What could it mean?   https://instagram.com/real_jinhyuk/       usually we are normal/regular.. but when two meet..   we act this way..  others take/e

** CJH posted this IG. I can see why this digitalized fake childhood image is trendy in Korea now.  He looks amazingly cute and adorable. :joy::love:


崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group

8 hrs ·

【2019.05.26★崔振赫 Instagram 更新】
【2019.05.26★Choi Jin Hyuk Instagram Update】

Reposted from @real_jinhyuk -

나는 왜 별차이가 없는거같지?ㅎㅎ  #애기진혁 #그나저나 #한국팬미팅 #벌써 #다음주토요일 #기대됩니다

我為什麼覺得沒有什麼差別呢?he he #小孩振赫 無論如何 韓國粉絲見面會 已經 下星期六 期待

How come I don’t see any difference? he he #littlejinhyuk #anyway #Koreafanmeeting #already #nextsaturday #lookforwardto 



*中文翻譯: "崔振赫香港飯團" 轉載時請註明
*Translated by "CJHHKFG" Please give full credit if reposting.









崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group

7 hrs ·

【2019.05.26★Choi Jin Hyuk Korea Fan Meeting News】

★ 2019 崔振赫粉絲見面會 The Real Time★
#崔振赫 粉絲見面 D-6
Reposted from @makestar.co -
#최진혁 팬미팅 D-6
여러분 생각만 해도 행복해요~
토요일에 봐요!
#ChoiJinhyuk fan meeting D-6
Only a thought of you makes me happy~
See you on Saturday!


日期:2019年6月1日 (SAT)
時間:6:00pm (KST)
地點:SMTOWN THEATRE coexartium
門票發售日:29-04-2019 (MON) 8:00pm(KST) 至 31-05-2019 (FRI) 01:00pm(KST)

門票 MAKESTAR 獨家發售 購票網址
P.S. 網站可選擇韓語/英語/中文(簡體) /日語

Ticket Set : ₩60,000
VIP Set : ₩200,000
Goods Set : ₩50,000

門票現場銷售: ₩45,000
門票現場銷售時間:6月1日 13:00PM~17:00PM(KST)


★ 2019 최진혁 팬미팅 The Real Time ★
일시 : 2019년 6월 1일 토요일
시간:6:00pm (KST)
장소 : SMTOWN THEATRE coexartium (SMTOWN코엑스아티움)


티켓오픈 : 2019년 4월 29일 월요일 PM 8:00 부터 5월 31일 13시까지
★공연 당일 현장판매는 진행되지 않습니다.

Ticket Set : ₩60,000
VIP Set : ₩200,000
Goods Set : ₩50,000

資訊來源/圖片 Cr : Makestar

*中文翻譯: "崔振赫香港飯團" 轉載時請註明
*Translated by "CJHHKFG" Please give full credit if reposting.













** CJH sent a meal- truck to Yoon Hyun-min., though it isn’t clear what project YHM is working on now. They worked together in Tunnel.  YHM is supposedly dating Baek Jin-hee (whom CJH also worked with in PP just before his MS)   


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**  CJH fan says she is making a bracelet with CJH initials  and a hand mirror with CJH photo for fans who will attend upcoming K-FM.  So any fan who is interested can call her to receive this handmade gift.  I assume this is for Korean fans.  However I’m happy to hear CJH has many devoted fans.  






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15 hours ago, booha said:



FM etiquette: no picture/video/audio recordings; no food;  turn off a phone



Hi booha but sometimes, there are boundaries that are pushed and lines that are, unfortunately, crossed. Filming or pictures is really a NO NO - Standard stuff, really. For many times that I've been to RAIN's FM, the security will tell you to put your phone away and by away they mean away. But don't fret - There is official and fan footage later on if you want the memories, anyway. Perhaps because the acts during FM is usually so casual, you likely will not be allowed to take photos or video while you're in attendance at a K-pop fan meeting in Korea & Japan is also very strict (there was some instance when 1-2 fans tried...and almost got kicked out).  :P


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kdaily article about KBS 'Justice'  (in Chinese)


崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group

【2019.05.26★Choi Jin-hyuk News Update】










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The 14 Best K-Drama Rom-Coms Of All Time


With the scent of summer in the air and the anticipation of a fun-filled summer up ahead, it’s the perfect time to binge watch some classic K-drama rom-coms to get you into that summer romance feel. Rom-com dramas, when done right, are the best kind of genre to watch.


They make you feel good, tug at your heartstrings, and totally have you a believer in love. All aspects that we can dig, right? There’s obviously been a lot of rom-coms out there in the K-drama world, but very few earn the title of being the best of all time. Here’s a look at 14 of those titles (in no particular order).


Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.



9. Fated To Love You

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara have so much chemistry that this was the second time they starred in a K-drama together. The two just have this charm when they’re on screen together that is enough to give viewers butterflies.




Their love story in this particular series was so heartbreaking, but also so enjoyable to watch. Seeing Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) as the forlorn female lead with low self-esteem was sad, but totally relatable. Jang Nara not only had an amazing connection with her co-star, Jang Hyuk, but there was also fireworks with the second male lead, Choi Jin Hyuk.




The love triangle was one of the best in K-drama history IMO, but another aspect that made this series so enjoyable to watch was Jang Hyuk’s over-the-top character. His dramatic gestures and loud laugh definitely made the series unforgettable!




Start watching “Fated to Love You”:


Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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29 minutes ago, booha said:

'Justice' is set to air 7/17  

from the script reading on KBS vlive



cr to DC



Hi booha, thanks for sharing this. I've watched a video from the first script reading of their upcoming drama “Justice” yesterday. I wonder why he was wearing a suit during this time, though.  I heard that the first script reading was held back in April.  Choi Jin Hyuk describes his character as someone who has become corrupted but evolves over the course of the drama. I surely can't wait for July 17, dear. :P

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  • Jillia changed the title to Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁- Current Drama 'Zombie Detective, 좀비탐정' (Mon&Tue, @21:30 KST)
  • booha changed the title to Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁

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