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Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

cr to DC  

Choi Jin Hyuk speaking English, Japanese and Russian    Published on Jun 19, 2015Source of video clip: I Need Romance, The Heirs, Panda and Hedgehog, Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 影片來源:需要浪漫, 繼承者們

**I’m glad to know CJH and Nana are already filming together.  Very curious about their onscreen chemistry.  They made a quick promotion about the drama on stage. 

((I made translation for the portion of the clip))


崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group

13 hrs ·

【2019.05.01★Choi Jin-hyuk News Update】


"第55屆百想藝術大賞" 頒獎典禮直播連結
"제55회 백상예술대상"
55th Baeksang Arts Awards” live
時間- 8:00pm (香港時間/HK time)
=>> https://m.vlive.tv/video/125481

資料來源:JTBC PULS 백상예술대상


C:(004) Hello I'm CJH

N:(010)  Hello I'm Nana

C:(017) Prosecutor-nim you look different here.
N:(019)  Lawyer-nim  I feel the same about you too.
N:(021)  Currently we have been filming together for the drama.
C:(029)  Yes  this drama, Justice, is from a web novel.
(032)  I would like to use this interlude to promote this drama.  It will start to broadcast from July in KBS so please watch it a lot.
(039) I have a great respect for writers who can work from a novel to script with their boundless imagination.

N:(049) Yes I am curious  which writer’s imagination will grab today’s grand prize.
(057)  Let’s start with Best Original Screenplay.



**CJH will have the first FM in Thailand.  Very happy for Thai fans :)



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((CJH video message about K-FM))
On 6/1, I’m going to have FM in Korea once more.
As I’m going to greet fans again after 4 years
I feel anxious yet excited.
Please attend many of you
to shine up the place.
I will work hard for filming,
and will busy preparing for FM in order to spend a fun time with you.
Thank you   See you on 6/1 !!
Thank you~



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崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group

【2019.05.07★Choi Jin-hyuk 《The Last Empress》Related News】

日本KNTV [皇后的品格]
將於5月25日(六) 晚上7時30分-8時播放,節目中將談論劇中的亮點和動作場景的背後。

#皇后の品格」チェ・ジニョク インタビューSP
主演チェ・ジニョクの #独占インタビュー#日本初放送決定!ドラマの見どころやアクションシーンの裏側を語る!

https://t.co/XN1SvWg16q https://t.co/8sCKKcu1M8

“The Last Empress” Choi Jin-hyuk exclusive interview will be on Japan KNTV on Saturday, May 25 at 7:30pm - 8:00pm During the interview, they will talk about some highlights of the drama and behind-the-scenes stories of the action scenes.


*中文翻譯: "崔振赫香港飯團" 轉載時請註明
*Both Chinese and English translations were done by “CJHHKFG”. Please give full credit if reposting.


He asks to watch TLE and his interview


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annyeonghaseyo!  It is Choi Jin-hyuk.
How’s everybody doing?
I would like to see many people watch TLE that I played as a lead
Also support the new drama Justice ~ ^ ^
There is a fan meeting on May 18th, so please take care of your health and meet in FM


info about TH FM tickets


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Chatting with Mr (Jo) Dar-Hwan hyung …The manger is dereliction of duties.
#Justice #Lee Tae Kyung #Jo Dal Hwan-actor nim #July broadcast #kbs #In the middle of filming/or Filming intensively


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*** I’ve done watching his last drama, ‘Devilish Joy’ since I wasn’t able to watch this continuously while airing in Korea before since I lacked time. It is a sweet love story where we wait for the sweet couple moments. I love it since it’s a Rom-Com genre. The drama was a sweet entertainment and some of the parts in the drama were also very intriguing. Things change as both of their lives are also changed. But love always finds its way. The leads looked perfect. Despite their difficulties in life, their love deepened throughout the drama. I liked Joo Gi Buem’s character - Despite having no stand in the industry, she dared to come back and worked hard to become an actress again. Gong Ma Sung character was so pitiful - The fact that he cannot remember anything the next day makes him paranoid at times. The drama is well written. Choi Jin Hyuk is a brilliant actor and a doctor’s role suits him. Choi Jin Hyuk's character might struggle with memory loss, but he remembers love. NICE. I enjoyed watching the drama. :P

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20 hours ago, sally2 said:

Ha - to the photos a couple of posts back where he's holding a rose. It looks like he's just been cast as the lead on The Bachelor.

Whaha yes k-bachelor, but no salacious skinships & no booze haha   JHssi looks good in a suit.







This diehard fan had a quick chat with CJH. :smirk:





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