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cr to DC  

Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

Today(4/18) is moving day for the G-Tree Creative agency.  I wonder how JHssi feels about it.  Feeling  excited or apprehensive or both??   I feel he is making a big move because he has a big stake in

Hi there @booha! thank you for making this thread alive.. dropping by to say that i miss him.. the pictures you posted made me imagine him playing lead roles in current dramas-- just like with the actor in I remember You.. hehe..

By the way.. as per instagram choi jin hyuk- fans.. its already DAY 498 in our countdown.. getting sooner and sooner..

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Hello  Finally we got a good news about his knee and his current situation.  It looks like he recovered well enough and no other problem related to it.


CJH returned and has been faithfully serving military service after his knee treatment.




Reportedly CJH is currently serving  military service faithfully. 

(8/20) His agency officials said, “Currently CJH is working on military service diligently.” “After returning from knee injury treatment, he has encountered no other problem regarding it so far.”  

Last 3/31 CJH got enlisted and during training in one of units in Gyeonggi Province he felt pain in the knee and received treatment in hospital. He returned immediately to his unit right after treatment.

Meanwhile CJH had received attention from 2013 drama, ‘GFB’ and afterward he worked actively in the dramas, ‘Heirs’ ‘EC’ and movie, ‘DM’.        ((** I don’t know why but the article left out the ‘PP’ drama.  Perhaps the reporter was busy writing this article and forgot it by mistake.))



Hi there @booha! thank you for making this thread alive.. dropping by to say that i miss him.. the pictures you posted made me imagine him playing lead roles in current dramas-- just like with the actor in I remember You.. hehe..

By the way.. as per instagram choi jin hyuk- fans.. its already DAY 498 in our countdown.. getting sooner and sooner..

 Thank you about ‘498’   Yes When I saw the number changed from 5 to 4, I was going to post it but I forgot.   I saw everybody clapped in IG when the number changed from 5 to 4.   I know Hyukssi drought was getting to everyone but hopefully this latest news will be some relief.    ** I know you are seeing your other bias preparing for MS too.  But I have feeling he will pop up in IG a lot more so that you don’t have to circle around for any morsel of him. 



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Guest chaybags55

Thanks @booha dear for the update that our hyukie reported back to the army. I am relieved that he is totally back on his feet again... Hope there will be new posts in his IG accoaunt or that of his bff yohan park...hello hyukie ladies wazz up???

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Here is the translation.  Unexpectedly there are many funny moments in this short clip which made the translation a lot harder.  It would be nice someday  if The Real/CJH could translate or provide Korean text for video like this. 

 최진혁 공식팬카페 'theReal' Official Youtube

[theReal] 2014 최진혁 팬미팅 'the FIRST DATE' part.1


(020) P: today’s protagonist/hero, CJHssi  (022) CJH ((inaudible))  (026) (( A fan shouts  something))    (027)P: Congratulation  (( For his first KFM.  They show how much they are comfortable with each other –like making cross hand shaking ))  (031)P: I feel that today’s FM is the outcome of  your tireless effort during the last ten years. (036)C:  Yea   

(037)P: So how do you feel now meeting the fans?   (041)C: To tell the truth  this is the moment that  I have awaited most.  It wasn’t about   other projects or events but it was for this FM which I feel I waited for most/looked forward to most. (055)C:  I know there had been a number of opportunities for FM but regretfully it didn’t happen.  Even this FM got delayed.  (105)C: I really wished to meet sooner. But now it finally happened and I have been feeling very happy, excited and shaking/trembling.  (113)C:As a matter of fact, I didn’t sleep much last night.

(114)P:  I have heard that it wasn’t  only last night but also lately you have been having trouble sleeping.  So your voice is in a terrible condition and in addition your health isn’t good either.   (123)P: Yet your first song came with such high notes. I thought you were spitting out blood.  (129)C: The blood vessel (around my neck) got tightened.((laughing))  (133)C:  I know  it’s my song yet it turned out to be a way too high. (( He means to say it somehow in a self deprecating  way.  Sorry I couldn’t make a closer translation)) (135)P:  Even with such a condition, you sang so enthusiastically.   (141) ((inaudible ))  

(143)P:  By the way I thought that  wearing  sunglass wasn’t in the program script.  So why did you appear with it?   (148)C:  I never wore sunglass in places like a radio station.  So I did it because I just felt like doing it.   (156)P:  It wasn’t a part of  the plan. Yet I saw him coming in wearing sunglass.  (159)C: ((I think he is saying ‘looking cool’/or ‘something unique ??))   (200)P: So when you took it off  in the middle,  was it a part of your plan/scheme (to make more entertaining/interesting) ((She is teasing))  (204)C: Yes   (205)P:  Trying his utmost, actor CJHssi      

(210)P:  This is your first KFM so I know you are feeling shaky.  But for the start of this wonderful event we should have to have a cake to celebrate.  So we brought up this celebration cake.   (221)C:  Thank you   (223)P: This is a three layer cake.  (226)P: Perhaps maybe some fans made it?  ‘No’ Okay It wasn’t. (230) ((inaudible)) (234)P:  The cake was bought. It’s very pretty.  (242)P:  I’m lighting a candle and there will be music.   CJH, before you blow out the candle, you need to make a wish silently. (252)P:  Now, is the music ready?  Go ahead and play it

 (258) (( Everybody is waiting but no music)) ((awkward))  (302) P: ((She improvises))  We always need time like this to think through  (304)C:  Yes I agree   (306)P:  Many thoughts…  from CJH ..  from fans  (311)P:  Ready?  Music!!  Is it starting? 

(316)  ‘Congratulation’  ‘Congratulation’ ((축하합니다  chu-gha-ha-ni-da))  ‘Congratulation for your fan meeting’   (341) ((He comments about the music))  (343)P:  Really!  Unexpectedly the music turned out to be very energetic.    (348)C:  I expected soft music so that I could have time to think about my wish quietly.  But my thoughts became jumbled. 

(357)P:  So what is your wish?   (400) C:  In  private, I might have many wishes but this is a fan meeting.  As everyone here knows that I will have to do MS eventually, my wish is that, when I come back from MS, you( a fan) will be the same and will not get/hop  onto a different track/ride.  

(424)P:  To be honest,  how one doesn’t  get onto a different track!  Even myself, I changed many times.  (429)P:  I feel that it’s okay to change as long as one comes back just before you return, right?!  (432)C:   Yes That’s possible. As you said, one comes back to the same spot when I finish MS.  (437) P:  So it’s fine to go somewhere else as long as one returns when you finish MS?!  (442)C: Yes  Yes  The DAY before I return. ((It’s funny he uses/emphasizes  ‘the day before’ ))   

(447)P:  That’s what you wished for  (447)C: Yes Yes










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It looks like we might see Hyukssi in uniform because PKL announced that she would make a visit to Hyuki soon.  This article is from Section TV.  Some will remember the hostess who interviewed CJH and bought a snack, hotteok (Korean pancake) for him.  There is a video clip of her and PKL .  They know how to have fun together. PKL talked about a few other things besides about CJH.  Later I will try to translate this video clip. I’m posting the link (http://tvpot.daum.net/mypot/View.do?clipid=70373283&ownerid=45x1okb1If50 )


Park Kyung-Rym “CJH gave me a call after enlistment.  (He said) I’m no help so please give a call to a girl- group’”(Section TV)

(Section TV) PKL showed off her close  friendship with CJH.  

In Aug 23 broadcast of MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Communication’, PKL revealed that she would make a visit to CJH. 

PKL was asked  about the statement made by CJH before in which he said, when later he made a lot of money, he would buy PKL a car as present. PKL told he bought her tea afterward which made everybody laugh. ((**  자동차 / 차 => car   녹차 => tea (녹)차 ))

PKL told that “Currently he is serving army duty. But when he got a designated (permanent) post, he called me right after.     So I asked him why he told me about it.  I asked ‘Do you want me to visit’ ‘But he said noona’s visit wouldn’t be any help but if noona had a close girl-group,  noona could make a call to a girl-group.’”   PKL revealed that she would  visit  CJH soon. 

'Section TV Entertainment Communication' aired:  memories of folding paper ajeossi  Kim Young Man,  movie  ‘Extraterritoriality’  Lim Chang-jung &Choi Daniel,  a new album in 4 years ‘The Voice’ as a comeback by SG wannabe ((Kim Yong Joon, Kim Jin Ho, Lee Seok Hun ), actress Seo Ye Ji, MC Park Kyung Lim talk-concert interview,  the place of  'Infinite Challenge' Yeongdong Highway Song Festival.

1 when I make a lot of money   2 (currently) CJH in active duty  3 'noona  I received my post' 

4 no visitation  5 a girl-group instead of noona





cr to DC




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Guest chaybags55

Can't wait to see him in uniform @booha dear thanks for the post above. Hoping he looks better as he is fully recovered now.. Thanks god. But it's still a long long wait tho...

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@chaybags55   Yes Thank god!! Dear chingu  It’s good  to hear such welcome news.  One fan said that  ‘ I would like to think there will be  no more heart grabbing surprises ’  which I totally agree with.  Huhuu   Hopefully in this thread, from now on, we will have a normal course of drought from his MS  with occasional popping up of IG photos.  Of course I’m with you about ready to see pictures of private Kim Tae Ho.   bling bling  Hyuki

BTW  Before his enlistment  he mentioned in a joking way(?)  that he wished a girl-group to visit him in army. Now PKL mentioned it again  in SectionTV.   Could it mean that she might be able to  bring a girl-group when she visits him or she might have other plans??? 


Here is GDC’s backside … :wub::wub:






cr to DC







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(translation)  PKL in SectionTV


(000) [What was today’s shooting for?  ]   (002) [PKL talk concert:  To the woman, by the  woman, and for the woman is the motto for the new concept representing the heart/mind of women ]  PKL " Last year I did a talk concert with the theme about women.  This year  it’s season 2. Today I did a poster shooting for it."   (009) [ Topic of Season2:  coolest girls/ great   outgoing girls ]  (010) ((MC gets excited ))  eo-meo (  어머 owh)!!  “I’m the coolest”    (013)  [ heung (흥- excited expression )  Explosion]   PKL “aigoo”   (014) MC  “I’m sorry.  ‘heung’ hasn’t settled back yet”  (015) [Seul Gi(슬기)-ya   Stop…]     

(018) PKL “The topic has two meanings.” “One is: she wants to go out ( from the house) .” [ coolest girls/great outgoing girls = girls who want to go out ( from the house) ]  (021) PKL “Everyday she has many cravings to leave the house.”  (021) [ It will relieve the suppressed hard feelings ]

(025) [ handsome guest for the female audience] [ JWS, Jo In Sung, CJH]   MC “In PKL’s talk concert,  the handsome guest is a must”    (029) [ Q: MC “Who are the handsome guests you would like to invite this time?”]   “How about you reveal it through SectionTV.  (033) [ PKL  “Onward ~  I will show the list of them”]  (035) MC “Listen  carefully”   (037) PKL “ LMHssi, KSHssi, Ha Jung Woossi, Lee Jung Jae, Kang Dong Won, Won Bin, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk,  and Song Seung Heon”.    (047) ((**When she uttered the last name, Song Seung Heon, they both laughed. humm??? I googled and I found Song Seung Heon was dating 유역비/ Crystal Liu Yifei. )) (048) [Continental goddess 유역비/ Crystal Liu Yifei] [ Korea   Park 역비? ] PKL  “ (telling Song Seung Heon) Just think of me as 역비” (051) [ unni... You can’t act like that here ~ ] 

(054) [ planting roman(? Not sure about this term) during the college years]   (059) [ 2000 – 2002:  Best youth sitcom ] [ New Nonstop]  (105) [ New Nonstop:  reunion after 12 years]  (108) PKL  “Everyone in the gathering  said how much they missed it.  They wished they could have another sitcom like it before.”  (016) MC “eo-meo!   It sounds fun!”       (119) [PKL “Fortunately  the show was ended right after the marriage with Jo In Sung.” ]    (124) [MC “oh-my-god!  Could there be a more perfect bridegroom and bride!”]  (127) [ To the new bride PKL, he responds with one comment]      (129) [ JIS “Of course the bride has to be PKL.”]  MC “Of course the bridegroom has to be JIS too.”   (132) [ Once JIS was PKL’s man]  MC “So he received rays(benefits) from being PKL’s man.   ((MC teases with compliment))  (138) PKL “But later I received a lot more benefits.”  (140) PKL “Who would have thought he would become so successful later.”

(142) [from KBS Happy Together][ CJH “When I make a lot of money,”] [ “I’ll buy her a car as present.”]   (148) [Daebak] MC “Did he keep his promise?”  (148) [car?]  PKL “Afterward he bought me 녹차 => tea (녹)차, saying 차 is 차.”  (152) [MC “Our CJHssi is in active duty now” ] (155) [PKL “When he got the assignment, he called me right away” ]  (158) [ CJH “Noona  I received my post.”]  (201) [PKL “Why are you telling me this?  Is it because you want me to visit you?”] (203) PKL “He said that Noona’s  visit wouldn’t be any help here. (204) [ No thanks for your visit]  (205) [ PKL “He said how about a girl-group you were close to”]  (207) MC “JHssi  I will visit you“ (209) [ a close acquaintance girl-group(?)   박슬기] (211)[PKL “Someday I will make a visit”]  (214) MC “I will do a girl-group’s dance”   (217) [CJH: Don’t come]























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CJH-HK FB posted Hyuki’s Haglofs.  I saw it  was reposted in Haglofs’s FB too (Daebak! Daebak!)




A  devoted fan (aprilliew29) has been making fantastic fan-art of endearing/adoring Hyuki  images.  ciIVFna.gif 

This fan-art is from:

Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 Global Fans

*Posts are written in English

Facebook Fan Page:





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Hello  Today the Real posted  ‘2014 최진혁 팬미팅 'the FIRST DATE' part.2’.   This video is very cute and I had fun watching it.  Hyukssi was supposed to act for this popular song 귀요미.   The funniest part was when he tried for 6 (4:43 YT).    PKL gave him a hint but he didn’t quite get it and at one point he tried to lick his fingers which made PKL laugh.  PS I will try to translate it later. 

최진혁 공식팬카페 'theReal' Official Youtube

[theReal] 2014 최진혁 팬미팅 'the FIRST DATE' part.2


** Here is what I found from  googl : Wiki,  Word Reference Forums, and YT videos. 

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwiyomi

WordReference Forums: http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/귀요미-gwiyomi-kwiyomi.2610166/


1: 하리(Hari), the singer who first sang 귀요미 

하리(Hari) "귀요미송 (Re Title)" - 귀요미송 (Kwiyomi song)

cr to uploader (6/4/2013)


2: Hari was invited to The Sheng Siong Show

130810 Hari (하리) - Kiyomi Song (귀요미 송) The Sheng Siong Show

cr to uploader (8/10/2013)


3:  This video has eng sub.

♡ Gwiyomi / Kiyomi 【앤 - 귀요미송】 ♡

cr to uploader (4/20/2013)




:P PKL asked him to do 6 separately.  When she said ‘now start for 6!!’  (437)











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