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cr to DC  

Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

Choi Jin Hyuk speaking English, Japanese and Russian    Published on Jun 19, 2015Source of video clip: I Need Romance, The Heirs, Panda and Hedgehog, Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 影片來源:需要浪漫, 繼承者們

PP EP11     ♫ Beyond the window, the sound of laughter. I wonder if it could be you? ♫ ♪

    Since you can’t see them everyday, take a good look.











cr to DC


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https://www.facebook.com/choijinhyuk.hkfangroup  (posted 5/24)

I saw  the pictures about ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’ Press Conference(11/18/2010)  in the HK fan group site.  For some reason it never occurred to me to look into more of his pictures from this drama.   In some of the pictures he looked pretty good. It’s obvious he looked younger but his mature line wasn’t there yet. :o  

It looks like he tried on many levels to turn around  his career after Pasta. He changed his name to CJH  before he played in ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’.  Also he took on this grinding workout training to improve his body after Pasta.   He sang  his first OST.  One more thing is that he met his fans (a very small group) in a restaurant setting. ((** Once I translated a video in which CJH was meeting with his fans. Mistakenly I thought they were his Japanese fans. But from reading blog articles they must be Korean fans.  I think his Japanese fans are from after MDTF.))       

Even though on the paper he was supposed to be the male lead and had a love line with the female lead, unfortunately his scenes were truncated by other idol pop singers.  As the drama title indicates the large portion of the story line went to the drama daughters and their dad’s.  At the end he seemed like  just a figurative male lead next to the female lead.  Still  it was supposed to be another stepping stone in his career. His next drama, “My Daughter to Flower” could have been his next jump to the league of the male leads.   But it somehow didn’t happen to him.  To some  of his fans, it was fortunate that his career was stalled.  Otherwise CJH and GWR might not  have run into each other.  It is very amusing to think how the perfect GWR was materialized from all these random external bits. 

** It looks like he worked steadily since Pasta

2010 Pasta   Sunwoo Deok MBC
2010-2011 It's Okay, Daddy's Girl   Choi Hyuk-ki SBS
2011 I Need Romance   Bae Sung-hyun tvN
2011-2012 My Daughter the Flower   Gu Sang-hyuk SBS
2012 Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog   Choi Won-il Channel A
2013 Gu Family Book    Gu Wol-ryung MBC
           The Heirs    Kim Won SBS
2014 Emergency Couple Oh Chang-min tvN
           Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit    young Lee Joon-hyuk tvN
          Fated to Love You    Daniel Pitt MBC
2014-2015 Pride and Prejudice     Gu Dong-chi MBC




http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2010111814310314292  (11/18/2010)



http://media.daum.net/entertain/star/newsview?newsid=20110112114849582 ( 1/12/2011)



http://media.daum.net/entertain/star/newsview?newsid=20101203153111709 (12/3/2010)




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Hi booha, thanks for sharing more info about CJH. I didn't know that he also starred in Pasta not until I read your post above. But, what was his screen name before? He changed a lot now, physical-wise. He is more good-looking now & has gained that sexier & hotter bod. Hahaha - I love it! :lol:

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Guest chaybags55

hello there hyukie ladies !!

to all those with SPOTIFY account follow our guy artist Choi jin hyuk, his song Dont look back is listed as popular. Btw i am his 98th follower , follow him please ! for those who do not have account yet.. sign up with SPOTIFY..

Happy listening to his OST Dont Look Back  in his drama The Heirs!


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@willenette  Hello  CJH’s birth name is Kim Tae Ho which sounds okay to me.  But he decided to have a new makeover  and hoped to catch the attention of a karma goddess with  his glowing body. hahaha    What timing about his big break because it gave him just enough time to make a mad dash sprint before his enlistment.  Who knows -- he might lie on the army bed in night thinking about his last two years.    

I read he caught your interest in Heirs.  Heirs was my first experience  with the mega drama thread.  If CJH had more screen time, I would enjoy that experience more.  After the half way  point of the drama, I just glanced  through the rest.   At least he gave us many good  pictures from the drama.

I’m reposting this video clip which I translated.  The clip is from the Happy Time show. It showed why he changed his name and a few scenes of him talking in a Mokpo accent which he did in a different show. 

(translation)  CJH's part
<iframe title='happy ㅌㅇ(영상)' width='640px' height='360px' src='http://videofarm.daum.net/controller/video/viewer/Video.html?vid=v6119838IyswIslTNwIHYHW&play_loc=undefined&alert=true' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' ></iframe>
cr to DC

((** He showed off his Mokpo accent in this program. But it seems this Mokpo accent isn’t quite extreme as the one from the other side of the eastern province (like Tagu/Busan cities) which has a noticeably heavy sound.))
(037) 아따 엄마 (mom)
아따(ahtta)    (OH) Boy! Gee! Well! Gosh! My Damn it!       ((**It’s from Jeolla province included Mokpo. People use it to make exclamation/ emphasis in certain situations like good/awkward/ requesting //or sneer/sarcastic at something objectionable… If someday we will hear it from CJH or DongHa, we know what it means. I just learned it. ))

(005) Lee Sun Gyun & Kong Hyo Jin Kitchen Romance (Pasta) (010) [ 2010 popular drama; Who is this hidden actor from(Pasta)?!]
(014) [ Kim Tae Ho?] [Who is Kim Tae Ho???]    (020) [LSG’s kitchen, #3 weighty charming man Kim Tae Ho]
(024) [ real name; Kim Tae Ho = Choi Jin Hyuk]   (029) [ In 2006 audition program, he made his debut with his real name!]
(033) [He started gaining recognition by appearing in Pasta as LSG’s #3 chef.] MC “However the viewers couldn’t remember his name afterward.”

(036) [ CJH “ahtta eomma (아따 엄마)  // I’m appearing on Three wheels show  // but I’m really nervous~”]   (042) [Finally he became the real Mokpo man] ((inaudible what he’s saying))  (045) [ CJH “Please I need to help~” ]

(047) [Q: radio (BKL two o’clock date) “Why did you change to CJH?”    (050) [CJH “As an actor, it didn’t seem like a good name to use.”] [“It didn’t come off as something unique and also there were so many people with the same name.”]    (058) [CJH “I changed it for a fresh new start in my career.”]
(102) [ KTH => CJH appeared on GFB as GWR for first two episodes at the beginning of the drama.]
(109) [ Because of GWR’s popularity, he reappeared earlier than was originally planned.]
(112) [ Next to the leads, LSG and Suzy, he became the second lead.]
(118) [ After changing his name, he came to stand on the top leaving behind his long unknown nameless career.]
(121) [ He showed his charismatic acting successfully against CMS’s performance.]
(127) [ The name ,CJH, erased his previous nameless acting career.]

real Mokpo man  '아따 엄마'





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@chaybags55  Thank you  Hyuki- 98 th follower   It’s so amazing to hear people still  like this song.  I’m sorry you couldn’t hear it in Korean. 

I’m posting two YT, one from Turkish sub and second, Thai sub.

[The Heirs OST] Choi Jin Hyuk - Don't Look Back Türkçe Altyazılı / Turkish Subtitled

cr to uploder


[Thai sub] Choi Jin Hyuk - Don't Look Back (돌아보지 마)

cr to uploder


cr to DC



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Hey Soompiers! It's been a while. :) Forum is quite quiet... wish we had more people posting here.

@booha - Thanks so much for all your interesting posts and keeping this forum alive. 

To the regular Hyuk girls - can you head over to my blog?  (You would know where to head to... ) I posted something I "owed" for sometime.. hehe.

@vforvintagevera - are you still here?? 

Now that I'm back and more or less settled back home, I hope to be able to work on a few more pieces in my spare time. Interesting pieces that no one has translated thus far. :D

P.S. How do we hide content? Is it using the spoiler tag like last time?

Edited by celes80
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@celes80   Hello  I’m glad you settled back to your familiar world.  Yes  Nothing can replace one’s own home.  Thank you for pointing out the new arrival in your blog.  I didn’t expect it so soon.  Still surprisingly it turned to be an interesting article.  I thought PH was sort of a mediocre drama. On top of that CJH played a second lead and didn’t get the girl.  So I simply glided through the drama and forgot about it.   However  when I read CJH talking about this Choi Won Il character or how he would handle a threesome love line,  I started to think  differently.  I liked to read  others’ comment about dramas.  So it may be about time I should  watch PH again to learn how to discuss/talk about a drama.   Besides CJH plays in it and it has some fun scenes.   

PS So CJH wants a girl with a strong/ independent mind. humm That’s a new revelation.  Of course it would  be perfect in any combination if she is cute(super cute).  And he prefers she is petite. :phew::wub::wub:  

PS Yes just click on the spoiler function.  It’s easy to use but occasionally it can be troublesome in a minor way. 



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CJH official fan café the real posted this video 6/1/2015.  As always this fan cafe makes an excellent video images so I screencapped some.

[theReal] 2014 최진혁 팬미팅 'the FIRST DATE' Opening















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does anyone know where i can find oppa's wake up message?



Irresistible Wake Up Call #5 Newspaper Version--Choi Jin Hyuk!


Irresistible Wake Up Call #6 Heirs Version--Choi Jin Hyuk!


Irresistible Wake Up Call #7 Morning Call--Choi Jin Hyuk from Heirs!


Irresistible Wake Up Call #8 Lover Version--Choi Jin Hyuk!


Irresistible Wake Up Call #9 Strong Man--Choi Jin Hyuk!



Edited by booha
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Hi everyone! Hi dear @booha.. thank you for the many posts.. i sure enjoyed them! @1Kaya welcome to the thread! Enjoy our man's wake up call.. i can no longer count how many many times i have watched it..and i still do..i miss him so much.. based on the countdown at Instagram.. there's 575 days more till his release..what can i say.. lets not look at the length of time but lets look at the idea that the long wait is getting shorter by the day.. and of course that would also mean we just have 575 days for us to save for the day we have a grand soompi fan meet in korea.. hehe.. wow ive never been this optimistic.. hehe 

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  • Jillia changed the title to Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁- Current Drama 'Zombie Detective, 좀비탐정' (Mon&Tue, @21:30 KST)
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