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Mishiellie said: @GHSforever  well.. i don;t know abt english community... but in Chinese Gu family thread... some ppl were not happy abt our CJH bb getting all the attention.... and ya..... fans kinda? had arguments... since the thread starters and mods were LSG fans.. they banned all postings of Wol Ryung and Choi Jin Hyuk related... and there were alot of bashing.. I was very mad .. but meh~~~~~~~~~ i don't care 

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cr to DC  

Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group  (CJHHKFG) *Posts are written in both Chinese & English Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/choijinhyuk.hkfangroup Even if we had some di

Mishiellie said: wow!! thanx for all of you who came to visit this thread... i will welcome each one of you once i get a hold of a computer...

soompi on mobile is difficult.. :(

but tbh i kind of lost interest in gu after 2nd ep.. and i skimmed through.most parts .. i was patiently waiting for WR to comeback.. and i just watched his cut 16ep and onwards... i think ill just skim through the.remaining ep after this drama finishes airing.

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Here, have some sexy gumiho papa <3

The majority of people in GFB thread are fans of SeungZy couples so it's understandable that while they might like CJH/WR alright, they're more excited and concerned with the lead pairings.

I still haven't found any links for "My daughter the flower", but I found the next best thing to it-- Justdrama have recapped the entire series, with only a handful of missing episodes in between. And her writing is one of wits and warmth. I got all teary, giddy, and all kinds of emotion just from reading her recaps. It's like reading a novel <3

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wooahaahaha I guess many people getting be "Wol Ryung Fever" I saw a lot their comments here :)) WELCOME Yohrohboon..
Hmmm I knew it, sad anymore in the episode 22, aiiiggoooo that's why I can't watch his scene because I'm scared, I must be cry but one word to him "SALUTE" for his cast as Gu Wol Ryung, he's still love his wife although his wife betrayed him. I love it :x I want to give him the best cast awards =D> If I see his scene I remember a drama : Werewolf Boys and Romeo and Juliet! BRAVO!
to be honest, I will be sad 'cause I can't see him anymore, I must be miss him. I think he take a rest for a moment to prepare his new drama project right now "HEIRS" hmmm I should wait him for 5 months! so long :-< Interesting! I want to compare his character later on, "what's the best cast?" between as Kim Won in HEIRS or Wol Ryung in GFB?!
ok then, I think I must to leave this page just for a while 'cause I have many duty to done it!I will be back soon. thanks a lot for my dear chingu @Mishiellie and @anannanann, they're very active here. All of fans Jin Hyuk Oppa. Love you all. bye-bye! I will be miss you :-h

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@screambyscared I think the role as WolRyung will be an epic. Even CJH himself in the other roles may not compare to this acting. I will wait until he gets the leading part in drama, wish for perfectly fit for him.
Please, come and visit from time to time.. ^^

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Guest Mishiellie

@screambyscared awwwe i think WolRyung will be a classic it was such an epic role!!

and I think he deserves an award for this at end of the year.. AGREEE???

well. i shall see u around Heirs time then??

pls come and visit from time to time! :x

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@amidala thanks for the info can I ask a question who is YSA ?

@screambyscared WHAT !!!! we just met and now your leaving, sorry ladies but I'm here to stay LOL hope to see you soon :)

@mishiellie I know your right hope he gets an award for his character he did a great job well done :)

@annanannan Thanks for his picture OMG bad boy he looks so good :)

Happy Wednesday to all :)

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Guest pandora460

@mishiellie..thank you for all your efforts to trans CJH interviews. you are daebak! this thread has been running full speed because of your efforts to feed us with more of CJH.

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Mishiellie said: wow!!!! this thread is becoming more and more active! yay!!!!
@emaan   @nemesis90 (I know i see you in JW thread.. heehee.. your sexy pink lips =P)
@GHSforever @alin1409 @sanghyuk @JinhwanLover
>:D<   :x
I hope i didn't miss anyoneeeee

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omg I just rolled on the floor upon seeing his new photoshoot. While other people tried to be cool or handsome, he tried to be silly. I don't think he even needs to pull comical faces, because his hairdo alone has already achieved that effect. Tsk, bad hairdo is the bane of my existence.

On the other hand, veins have never been more attractive hmmmmm

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