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Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

cr to DC  

Choi Jin Hyuk speaking English, Japanese and Russian    Published on Jun 19, 2015Source of video clip: I Need Romance, The Heirs, Panda and Hedgehog, Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 影片來源:需要浪漫, 繼承者們

Guest Mishiellie

@anannanann thx for spazzing in here~~ i am stuck at work just popped in here during my break! can;t wait to go home and see this episode!!!

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Whoa. This guy is tall, and I mean really tall. He was like a head or two way taller than everyone around during the festival. He stood out like a freaking giant. I knew he had the looks, but with the height added too, oh man he's a dream come true. Also, he looks really good in that black outfit.

So he's official evil to me now.

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Guest Mishiellie

@anannanann omg your screen caps are AWSOME!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE... AND HE IS SOO FREAGIN HOT!!! I LOVE THE EYELINER#$#@%$@%q@
@Ao  ya he is really tall.. i think 186cm???  argh.. i am really liking this dark Wol Ryung... he made an excellent transformation!!

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Guest Mishiellie

ok~~~ made some gifs for today's episode!!!


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@Mishiellie  There are so much emotion in that scene. His eyes moist when the issue was about his ex-lover Seohwa. I wonder what would happen when they meet each other again. The love between them was short but deeply.
Another episode of tragedy...

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Thank you gals! I need to watch his cut.

This is again another trademark of a good actor. Someone who can act badass convincingly. From @Mishiellie gif, am I right to say he has portrayed anger so well? Aaarggh....the pain of betrayal of your one true love.

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[Ratings: Tues, 05.21.13] ‘God of the Workplace’ Completes its Run at Second

Spotlighting the difficulties of an office workplace, KBS’ God of the Workplacefinished with an open-ended, but happy ending. 

Although the drama was not able to dive out of second even with the last episode, more than numbers, the drama was able to allow its viewers to easily find something to relate to in everyday life. 

Meanwhile, MBC’s Gu Family Book rose in ratings with the reentrance of Choi Jin Hyuk, now an evil spirit. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


1. MBC Gu Family Book 14.8→15.9

2. KBS God of the Workplace 14.4→14.2

3. SBS Jang Ok Jung 9.6→9.2


1. KBS Our Neighborhood Variety and Sports 7.4

2. SBS Incarnation 5.9

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielsen Media Research


Our Jin Hyuk boosts rating. ^^
@mrdimples  Please, hold your breath I will work on his HD cut later. Stay tune!!  ;)
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I have something to confess.
I think I remember the boy with black T-shirt in Pasta. Actually I watched this drama because it's about Pasta (that I like) LOL. I only knew that Alex had part. I notice "Kim Tae Ho" though. When I watch "Strong Heart" I was like "yes, yes, yes I remember that part, I question that too". But there were something about this boy that I didn't remember why I notice him (it's quite strange that I didn't even look at  No Minwoo, seriously I don't know his name till last year.) For the past couple weeks that I join this forum I try to remember why I notice him, but I still don't know.
However, once I saw CJH at the first scene on "Gu's family book", I was "Wowwwwww cute guy and Ohhhhhhh very deeply low voice". Till the episode 2 was end I realized that he's really good actor. It was the time that I went crazy, looking for more of his acting.
So, don't surprise that I finish 2 dramas in a week. I almost never sleep.
Now it bothers me that I couldn't remember why I noticed him back then. (By the way I don't like the drama Pasta much coz I always look for cooking but it turned to be a comedy drama or something.)
I tend to love a guy with voice more than looks but Choi Jin Hyuk has both. ^^  Don't talk about very good acting skill. It's easily to fall for him.

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'구가의서' 최진혁 "데뷔 후 이런 관심 처음"


'구가의서' 최진혁이 뜨거운 관심에 감사를 전했다.
MBC 월화드라마 '구가의서'(극본 강은경/연출 신우철 김정현) 측은 5월 21일 오전 공식 홈페이지에 구월령 역 최진혁의 미니 인터뷰를 공개했다.
구월령 역으로 데뷔 후 가장 큰 주목을 받고 있는 최진혁은 "너무 영광스럽고 감사하다. 말로 표현 못하겠다. 너무 좋게 봐주셔서 감사하다"고 소감을 밝혔다.
최진혁은 "연기 생활하면서 이런 적이 없다. 누군가에게 좋게 오르락 내리락하고 인터넷에도 글이 많이 올라온다. 이런 적이 없어서 어떤 식으로 감사 인사를 드려야할지 모르겠다"고 솔직히 말했다.
이어 "남은 '구가의서' 열심히 해서 좋은 모습으로, 멋진 장면 많이 만들어낼 수 있도록 노력하겠다. 끝까지 본방사수 해주시고 시청률 40% 나올 때까지 응원해달라"고 당부했다.
한편 최진혁은 '구가의서'에서 신수 구월령 역을 맡아 로맨티스트 구미호부터 사랑에 배신당한 상처 받은 천년악귀의 모습까지 다양한 연기로 사랑 받고 있다. (사진=MBC '구가의서' 영상스케치 캡처)


최진혁 고충 "신수분장하면 밥은 물론 화장실 가기 힘들다"

배우 최진혁이 신수분장에 대한 고충을 토로했다.최진혁은 지난 21일 MBC 월화드라마 ‘구가의 서’ 제작진이 올린 인터뷰 영상에서 인기에 대한 감사인사와 함께, 평범한 남들과 달리 신수 역할 때문에 생긴 고충을 밝혀 눈길을 끌었다.해당 영상에서 그는 “신수분장은 할 때 마다 시간이 조금씩 단축되는데 천년악귀로 부활하는 장면은 4시간이나 걸렸다”고 이야기를 시작했다.

이어 “신수분장에 애로사항이 있다면 손톱 때문에 거의 밥을 못 먹는다. 매니저 도움 없이는 화장실에 갈 수도 없다”며 여러 가지의 불편한 점을 설명했다.또한 최진혁은 “내가 촬영을 할 때면 여러 제작진이 고생을 많이 한다. 감독님이 (장난반으로) ‘나중에 제작진이 너 나오는 거 싫어하겠다’고 한 적도 있다”고 너스레를 떨었다.최진혁은 ‘구가의 서’에서 신수 구월령 역을 맡아 한 여자만을 위해 희생하는 구미호부터 사랑에 배신당한 천년악귀의 모습까지 다양한 연기로 팔색조의 매력을 뽐내고 있다.
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Guest Mishiellie

@anannanann oo yes!!!! waiting for your cut!!! you are awsome!!! and that Bts interview stuff... I wanna get my hands on the video clip!!!!!
@mrdimples  omg.. his acting was soooooooo goodddd ... I still have pooploads of artiles to translate.. but one of them from his interview.. CJH said he will quit acting if he does not do well at portraying the character of WR... well well I must say he did an amazing job!! flawless acting!!!

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Guest sweetmanju

@anannanann I love your pics! Helps me get through the excruciating pain of waiting for next week's episode lol
@mishiellie I can't believe he said he'd quit if he failed at portraying WY. I agree he did great. When he smirks, I just melt...

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