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Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

cr to DC  

Choi Jin Hyuk speaking English, Japanese and Russian    Published on Jun 19, 2015Source of video clip: I Need Romance, The Heirs, Panda and Hedgehog, Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 影片來源:需要浪漫, 繼承者們

Translation for the article  and additional inform with PS and my thought

'상속자들’ 이민호-최진혁-김우빈, 3色 매력 탐구: LMH, CJH, KWB  charming 3

아시아경제| 기사입력 2013-10-18 09:23

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Guest Mishiellie

@booha thank you soo much for your translation .. I still haven't finished ep2 yet but I think now the storyline is finally moving so I'll be watching it tonight (probably fastforwarding most of the time)

I am actually most excited abt CJH's story and KWB's

but also the relationship between my "wonton" brothers

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Guest luvjinhyuk

@mishiellie thank you I love it too..oh yes I will be coming in here often since this is the only place I get to see the latest updates on this sexy man lol

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EDIT :the pictures>>>aiiggoo Jin Hyuk oppa have the embarrassed face look at The Teacher ah?! I like it He was so spoiled with her, I knew they love each other but Why didn't she receive his call (episode 04)?! haha I guess maybe Jin Hyuk oppa fakes his sick so the teacher comes to spoon the porridge into his mouth HEOL :)) thanks for the pic dear..

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 Two videos are from DAUM.NET posted on the CJH DC  and they were taken when CJH appeared as the special MC for the MBC event. The fan (or fans) was guessing that they might be going to  dinner.

(1) Title: His good manner    ( "congratulation"  " How are you"  "They are going out for dinner." )


(2) Title: Parking lot    ( " cold! cold! very cold"  "Here he is."   " Yea! he's pointing." )


  cr to CJH DC and daum.net

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Hi everybody! It's been a long time not writing here! If you guys have read the international news about HK, you should know the HK TV industry is facing changes! 2 additional free-to-air TV licenses were issued by the government but actually there were 3 applications filed 4 years ago. This matter do affect my work as I'm working in one of the TV stations who got the license. Busy days juz started!
Btw, I'm too lazy to study how to post photos here. I juz remembered that @booha has send me some info.  I'll read it as I'd like to share some of my artworks of CJH. At the meantime, I've done a re-edit for Episode 1-4 of The Heirs.  The cut contains not only the scenes where CJH has appeared but also with all related plots in order to make the re-edit rather complete. I didn't add any subtitle yet as it's time consuming. I've uploaded to Dailymotion as Youtube will block the video due to copyrights issues. 

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hyukhyuk girls 
I'm going to post more video links from fans to the MBC special event. The fans from the DAUM.NET attended and made  fan videos which are, to me, interesting. 
PS: These daum fan members used to be in the jinhyuk_bliss and moved to the daum.net.

viewimage.php?id=27b4de2efcc733&no=29bcc                   viewimage.php?id=27b4de2efcc733&no=29bcc                       








       cr to CJH and daum.net

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