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Guest Mishiellie

@ctfrsgp  awww thanks unnie!!! your note chan works now?? i got your awsome badge!! yay!!!
ya he looked so good in this strong heart episode!!! I don't think I seen him in full white suit yet tho.. hmm wonder how it will look like >_<

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cr to DC  

Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

Today(4/18) is moving day for the G-Tree Creative agency.  I wonder how JHssi feels about it.  Feeling  excited or apprehensive or both??   I feel he is making a big move because he has a big stake in

Guest itscreamie

Hi all!! I'm back @mishiellie :) Hopefully i can be active here. I'm lacking of sources about him.. Maybe I can just stay on the cheering squad. Hehehe. I haven't watched INR yet. But I'm planning to when I'm not busy. :) Gosh, those pics you posted. So freakin' th_083_v2.gif
Happened to saw this interview from dramabeans..He had so much potential to become one of the great actors in Korea. Hopefully more doors will open up for him!!!
Choi Jin-hyuk interview: “I lost hair stressing about the drama”by javabeans | May 12, 2013 | 46 Comments


It’s safe to say that Gu Family Book turned Choi Jin-hyuk into an overnight star, even though he had steadily been acting for the better part of a decade and had leading roles in other dramas. I know a fair contingent of us here have long been fans of his gentle charisma (Pasta, I Need Romance, It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl, Panda and Hedgehog), but it wasGu Family Book that turned him into a star on the rise.

Choi Jin-hyuk was so winning as the romantic gumiho mountain spirit who suffers a tragic fate after falling in love with a mortal that his fame spiked instantly despite a mere two-episode guest appearance (although he is slated for a reappearance down the line). I’ve long wanted to see him in a role that did him justice (I can only sit through so many subpar dramas just to see him), so I love that he’s finally enjoying his moment in the spotlight and hopefully getting ready to parlay that into bigger and better roles.

In the following interview(s) (cobbled together from several separate articles), Choi Jin-hyuk talks about the role, his acting style, and his struggles getting to where he is now.


About taking the part in Gu Family Book, Choi said: “I read the script with such enjoyment. I decided to take the role no matter what, thinking that I might not get to encounter another role playing a male gumiho. However, I was aware that I was inadequate to the task. As a result, I worried that I might falter, as though being set in front of a beautifully prepared dinner table where all I have to do is dig in, and yet manage not to eat a bite anyway. ‘What if I become a hindrance to a good drama?’ I had a lot of worries, and felt the pressure to set the foundation story for Gu Family Book.”

Although his part spanned two episodes, they were filmed solidly over two months:

“I tend to gradually become absorbed in my roles as I watch myself acting, so it takes a while for me to fall entirely into character. For that reason I felt the pressure of appearing in the early two episodes, and after shooting was over I would go to the editing room to check my performance. I did that again and again, working to become immersed. Even so, I found it quite difficult in the beginning. The worry kept me from sleeping, and in the middle of shooting I even lost hair over it. [Laughs] That’s how keenly I felt the pressure. I think this drama was the one where I suffered the most in all my years of acting. Even more than the physical hardship, it was probably because my liking of the character spurred more ambitions within me to do better.”

“As I was acting the role, I worried that maybe I should quit—it was so difficult. I was afraid of getting that ‘foot-acting’ label slapped on me. The responsibility of starting off the drama smoothly felt quite heavy.”


About his co-star Lee Yeon-hee, who played the human woman he fell for, who betrayed him and bore his half-mortal child (Lee Seung-gi): “It was tough to portray a sincere love within such a short time frame. I had just met Lee Yeon-hee-sshi, so we were still awkward with each other. Fortunately, Yeon-hee-sshi has a very easy-going personality. As we grew more comfortable, our interactions became more natural.”

At least we weren’t the only ones feeling like our hearts got ripped out. Choi said, “Watching my soft-hearted character experience a heartbreaking and unfortunate love felt so much like I was watching my own self, and that made my heart ache all the more. I really want for him to come back alive.”

“As I mentioned, I knew my weaknesses. That was my greatest concern after getting the role. How would I be able to get fully into the character within such a short time frame? How much sincerity could I portray? But everything I’d felt in doubt over disappeared the moment I saw the drama. I was reminded, ‘This is the power of directing.’ I was shocked at how my inadequate acting could be built up so much. To the writer who wrote this beautiful drama, to directors Shin Woo-chul and Kim Jung-hyun, who showed a perfect picture despite my flaws, and to everyone else I’m just so grateful.”


The interview came out after his return to the show was announced, but Choi was a bit coy about the story surrounding it. He said, “I don’t know either, whether Gu Wol-ryung turned into a thousand-year-old demon or what became of him. In my opinion I think a thousand-year-old demon might make an showing… but what I do know is that the producers are well aware that the viewers are looking forward to Gu Wol-ryung’s reappearance. [Laughs]”

Favorite scenes or lines? “I had some really great lines of dialogue. There were scenes that could have come across as cheesy, and there was dialogue that I’m not sure I’d ever have reason to say in real life. Maybe it’s because it was a sageuk, but I was able to speak them naturally. More than trying to deliver them in a cool way, I felt I had to get across an emotional sincerity.”

“Of my top lines, I thought a particularly cool one was, ‘Don’t lay your hands on her, this woman is mine.’ At the time of filming, I had become a lot closer with Lee Yeon-hee, and we had already shot the scene where we were chased and dragged off, so it was easy to get immersed in it. I was invested in the scene as a whole, to the extent that I don’t even remember how I acted it. After we filmed it, the director told me, ‘Good job.’ In the two months of filming, that was the one scene where I received praise. [Laughs]”


His fame is newfound and still takes some getting used to: “Before doing this drama, I might get recognized by a few women. Now, children and adults alike exclaim, ‘Wow, it’s Gu Wol-ryung!’ It feels strange to me too.”

Choi Jin-hyuk spent eight years in no-name actor purgatory, trying to catch his break. During those no-name years, he got by while working on the side. “I wanted to earn money acting, but things didn’t work out that way. I had been puffed up with confidence because people told me I was like Kang Dong-won or Kim Rae-won and I’d make it big. [Laughs]”

He didn’t talk about his previous relationship with actress Sohn Eun-seo (though I have read recent interviews where Choi has said he won’t date publicly anymore), but mentioned working with actresses and getting your signals mixed up: “I tend to get friendly with people pretty easily. However, I’m cautious with actresses. In the past I did ask an actress for her phone number purely intending to become friends, but she told other people that I’d scored her number. It was embarrassing. I realized that with actresses, you have to just let the acquaintance grow naturally over time.”

“Recently, I argued with my mother over something trivial. Even so, when she meets with her friends, she always calls me and asks when I’m going to be [on television] next. I can see that she likes to brag about her son but not show it.”


Via ETOSports Donga

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Guest Mishiellie

@itscreamie WELCOME BACK!!! :x  THX for the article.. I was just about to post it too!!
i shall link it to 1st page now
its okay.. cheering squad is fine! making the thread more active!!!

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Guest Mishiellie

original news article date was April 25th,2013

"I'm most happy when I hear that people are moved by Gu Wol Ryung." 
A warm smile and friendly demeanor. Though the physical appearance of protector spirit Gu Wol Ryung no longer exists, his soulful eyes still linger. These are some of the descriptions that have been used on the actor CJH who unleashed the "Wol Ryung Phenomenon". 
CJH in MBC's 'Gu Family Book' plays Wol Ryung, a spirit who loves the maiden Seo Hwa deeply. He has successfully portrayed the 'romantic essence' of the Gumiho, a 9 tailed spirit. 11 days before Wol Ryung's transformation into human form, he gets embroiled in Jo Gwan-woong's malicious conspiracy and Seo Hwa's betrayal. He eventually meets with demise. Despite it being a cameo, the role has launched CJH's popularity to explosive heights. 
"How am I taking the sudden fame? I'm still giddy and dazed. This is the first time that my name has stayed as first place on search portals even after 2 days. I wasn't able to sleep well after filming the first 2 episodes as I felt the responsibility become heavier. I only gained strength after the third episode. Because of the stress, I lost hair twice. " 
CJH's concerns proved to be unfounded. The audiences' reactions from the get-go was intense. Wol Ryung's undying love for Seo Hwa had tugged at the heartstrings of many, leading them to label him as "The Next Century's Romantic". 
"Whenever I hear people talking about how Wol Ryung moved them, it feels really good (laughs). The fact that there's such a reaction makes it something to be happy about. It proves that everyone is watching (the drama) intently. As the role is full of charisma, I was afraid of wrecking the drama. Perhaps it's because of my 'greediness' towards acting, but I was not fully satisfied with my portrayal. Thank goodness the overall effect turned out well with the PD's help."   
With a character like Wol Ryung who proposes to the love of his life with a bouquet and big smile, it is little wonder that people start to question if such a spirit exists. It is through CJH that all negative stereotypes of the Gumiho has been dispelled. Shaking his head at being called "The Male Gumiho", CJH would rather people address him as "Protector Spirit". "It's an arduous process in order to create a fictional character like that. More so than anything else, I want Wol Ryung to touch people's hearts. It is a relief that he is not a character that seemed cheesy." 
CJH is also thankful that his role was made all the more scene-grabbing by his pairing with costar Lee Yeon Hee. "She's an actress who is ambitious and passionate about acting." He sings her praises, explaining that she completed filming in harsh winter conditions without showing signs of fatigue. 
Though it would have been difficult for CJH to have developed the role's emotional arc within a short span of 2 episodes, it was the contrary for him. "I was satisfied that filming was not at snail's pace. From the first time the lovers met, a love line had already been created and their relationship progressed quickly. It could have made Wol Ryung look like a ladies man - luckily it didn't. Personally, I don't quite like roles like that (laughs). The scene when Wol Ryung got betrayed by Seo Hwa was one where I immersed myself fully in acting, it was very sad for me and I really wanted to shed tears."         In the drama Wol Ryung drops the typical image of a Gumiho and displays a romantic side. Unlike the character, CJH has almost never given flowers to his girlfriends before. "I mean, I have gone to a 24 hr florist at 3am in the morning to buy flowers for my girlfriend. However, rather than big surprises I prefer writing letters. Letters that are sincere are tons better than mushy surprises! (laughs)" 
Like the devoted Wol Ryung, CJH cares a lot for the women around him. Earlier in the year he denied claims of a relationship with Son Eun Seo after news of their breakup came to light. The reason was that he did not want to bring harm to the female party. He says, "I don't really recommend that people publicize their relationship. Compared to males, the females tend to lose out more. It will be the most sensible to tell fans only when I have marriage on my mind seriously."
The Gumiho spirit Wol Ryung and man CJH may not seem like it, but they do possess many similar qualities. This is especially so for the frankness seen in their eyes. A simple and straightforward person, CJH does not feel like a celebrity at times. Throughout the interview he constantly reiterates modestly about not wanting to "play handsome" when acting. 
"Although I'd prefer roles that are charismatic, the best would be to find a project and character that would resonate with audiences. The good thing about being a celebrity is that there are many fans cheering for me whom I'm not even aware of. It may be old and unoriginal to keep saying thank you, but I truly mean it. I hope to be able to show my gratitude through even better roles in future."

Original article from: NaverChinese translation Provided by : Kimcunmae (KK) of 崔振赫百度吧 (CJH Baidu)English translation provided by @daydreamsindecember 

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@Mishiellie aww papa gu and baby gu aww too cute ... kind of weird that they're only two years apart I wonder how that will work in the drama since CJH will reappear soon :-? either way I am so happy about his return .... he needs more recognition its time he's had a break through

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said: Hi @anannanann I didnt watch live but is that all?

I am totally freaked out by KC's green eyes. Did WR had green eyes too, how is it that I don't remember him with them? I hope they don't go overboard with WR's makeup as a thousand year old demon, I need some pretty, please. Geeez....one more week for more CJH. Bummer

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anannanann said:


said: Hi @anannanann I didnt watch live but is that all?

I am totally freaked out by KC's green eyes. Did WR had green eyes too, how is it that I don't remember him with them? I hope they don't go overboard with WR's makeup as a thousand year old demon, I need some pretty, please. Geeez....one more week for more CJH. Bummer

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Guest Mishiellie

@anannanann @mrdimples
omggg he is returning next week!!! o gosh i'll be at work when the episode airs...
but this totally freaks me out... he will have red eyes now!!... well.. red=demon... makes sense I guess

I have 2 articles i still need to translate.. omg. no timee

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Guest Mishiellie

최진혁, '구가의 서' 재등장 위한 촬영 돌입 '부자(父子) 상봉 임박'崔振赫,‘九家之书’为了再登场投入拍摄‘父子相逢迫近’Choi Jin Hyuk Prepares Comeback Filming for Father-Son Reunion in "Gu Family Book"

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk starts filming for his return on MBC’s “Gu Family Book”

“Gu Family Book”  officials confirmed on the 14th that Choi Jin Hyuk has started filming for his comback as Gu Wol Ryung since the 11th. He will appear next week for episode 13 and 14. 

Choi Jin Hyuk to comeback with a more intense, and brand new look. It will be completely different from the Gu Wol Ryung we see in the beginning of the drama.

Choi Jin Hyuk’s comeback scene was filmed at a cave in Jeju Island’s Seogwipo Place known as the love nest or “Moonlight Garden” of him and Lee Yeon Hee, it was also the place where he proposed to Lee Yeon Hee.

Filming as Gu Wol Ryung again after a month Choi Jin Hyuk was feeling very excited and states"I spent each day in excitement and nervousness. I want to thank for all those who gave me positive feedback after my appearance in the beginning as well as those who patiently waited for my return. I am very happy and honored. I will not be greedy and calm my nerves down so I will give my best to portray the character of Gu Wol Ryung. Thank you everyone for yesterday, today and tomorrow”

Officials stated ” everyone is highly anticipating Choi Jin Hyuk’s return after his flawless performance as Gu Wol Ryung in episode 1 and 2.” ” As the story of Gu Wol Ryung’s return unfolds, the drama will be embarking on a new phase.  Please anticipate Choi Jin Hyuk who will become more active as he continues his transformation

Cr: 崔振赫百度吧 (Chinese translation by Kimcunmae of CJH baidu)

English translation by @Mishiellie (Me) @ soompi CJH thread  (SRY my translation is not perfect.. but I tried my best )

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Guest Mishiellie

Original article: bntnews 
Chinese translation provided by Kimcunmae of 崔振赫百度吧 (CJH baidu)
[인터뷰] '구가의 서' 최진혁 "사랑하는 사람 위해서라면 구월령처럼…"【专访】‘九家之书’崔振赫"为了深爱的人会像九月灵一样..."[exclusive interview] "Gu Family Book" Choi Jin Hyuk Will act the same as Gu Wol Ryung for the Person Whom he Loves Deeply
I will slowly translate the article this weekend.... It is a long article

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Only promoted that CJH would return with those eyes effect rating ^^  LOL

최진혁 1초 등장, "미친 존재감 폭발" 구월령 재등장



…최진혁 1초 등장 <사진: MBC '구가의 서'>

'최진혁 1초 등장'MBC '구가의 서'에 배우 최진혁이 1초 등장으로 미친 존재감을 드러냈다.지난 14일 방송된 구가의 서에서는 구월령(최진혁 분)이 부활해 시청자들의 눈길을 끌었다.구월령은 깊은 산속에서 새빨간 두 눈을 번뜩이며 떠 극 초반 2회 출연에서 보여준 순수함과는 사뭇 다른 느낌을 보는 이들에게 전달했다.특히 구월령은 단 2회 출연으로 시청자들의 '월령앓이'를 양산해 화제를 모은 바 있어 앞으로를 기대하게 만들었다.최진혁 1초 등장 장면을 접한 누리꾼들은 "구월령의 재등장 환영", "최진혁 1초 등장에도 미친 존재감 발휘했네", "이제 어떤 모습을 보여줄까?" 등의 반응을 보였다.

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Guest Mishiellie

class="cb b15" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 15px; border: 0px; font-size: 27px; outline: 0px; line-height: 30px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); clear: both; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);""Gu Family Book" Choi Jin Hyuk's Incredible 1 Second "Unforgettable Impression"

"Gu Family Book" Choi Jin Hyuk's Incredible 1 Second "Unforgettable Impression"
(Photo : MBC) "Gu Family Book" Choi Jin Hyuk's Incredible 1 Second "Unforgettable Impression"

"Gu Family Book" Choi Jin Hyuk made his re-appearance left an unforgettable impression.

May 14, the 14th episode of the MBC drama "Gu Family Book" featured Goo Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk) reappearing in the drama. Even though he only appeared for a second, he left an unforgettable impression on the viewers.

Goo Wol Ryung appeared in the first and second episodes of "Gu Family Book" as Yoon Seo Hwa's (Lee Yeon Hee) first true love. Choi Jin Hyuk's character disappeared way too early and viewers had expressed their disappointment because they wanted to see him more. There were endless requests to bring Goo Wol Ryung back into the story. Finally, he re-appeared in the 12th episode with a powerful 1-second scene.

This episode featured Goo Wol Ryung waking up deep inside the mountains after years and years of rest. Unlike the bright and innocent image he used to have, Goo Wol Ryung was shown with furious red eyes.

With the wake of Goo Wol Ryung, the anticipation is incredibly high to find out what will happen to his relationship with his son Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi). 

Cr: kdramastars

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