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Guest El6ni12 .

Hello all!

Thanks for the awesome eye candy! He gets more gorgeous every day.

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Guest Mishiellie

TvN eNews--Choi Jin Hyuk Cut
CR: Choi Jin Hyuk DCthanks to bb3837bb
Don't know if its posted yet 

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@anannanann  Thank you for the latest postings  

A bit news from Daum Cafe: coming Sunday starting to filming Heirs

I translated some of tyN articles posted by @anannanann. I was going to do them in sequence but I decided to work on the amusing ones first. 
After GFB, CJH did a lot of interviews.  I read about his struggle in actor's "purgatory"( maybe this word opened my curiosity ) and most           of interview articles.   A brief summery of him afterwards: very funny and having a sense of humor; "thoughtful" (reporter's word and CJH agreed   and added that even when he was young he sometimes stayed up all night thinking and pondering things and he liked to observe ) and introspective, and the last one ( which is a bit difficult to describe in one word )  is the way he handles Q/As; try to answer honestly and directly.( This approach sometimes can result in funny images )

 PS:  The interview was divided into many,  and  each is short and brief but has many interesting pictures.
  2: perhaps more feminine traits.

  3: -clip-  CJH: man who can cry easily and boundlessly.
anannanann said:

최진혁 실제성격 "이미지와는 달리 여자같은 면 많다"



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#4 Posting: (8/14)
“I had complex about my eye-laugh. Till I was 25, I covered the lower part of my face when I laughed, because it created such wrinkles around my eyes. However, as I got older, I worried less about it and then one day I said to myself, ‘Who cares!’. Afterward I found that,to my amazement, people liked my laugh.”

(changed subject ) He picked SOJ as his ideal type of a woman. He said he liked her a lot and he still does. “ But the idea of an ideal type has been vaporized from my thought. To meet someone and to be able to talk about anything sounds a good reason enough to start seeing someone again or more.”

(Below/ blue boxed quotes )
1:' I didn't like eye-laughing like this because of the wrinkles around eyes.'
2: 'Till I was 25, I laughed while holding down like this. (just kidding )'
3: 'Surprised! People liked my laugh.'
4: One point I said, 'Whatever, I don't care.'

anannanann said:

최진혁 "콤플렉스 눈웃음, 주름탓 입가리고 웃어"



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