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Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 | Upcoming Drama: 'Justice' (KBS W/Th) premieres July 17

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YES YES YES! thanks for updating and posting! @PolarisCat!
Since I topped the page. 
Anyway some pics from EC Fanmeeting in Singapore 2 weeks ago taken by my friend who was at the media section.

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booha said: Hello  The translation for the fan meeting special was a bit difficult because  it contained a lot of rhetorical statements. Probably one might have to use some imagination to read through the rough, awkward lines. After all it is about the fan event and it might not be hard to see the general meaning of it.
@abcchin  @sunshine4ever   Thank you for the pictures which I copied here.    I put the pictures in the spoiler tags and if you have a different idea, let me know. 
@PolarisCat   Thank you ! Nice to see  your video works again

To the fans from CJH,VV
2014 the actor CJH 1st fan meeting in Seoul, the FIRST DATE: How are the fans who attended feeling about this event?
Thank you for sharing the happy time together~^^
Let’s have another date~?♡

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PolarisCat said

Emergency Couple Concert 140506 English Subtitles   (Dailymotion)

Part 1 

Part 2 http://dai.ly/x1wn0gv

Cr. Gapiplus, Missmongjihyo, Mongji-fan

English translations based on Chinese version by Song JiHyo Baidubar

English version translators: Missmongjihyo (tumblr), Mongji-fan (tumblr), Timeline&Special Effect: Gapiplus (tumblr)

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@polariscat - thank you soooooooooooooo much...what else can i say..i've been waiting for this moment to watch the EC concert....LOL...thanks once again....mwahhhhhh

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@PolarisCat‌ Thank you so much!!! You are awesome!!!

@booha I don't follow Rain, but I think he's got a gorgeous body. Lol. With his height he's pretty hot alright. I actually like the beat in Rainism, and love the dance choreography, but the lyrics are kind of...corny. Lol. Anyway, I want to see Jinhyuk doing that sexy dance choreo.!!!!

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CJH at 2014 Baeksang Awards now.
Here's VINE vid of him by JTBC's VINE acc... 

@booha LOL my chingu! good idea hahahah! xD But her nickname for social network is really hellobeautiful.. hence the name LOL I credited her! Now that you say it.. yes it's perfect to plaster that on CJH's pic hahahah /hugs heheheh

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I was thinking just now that it was rather quiet in this forum, which I thought was a good thing since no news of CJH means he's finally taking some time off to rest? *wishful thinking right?* Then I saw @abcchin 's post of him appearing at the Baeksang Awards! Haha. Maybe it's the camera angle or the lighting was reflected off his face, but he looked super happy and recharged in the photo. :D Needless to say, of course super handsome too. Hoping to hear good news from the Baeksang Awards later.

Here's another article I translated for practice. It took me forever cos this article used long sentences and difficult words... beyond my level! But oh well, I tried my best. Please pardon me if it's not 100% accurate.


The romantic male characters that CJH plays… From EC to GFB

Article release date in Jap: 17 May 2014. Original jap article here - which was a translation from Korean article here


Even though he looks the same, he gives off a different feel in real life, as compared to the characters that he portrays. Before CJH became popular instantly with his role as GWR in GFB, he acted as a sweet young guy, Baek Sung-hyun (BSH), in cable TV’s tvN drama series “I Need Romance” (Season 1), which was regarded as the “bible” of romance dramas before the broadcast of INR Season 3. After his role in GFB, he acted as Kim Won in “The Heirs” and after that, he was the handsome intern Oh Chang Min (OCM), who came from a rich and influential family of doctors, in tvN’s drama “Emergency Couple”. Other than the very special character of GWR in GFB, in all his other roles, he was a 2nd generation chaebol (rich heir). For that reason, people have said that the characters he acts in are a little similar, but CJH has succeeded in creating a different character out of these typical roles each time. I met up with CJH to ask about his side of the story with regard to his secrets to success. I’d asked for a hint earlier and there was a "slight twist" to his reply.


What have you been doing since filming for EC ended?

CJH: Filming for EC ended on 4th April. Since then, I haven’t had many opportunities to rest. I was busy with photo shoots for ‘Grazia’ magazine, after that I was busy with filming for the drama “Flower Grandpas Investigation Team” where I have a cameo role; many activities such as these. When I was shooting for EC, I was thinking that once filming ends I wanted to get a good rest and sleep soundly but even now, I have yet to have to catch up on my sleep. I’ve carried on working in spite of the lack of sleep (laughs).

I heard that whilst filming, everyone on the set of EC contracted ‘Influenza B’ one-by-one and that it was an emergency situation. How is your body’s condition right now? Have you recovered fully?

CJH: Everyone on set fell ill one-by-one after catching the Influenza B bug. Once you catch it, you get a fever of up to 40 degrees Celsius? I was running a high fever, felt dizzy, had a terrible headache and felt nauseous. Even so, because our filming location was in a hospital, I went down to the Emergency Department on the 1st floor, got an IV drip and then continued filming. The doctor said that the bug was really potent and that “When you get this illness, even being together with people you don’t get along with is good.” (Celes80: I’m not sure about the last line, sorry!)

When one gets sick, one tends to feel lonely. When you were lying down in bed, who did you resent the most?

CJH: It was not an issue of who is to blame. Filming in itself was very difficult and we weren’t in the best of environments whilst filming, but it wasn’t anybody’s fault at all. If you really had to blame someone, it should be me because I could not endure it. Every one was a great source of strength for one another throughout the filming process.


The storyline of EC was a little typical, but it was still good in the sense that the male protagonist was not as unrealistic as those depicted in “The Heirs” or “Aliens”. The viewers tend to empathise with characters who are very realistic, but end up not having a good outcome. In comparison, INR’s BSH seemed to be your typical young male, who was a 2nd generation chaebol.

CJH: I don’t think so (the fact that BSH was typical). BSH was an extremely frank person. He is not the type of person who would be easily embarrassed. He was someone who didn’t always observe the boundaries but he had different charms as a younger junior and as a 2nd generation Chaebol. I think that he has similar characteristics as EC’s Chief Gook.

The female viewers tend to go crazy over fantasy characters, such as those of 2nd generation chaebols, but the characters that CJH take on always seem to follow a different path. For example, the ending of Kim Won and the choices that he made, and OCM has an ugly side to him which women hate as well. And you mentioned about BSH earlier, he appears to have different charms?

CJH: Kim Won’s choice probably broke the hearts of many female viewers who were holding onto their ideals of a fantasy romance. I personally thought that Kim Won was a realistic character, as opposed to being a fantasy one. I liked that OCM had a unique side to him. In your typical love stories, the male protagonist always has a good side to them. In the case of BSH, I changed parts of his character to suit my style. For example, when I was acting out the scenes where he shows affection, I’d made some minor changes. So that the audience would not think that the scenes were awkward, I’d projected the real me into him.

Based on what I hear now, the viewers don’t seem to like male characters in love stories where the storyline becomes embarrassing. (Celes80: literally translated, the Japanese used the word ‘embarrassing’ but I think what is meant here is where the storyline becomes unrealistic and embarrassing to watch.)

CJH: Yes, I agree. I don’t really like fairy-tale like stories which most people fantasise over. Of course, there are times when such stories are necessary and it is not like I reject the notion of having such storylines completely. But I hate it when characters are not realistically developed. And so, there are times when I inject my own interpretation in order for the characters to match my style because I want the character to be refreshing. I cannot accept feeling awkward about the character when I am acting him out. My goal is for the people watching me act to think “I see. I see… That is possible.” I want people to be convinced by my acting.


What aspect of GFB’s GWR is attractive? To a certain extent, his character is the furthest away from reality isn’t it?

CJH: It is an honour to have gotten the role in spite of the very stiff competition. More than anything, I thought to myself: “When will I be able to take on such a role ever again?” To fly through the skies, to have created such an impact, because characters who live for 1,000 years don’t exist. And GWR was a character with such depth. Where it comes to love, I liked how he was so devoted, pure and innocent. In reality, even over a span of 10 years people may already change, but he has already been living for 1,000 years. Whilst acting as GWR, I was thinking: “If he had lived through 1,000 years, all the more he may have been pure and innocent.” I thought that even if he had been “tainted”, ultimately he still would have returned to having a child-like and innocent heart at the end. And so, I wanted to show that GWR was really innocent at heart. I thought I needed to show his naiveté and child-like innocence when he was plucking peaches and giving away the flowers. That is why I think that many viewers were convinced by the character and could empathise with him. As opposed to just being a character from fairy-tales or folklore, it was my job to make them think: “Such a character is also possible in real life.”

You may have heard this from many people already, but people who have met you in real life say that you look much older than your actual age (laughs). Actually, you do have a childish side to you right?

CJH: You are right that I have heard about this from many people, and I don’t think about it anymore (laughs). There are times when my personality is like an adult, but also times when I am like a child. When I get angry, I do complain a lot. But that’s because I’m the type who’s really frank, so I generally do whatever comes to mind. There are those who perceive that as behaving like an adult, and others who think that I am cute and behaving like a child. Again, I think that both characteristics co-exist within me. That is the reason why I have persisted with acting in spite of everything thus far. I continued on as an actor, in the hope that someday I would be able to draw upon the many experiences.

So, I’ve always wanted to ask about your debut experience. Even though you had only taken a few acting classes, you emerged as the overall winner of a survival audition programme. How was that possible? Acting is a skill that requires training.

CJH: Even when I think about it now, I can’t believe it myself. Now, when I try to recall those times, I can’t really remember anything and everything is a hazy memory. It was as if I went onto the show drunk. When the situation is urgent or pressing and in times of emergency, it is said that one exhibits superhuman powers; I think I was probably like that at the time. Because my performance was being broadcasted live, the situation was as if my a** was on fire, and so even though I didn’t get much sleep then I worked hard with a passion. And so, daring to try is the secret to success. At the beginning, my acting was really very bad, but I think that it has gradually improved and become better over time.


And now, let’s talk about marriage. You aren’t even 30 yet. I don’t suppose you have really thought about getting married, even though you have played the role of a divorcee.

CJH: That is not true. I have a lot of friends around me who are married. Ever since I was young, I thought about getting married in my 20s. And so, I had wanted to grow up quickly. Because I love children, I often thought about having kids early and raising them. To meet someone whom I love more than anything else in this world, to get married, and to live happily afterwards – that was a big fantasy of mine. I am a family-oriented person. But if you look at the people who work in the entertainment industry today, many of them are so busy that they have no time to meet with or look after other people; many of them end up being very sorry about it. That is why it is now very fashionable for people to delay their marriage plans until they is some stability in their lives.

Do you still fantasize about marriage even now?

CJH: Yes, I do. In the morning, I would eat the meals that my wife prepared for me before I go to work, and after work she would be waiting for me at home. Of course, right now I already have Monshiri (his pet dog) waiting for me at home (laughs).

Well, what if your wife doesn’t prepare breakfast for you after you get married (laughs)?

CJH: I’m OK to prepare it myself too. I originally like doing that anyway.

Tell us what you think about the ending of “EC”? In reality, couples who get back together after getting divorced is quite rare right?

CJH: I think so too, but I have heard of people getting back together after a divorce. Even so, I’m still not convinced it can work out. Honestly, even when I think about it now, I still think that Oh Jin Hee should have gotten together with Chief Gook. Even if OCM were to be successful now, the hurtful memories are likely to gradually re-surface over time. And the trust that they had to build up all over again will disappear, and the good feelings they have towards each other will fall apart too. If they really want to get back together, I think that that should do so only after they have seriously thought through the issue.


You acted in the movie “God’s Trick”. Because it is an action movie, I think you managed to satisfy your desire for action scenes, which you couldn’t do in your previous dramas?

CJH: Just when my body was starting to get used to the action scenes, filming for the movie ended, so that was quite disappointing. During the first half of filming, I had to take the lead in the action scenes so it was quite a huge burden on me. However, my co-stars were older and more experienced so I’d felt quite at ease. But, as we moved into the 2nd half, my body started to get accustomed to it. Just when I was thinking that I could become good at it, we finished shooting the film. Even so, I do feel like my desire to take on action roles has been resolved somewhat. It is not a typical role that one normally comes across every day. There are many action scenes and it is a movie with a lot of masculine appeal.

You will be enlisting in the army very soon, before you enlist, what sort of work pieces do you want to leave behind?

CJH: The plan is for me to enlist in the army later this year. As for the actual date, it hasn’t been decided yet. Even if there were work pieces that I’d thought about doing, it has not reached the point where I can really choose to do whatever I want. I must consider whether the character is something that I can grapple with, and the larger environment around me. Furthermore, even if I have decided to take on the role, the situation may yet change such that I am unable to do so at the end. And so, regardless of the genre, I just want to take on a role which is both captivating and interesting.

Original article released in Korean: 6 May 2014

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So apparently he didn't get the award.  :(Jung Woo from Reply 1994 got it. =/Papa Gu sighhh...
Feast your eyes... BoorLSnIQAAPcCF.jpgBoorKzzIQAAdzk3.jpgBopBlCfIcAAP9Ng.jpgBoorTtJIEAAVJ5t.jpgBopCGfBIAAAtr-I.jpg
A vid of him on the Baeksang Red Carpet by theSTAR.

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id="watch-headline-title" class="yt" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 24px; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-weight: normal; overflow: hidden; white-space: nowrap; word-wrap: normal; text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: arial, sans-serif;"신의 한 수 (The Divine Move, 2014) 레전드 액션 영상 (Action Video)http://youtu.be/bGD5zGzv3VI

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Thanks for the updates on Baeksang, @abcchin. Well, I kinda didn't expect him to win it anyway. GWR is a really old role by now and there are other actors & roles who are much fresher in the viewers and judges' mind. Actually, CJH can't be considered as a 'new' actor, right? He's been around for so long... 8 years? It's an insult to his earlier works if after 8 years he won best new actor... I know he won one 'best new actor' award last year with one of the mainstream stations - was it SBS? I thought it was rather strange then already... Oh well, maybe in future they should come up with a new category called 'Best Breakthrough Performance' by an actor or actress? I'm sure CJH will be a strong contender for that award. Haha.
@booha Thank you for posting the GWR 'acoustic version' video.  I'm a real sucker for GWR... And I ended up re-watching it many times over, because that's the sort of sucker I am. Haha. 

@abcchin @tiaraisnap So I took your advice and started watching INR recently because I really needed to see CJH in another drama... Can I just say that I'm at episode 3 now and really struggling.... Because much as I like CJH, I really can't stand In-young... Aargh... Really painful to watch... I'll probably carry on with it cos I'm the sort that MUST finish what I've started but I'm really hoping that CJH is uber delicious in the next few episodes so it can make up for me having to watch IY. 
I wish June (or is it July?) was here already, cos I really want to see CJH in something new.  His role in God's Trick seems rather cool and I'm really hoping to see his action chops in the movie. He seemed to enjoy filming it too, based on his earlier interview, which is a good thing.  FTLY too.  I really don't like the role of Daniel, but I'm hoping he'll make me fall in love with the character as he always has. Looking forward to it!
Oh by the way, I've started a blogpost at celesc.livejournal.com to store all the articles I've translated thus far. Haha. I figure it's a good way to spread my love for CJH to more people out there. I'll be slowly uploading all the stuff I posted earlier up there. It's not updated yet, but it will be when I have time to work on it. 

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@celes80 thanks so much, yay! I'll bookmark your link and I'll link your blog in the post 1 so that everyone will get a chance to visit your blog and read your translations. I had been trying to add your translations to post 1, but lately I had been busy with real life so wasn't able to do it. But I'll catch up soon. :)

@booha, I like the video you posted of the Rainism performance. I'll just call Jin  Hyuk's performance Jinhyukism performance once it comes out. Haha. I know I'm so going to be biased since I think JH looked great from the fans' pics :D

@mdolphins, I agree with you on your insight in the other article we read about him. I just hope he doesn't load himself with a lot of things and take good care of himself. Some of the stuffs in that article he shared from Grazia Magazine seemed a bit too personal for the public? lol. I would rather he has a heart-to-heart conversation with us rather than saying those to the public! Anyway, I won't judge him, but I'm a bit worried people will judge him, but anyway he is who he is like he said. I remember he said that he's straightforward and honest with people about how he feels.

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I liked this video - wanted to share it.

Credit to uploader

And here's more photos from Baeksang. Just posted those which I thought he looked more handsome in.







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@celes80 : The one that I really endure when watched that drama is KSS , haha . I like the scene when IY got drunk on the day BSH gave His resignment letter , BSH and IY were cute there . .

Thanks for the translation article , I do love the part when He was being asked about wife , marriage and family . He is indeed best 'Husband wanna be' candidate :))

@PolarisCat : Send My thanks to everyone that contributed to make EC Concert in EngSub , I just got chance to download it and the video will kill the time when I go back home after working ^^
Thanks to share it here . .

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OMG, Jinhyuk looks so hot in that action video up there even though we only see his face for like 5 secs or even less in each frame. LOL. I can't wait to see him in action...literally! 

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class="title entry-title" itemprop="name" style="margin: 0px; position: relative; font-size: 20px; font-weight: normal; padding: 0px 40px 0px 0px; color: rgb(153, 0, 0); font-family: 'Helvetica Neue Light', HelveticaNeue-Light, 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; width: 670px; display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle; text-align: center; background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);"'The Divine Move / God's One Move' Press Conference 28 May 2014


more.. http://sunshineemine.blogspot.com.tr

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@celes80, added your link in post 1. You can find it under JH's profile section right after his official sites and stuffs. I hope you will promote us in your blog, too. :D Let's be sister-sites. :D Will catch up and add your translations and @booha's translation as soon as I can. I am so glad you have found a way to organize Jin Hyuk's interviews/articles in that site. I hope you won't give up. Sorry I won't be able to give emotional support via your blog all the time, but will be on the lurking. :) Unless you make it personal and more stuffs, maybe I will, but for now I will be supporting you from here.

@istanbullu_emine, thanks so much for the pics for the press conference. Here are some more I found through Naver. He looked great. I love his smile.


Some more from http://sunshineemine.blogspot.com.tr

Pictures belong to various media source as cited on pictures.

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@celes80 Yeah.. I don't think CJH is consider as a newcomer or something but most of the viewers knew him from Gu Family Book and that's where the attention was diverted to him after that role. CJH did won an awards last year for New Star Awards on SBS The Heirs.. meanwhile he was nominated for Gu Family Book for Best New Actor on MBC Drama Awards.. he didn't get as well.. I just feel like he deserve to get something for Gu Wol Ryung in GFB because that role is really good and memorable. T___T 

Episode 3?  ahaha it will get better and there's more screentime for CJH.. but IY will get on your nerves! For the sake of CJH again.. he is the whole main point xD The other girl's seems okay as well.. their story is quite interesting and fresh.Good start on the blog babe! :D FIGHTING! 
I can't wait to watch Divine Move & FTLY as well. Can't wait to see CJH playing his role as a BAD A*S. Too bad malaysia cinema's wont be showing it I guess.. so gotta wait for quite sometime. Meanwhile I have high hopes on Daniel.. as I really expect his character will be a twist from the original taiwan "Dylan".  

Do you still fantasize about marriage even now?

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