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Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

cr to DC  

Hyuki deleted this and his friend posted this.  What could it mean?   https://instagram.com/real_jinhyuk/       usually we are normal/regular.. but when two meet..   we act this way..  others take/e

Guest Mishiellie

alright guyssss
From Choi Jin Hyuk SBS Hanbam TV  

The Cuteness:
tumblr_msmgj8xB0k1rvgn4zo1_400.gif   tumblr_msmgj8xB0k1rvgn4zo2_400.gif

tumblr_msmgj8xB0k1rvgn4zo3_400.gif  tumblr_msmgj8xB0k1rvgn4zo4_400.gif

And get your tissues ready..... because here comes our HOTTIE
tumblr_msmgobWf5C1rvgn4zo1_400.gif  tumblr_msmgobWf5C1rvgn4zo2_400.gif
tumblr_msmgobWf5C1rvgn4zo3_400.gif  tumblr_msmgobWf5C1rvgn4zo4_400.gif


tumblr_msmgobWf5C1rvgn4zo6_400.gif   tumblr_msmgobWf5C1rvgn4zo7_400.gif

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Guest Mishiellie

I have a request!!!
Any of you who knows photoshop?? I suck.. I only learned how to make gif LOL
I want to make a picture/banner to put on first page w/ Choi Jin Hyuk Soompi on it instead of what I currently have

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hereiam88 said:

Hi   :-h

Here I am .. just registered in Soompi and my 1st post is dedicated to CJH  :)

Just felt that I have to come in and share my thoughts of this fine actor and his dramas.  I'm not good with IT stuff and icons so I hope you all will understand when the reading gets dry.

I'm so glad that CJH has finally found the fame and attention that he so richly deserves for the simple fact that he has worked really hard over the past several years, coping with such heartbreak. 

I've followed CJH since I saw him in the kdrama My Precious You and even though he was the 2nd lead I could see the potential in him.  After that I watched the entire 130 episodes of My Daughter The Flower and that drama confirmed he could act.  He had fantastic chemistry with Jin Se Yeon and poor guy he had so many heartwrenching scenes throughout the drama  he really cried buckets.  But there were also any beautiful moments and it's a terrific drama with a great storyline and good acting overall .. although as usual with kdramas at some parts it got a bit draggy as if the writer just wanted to fill up the time. 

MDTF is now showing in Singapore on Starhub Cable Channel 820 with English subtitles.  It's 5 straight episodes over the weekend at Eps 11 so if you're from Singapore, you should catch this. Another reason why I'm here is to ask if anyone knows whether there is a Soompi thread for this drama.  I've been searching but this drama seems to have slipped by and it's such a shame cos I think this is CJH best drama where he's the main lead AND finally gets the girl.  Sorry my IT skills not upto starting MDTF drama thread or maintaining the 1st page or posting recaps and whatever .. but I don't mind posting to share reviews if we want to support CJH with more visibility here in Soompi land. 

Psst .. I've been reading the HEIRS thread and fans are really enthusiastically filling up the pages there with you know who and who ..

Oops guess I better stop rambling for now.  And if you don't mind I will be happy to be back to share more on CJH and his talents .. so pleasantly surprised that he can sing so well too  :)

Bye for now  =;

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Guest Mishiellie


and for the main page banner I am debating between this one or his samsung commercial ones... I will think about it and let you know!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!tumblr_mod225vwdr1rvgn4zo1_1280.png

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Guest hereiam88

Here I am again !

Thanks for the welcome.

It's such a shame there's no MDtF thread here cos this drama deserves its own thread .. there's so much we can share.  The plot grabs your attention from the first and there's not much boring episodes, even the subplots are well scripted.  Anyone upto it to start the drama thread .. please ?

In the meantime back to our man .. so glad he's so busy these days .. job after job.  Work must have flooded in after GFB.  His smiles used to be a bit stiff as if he didn't smile much,  but he's looking more relaxed and smiling so happily and naturally these days.

I read that the HEIRS scriptwriter was very keen to sign him on after his excellent performance in GFB so let's hope they changed the script and will give his Kim Won character just as much emphasis as Kim Tan.  Maybe we might just be surprised by unexpected events like in Beautiful Days when the Min Chul elder brother character played by Lee Byung Hun became the main lead after netizens clamoured for him to win the Yeon Soo characted played by Choi Ji Woo, and all due to fine acting and sizzling chemistry between LBH and CJW.

October's not so far away now .. now that we've had the 1st scrip reading.  YAY !



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Dear all Jin-Hyuk's lovers, here comes the English-subbed version of "My Daughter, the Flower" SBS Midnight STAR TV Interview which was aired on 8th February 2012.  Thanks to @booha for the original English transcript and kibumbie, admin of Jin Se-Yeon's Baidu Thread, for the production.  Please noted that the subtitles are made reference to the Korean captions and they were not exactly the same as booha's original transcript. The modified or newly added translation may have mistakes.  Anyway, we have tried our best to produce the 2 subbed versions in a short period of time. 
English-subbed Version:http://dai.ly/x1zcoum

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