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@Yeekrfan2, actually fans from China & Taiwan are now trying to do the Chinese translation based on @booha's English one. Yep, honestly, many of CJH's news & videos didn't have any translation.  Fans around the world are waiting too long for any!

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Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

cr to DC  

Choi Jin Hyuk speaking English, Japanese and Russian    Published on Jun 19, 2015Source of video clip: I Need Romance, The Heirs, Panda and Hedgehog, Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 影片來源:需要浪漫, 繼承者們

@Mishiellie   Hello!  I have a question about DCinside. Can a non-member copy any of the pictures from the site and show them here?   

Just know that fans in Asia will cap and repost the pics fr DC with the credit of the source post.

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Credit  Choi Jin Hyuk DC
The fan, user name 'airport' = 공항, made pictures and explained,when returned home and found,  the pictures looked shaky but still posted them since everybody was eagerly waiting to see them. ( To me the pictures look good. If they were a bit shaken it could be because of excited fan's hands. I think they were the first ones posted. The fan might run into CJH by accident. Of course afterward there were happy shouting tweets!

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@booha Thanks for booha's English transcript on the TV interview programme "My daughter, the flower".Fans of CJH & JSY from China & Taiwan all wanna give booha applause for her great work!Btw, they have done the Chinese translation based on booha's English transcript. More than that, they also translate the missing lines and the captions on-screen.As booha has mentioned, this video was full of joy and is worth to share with all the fans.  They'd like to do both the Chinese & English subtitles for the video.

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Guest caren1974

Nice to meet you.  :-h
I do monitor that site too, for latest news, also love the archive there...especially the videos and the count down...really a fan..thank you so much for the welcome...anyway does baidu also have separate forum for CJH?  please give the link too.  thank you.

Hello, thanks, never thought that i'd meet another fan here.  missing jhw but I get to see CJH...thank you.

Waiting for CJH's next project and hope he also release his own songs too, he said in an interview that he would like to sing and release an album too.

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@PolarisCat  Hi About 'the captions on-screen' I think I did most of them except those that were not necessary or I couldn't do it.   "the opening part/the program title"  why not post here the line markers since I can look at the video? 

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 @PolarisHO   First I would like you to know that

@Mishiellie is Chinese not Korean. I shouldn’t say that we were neighbors

because Toronto is not that close to where I live but much closer than other

members. She started (gladly I think )  and has  managed   this

thread which she has been doing very affably. 

 I am glad to see you have enthusiastic

fans. However,  in order to enjoy

watching a show like this, sometimes, for me, it isn’t crucial to hear every

line or phrase.  It is only my thinking

and if you are interested, you could go back and watch the show as if you had

not seen it before.  Or watch with your

friends and see how much information one needs to understand and enjoy it.   You probably know that to translate humor

can be a challenge.

Yes, sure I know the difficulties in translating the humor. Sometime juz can't use a simple word to reflect all the meaning deep inside. I've watched this show last year but too bad, can only understand part of the conversations. Great thanks to your translation and I can complete the programme.

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