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Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁- Current Drama 'Zombie Detective, 좀비탐정' (Mon&Tue, @21:30 KST)

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Seems to be a long time not coming to here!  Thanks @anannanann for the MV, very good job! Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is a professional editing software and you can deal with it, you're really talented!  It's always time consuming to edit a good MV.  ;) I'm using Mac Final Cut Pro 7. Though I've Premiere Pro CS6, I'm too lazy to get familiar with that.  Yet, I'll use After Effect in some jobs. 
The very first official teaser of "The Inheritors" has thrown out but meanwhile, the focus is on the young tier.  Many Jin-Hyuk's lovers wanna freeze the frames where Jin-Hyuk were shown.  Yup, juz for fun, I've re-edited a CJH version with his shots slow-motioned 90%.  I also added a caption for him but that's not official, only my creation.  It's fun to watch only CJH, isn't it? :))  
@booha, thanks again.  I can post Youtube video here now.  I know what's the problem before.  I used the insert hypelink function!  :(( 

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Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

cr to DC  

9 Male K-Drama Actors With the Sexiest Voices   From the unique story lines to the spot-on soundtracks, in addition to the extremely hot actors, K-dramas have mastered the art of having mill

Yeekrfan2 said: @booha...THANKS, gladly be one of the MDtF girls but definitely not the ONE caused I just posted the hard work of those devoted fans of MDtF at CJH@Baidu / 崔振赫吧 @Baidu. The 131 profiles was nicely done by pp_jessie. There is another even more devoted fan of MDtF which deserved the ONE caused she's so dedicated and screen-captured every scenes of HyukHyuk for 131 episodes =D>  There are thousands of his screen-captures with links posted by our lovely captain @Mishiellie at page 54! Beware of entering there, least you would not climb out at all like me...hook, line & sink  :D

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Guest Mishiellie


CJH baidu.. the main translator there is kimcunmae and she did all those MDTF screen caps.. and then there is bb too.. haha I know almost all the oldies in there. I joined the CJH baidu last yr in may.. I know all the oldies in there.. and I am actually counted as an "oldie" too haha

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hyukhyuk girls
Pictures from fan meeting in Japan (9/15)    He told fans that he was going to the army next year and he invited them to Korea for his birthday party(2/9/2014) to see them one more time.

                                                                                  cr to DC

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Guest Mishiellie

@booha  hahahaha yes.. my mom is really picky even if the house was already messy when she left she still expect it to be spotless when she returns. so i had to clean heehee



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hyukhyuk girls   Some fans from overseas.

From DC ( 25941)  == 호떠기들은 오늘부터 공부함미다 ( translation by DC members )
.Miss_rkr : 韩国的朋友们,大家好哟,我也好喜欢振赫,谢谢你们的盛情邀请,祝愿中韩两国 Fans 友谊长存~

한국의 친구들~ 모두들 반가워~ 나도 갤주를 많이 좋아하고 있어! 노네들이 반겨줘서 기쁘고 중,한 양국의 팬들의 우정이 영원했으면 좋겠어!

 紫山芙蓉 : Hello everyone~!!我們很高興收到你們的熱情歡迎! 我們也很喜歡來這裡,大家都很喜歡赫赫! 赫赫在中國,台灣,及其他各國都有越來越多愛護他的Fans! ! 謝謝你們!!
안녕여러분? 노네들의 격한 환영을 받아서 너무 기뻐! 우리도 디1시 오는것을 아주 좋아하고 모두들 갤주를 아주 좋아해! 갤주는 중국,태국 등 점점 갤주를 사랑하는 팬들이 전세계적으로 많아질꺼야!! 고마워 노네들!!

 Miss_rkr : 韩饭们好,我们也经常来DC这边看有没有关于赫赫的新消息呢,因为你们的消息会比较快,谢谢你们的热情欢迎,愿中韩两国的粉丝们友谊长存~~~~
한국팬들 안녕? 우리도 역시 디1시에 자주와서 갤주의 신 소식이 있는지 없는지 보고 있어~
왜냐면 노네들의 정보력이 비교적 빠른편이라서~ ㅋㅋ
노네들이 가열차게 환영해줘서 고마워 ㅋㅋ 중,한 양국 팬들의 우정이 영원했으면 좋겠어 ㅋㅋ

 紫 山芙蓉 : DC上的朋友你們好!! 非常高興你們邀請我們參加這個活動,但因為我們不代表 "百度崔振赫帖吧"! 我們只是喜歡赫赫的Fans!來這裡打招呼! 雖然我的幾位朋友看到活動邀請很想參加,但因為語言不通,不知如何參加!!我們來自中國,台灣,香港等地!! 我的英文尚可! 可以Twitter @Aiwen2663 跟我聯絡!
디1시친구들 안녕? 노네들이 서폿에 우리를 초대해줘서 아주 기뻐, 근데 우리는 '바이두 최진혁바'를 대표하는것은 아니야. 우리는 그저 갤주를 좋아하는 팬일뿐! 우리들은 서폿에 참여하고 싶지만 언어가 달라서 어떻게 해야하리 모르겠어. 우리는 중국,대만, 홍콩 등에서 왔어. 영어를 가능하니 트위터@Aiwen2663로 연락줘!

 Miss_rkr : 不客气,这是一次很好的活动,当然会支持,你们都好可爱,好喜欢大家哟~~
고마워 하지 않아도되~ 이건 아주 좋은 서폿활동이니까 당연히 지지해야해! 노네들은 너무 귀여워! 노네들 너무 좋아~ ㅋㅋ

 Miss_rkr : 我们只是喜欢赫赫的其中两位的Fans, 不能代表“崔振赫百度贴吧”的全体Fans, 我们是想让大家知道,在中国除了我们两个人以外,也有好多好多Fans喜欢赫赫的哟,我们一起为赫赫加油哟~~喜欢你们大家~~^^
우 리는 그저 갤주를 좋아하는 팬중의 두명일뿐이고, 바이두 최진혁바의 전체 팬을 대표하는건 아니야. 노네들이 알았으면 좋겠는건, 중국에는 우리 둘 이외에 갤주를 좋아하는 팬들이 엄청나게 많이 있다는 거야~ 우리 모두 갤주를 위해 화이팅하자!! 노네들 전부 너무 좋아~~

 cr to DC

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@sia3      Thank you
  Another picture from MV and etc... 

 It is a short clip by KGE and CJH  introducing MV 'Sad Song.'                                                                                                
   CR: DAUM     http://tvpot.daum.net/v/v32a0IIbDU0I9mmK9QknDyK
    cr DC      

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