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Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁- Current Drama 'Zombie Detective, 좀비탐정' (Mon&Tue, @21:30 KST)

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Hello everyone....   Wave to dear @booha chingu here! My very first post here! Dropping by to show my love for Choi Jin Hyuk!   To be honest,  Fated To Love You is my very first dr

cr to DC  

It looks like we might see Hyukssi in uniform because PKL announced that she would make a visit to Hyuki soon.  This article is from Section TV.  Some will remember the hostess who interviewed CJH and

Choi Jin Hyuk Considering Lead Role in “Zombie Detective”




Choi Jin Hyuk (Rugal) is considering a lead role in the new Korean drama Zombie Detective. Zombie Detective is a comedy crime drama about a new zombie who has lost his memories and gets the opportunity to take on the identity of a detective as he struggles to survive.


Choi Jin Hyuk is really into the crime type dramas these days. This one is more on the comedic side though which would be a bit of a change and could be pretty funny.


Zombie Detective has plans to air later in 2020 on KBS.



source : https://kdramakisses.com/2020/05/29/choi-jin-hyuk-considering-lead-role-in-zombie-detective/

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 Choi Jin-hyuk Thailand FM (말이야)  ((Jan 2020))


Rugal & The Last Empress







cr to DC



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Top 14 Most Followed Korean Actors On Instagram & Others 70 Actors' Instagram


Most of the Korean actors have Instagram and some have an impressive amount of followers! Some have been using actively Instagram while some do not really keep it updated. Some actors also just created their Instagram recently and are still gathering followers.


Here are the most followed Korean actors on Instagram and then a rough ranking of other actors' Instagram followers amount (around 70 actors).


If you are not following your favorite actors' Instagram, it is time to do so.


Article first published on Apr. 3. All data were updated on June 5, 2020, at 10:00 am KST.


Note: only acting-dols who had a lead role in a K-Drama (not a web drama) have been included. 



Between 300k and 1m followers


Seo InGuk (@seo_cccc), Kim MinKyu (@mingue.k), Jang GeunSuk (@_asia_prince_jks), Jung GunJoo (@jrjswn), Kim JaeYoung (@darealkjy), Lee ShinYoung (@leesin_y), Kim DoHwan (@kimdwan_), Kim YoungDae (@youngdae0302), Choi TaeJoon (@actorctj), Lee DoHyun (@ldh_sky), Shin SeungHo (@seungho__shin), Song JaeRim (@jaelim_song), Park HaeJin by his agency (@parkhaejin_official), Nam DaReum by his mother (@namdareum_mom), Kwak DongYeon (@kwakdongyeon0), Kim JaeWook (@jaeuck.kim), Lee TaeRi (@tae_rii_), Choi JinHyuk (@real_jinhyuk), Im JuHwan (@uhwan__lim), Yoon HyunMin (@yoonhyunmin), Song SeungHeon (@songseungheon1005), Shin SungRok (@shin_sung_rok), Joo Won (@zu.won_moon.jun.won), UKISS's Jun (@ukiss_jun97), Lee HoWon (@isayhousayya), Kim HyunJoong (@hyunjoong860606), Kim JungHyun (@jhkim0405), etc



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kpopmap.com/top-12-most-followed-korean-actors-on-instagram-others-70-actors-instagram/

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21 Dramas Of 2020 Based On Webtoon - Confirmed


After 2018 and 2019 dramas based on webtoon, it is time for 2020! In 2020, a lot of drama is based on webtoon.


We often update the list, don’t forget to bookmark us for updates.


The list is divided into TWO PARTS, the confirmed webtoon for 2020 (this one) and the webtoon announced to be adapted in dramas in 2020 but with no confirmation of broadcast. Don't forget to check the other part here for more webtoons to be adapted soon.



5- "Rugal" / Schedule status: Aired

The action sci-fi webtoon "Rugal" (in Korean "루갈") by Rel.mae was adapted into a drama this year. It tells the story of a special organization called "Rugal" which brings together humans weapons who earned special ability through bioengineering technology fighting against the largest terrorist group of ROK named Argus.


21 Dramas Of 2020 Based On Webtoon - Confirmed

"Rugal" webtoon / OCN


The drama aired from Mar. 28 on OCN. Choi JinHyuk, Park SungWoong, and Jo DongHyuk are the lead actors.


For more information about the drama and webtoon, you can check our cast and summary here.


Webtoon links: Korean / English.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kpopmap.com/14-dramas-of-2020-based-on-webtoon/

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9 K-Dramas That Got Extended Due To Their Immense Popularity

Numbers 6-8 got extended by quite a few episodes.



The popularity of a K-Drama is quite unpredictable, as producers never know what the viewers will think of the story until it’s officially released. Some K-Dramas exceed their original goals, to the point where more episodes were added due to their immense popularity. Here are a few K-Dramas that ran into this situation.



5. The Last Empress 


The Last Empress was originally going to be 48 episodes, but it got extended to 52. The show exceeded ratings of 10% constantly, which is quite high for a cable network K-Drama.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Koreaboo


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Choi Jin Hyuk And Park Ju Hyun Confirm For New Zombie Detective Drama

TV/Film  Jul 2, 2020   by R. Jun
Choi Jin Hyuk And Park Ju Hyun Confirm For New Zombie Detective Drama

Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Ju Hyun have confirmed for a new zombie drama on KBS called “Zombie Detective” (working title).

The drama is a “human comedy” about a zombie in his second year of resurrection who becomes a detective in pursuit of his past, all the while doing his best to coexist with humans.

Choi Jin Hyuk will be playing Kim Moo Young, a handsome zombie with an incredible physique. It’s been two years since he resurrected as a zombie and lost his memory, and after incredible effort to correct his inarticulate speech and awkward gait, he finds a new beginning as a detective.

Park Ju Hyun will be taking on the role of Gong Seon Ji, a writer of an investigative journalism program with unrivaled optimism, tenacity, and sense of justice. When a witness of a case she’s investigating is attacked by an unknown assailant, she leaves the industry in shock. She later encounters zombie detective Kim Moo Young and begins working at his office.

“Zombie Detective” will be produced by the variety department at KBS (“The Producers,” “Go Back Couple“), and directed by Shim Jae Hyun (co-director of “The Producers”) and written by Baek Eun Jin.




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Choi Jin Hyuk Takes ‘Zombie Detective’ Role In New KBS2 Drama With Park Joo Hyun




KBS2 lines up interesting series starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun.

Taking an intriguing storyline, the new KBS2 series revolves in the concept of how zombies coexist with human beings. 좀비탐정 Zombie Detective (LT) banks on an appealing material that is thrilling and comic at the same time.

Choi JIn Hyuk Zombie Detective

The Writer and The Zombie Detective

Charismatic actor Choi Jin Hyuk is going to sneak into the viewers’ hearts with his lethal charms as Choi Moo Young in Zombie Detective. He exudes flirtatious and ferocious appeal. After two years of losing memory, he resurrects as a zombie. As he struggles to his new persona, he opens the second act of his life to a new neighborhood as a detective.


Powering an equally captivating hero in OCN’s Rugal recently, Choi is arguably one of the busiest actors who has proven a reliable and dynamic acting range. He can go from light stories to gritty ones. In the last two years, he has notched lead roles in Justice, The Last Empress, Devilish Charm and Tunnel.




Rookie actress Park Joo Hyun suits up as Gong Seon Ji, a writer of an investigative journalism program. She is unique, optimistic and with impeccable sense of justice. When a witness from an investigation she is working got attacked by gangsters, she resigns from her job. Later on, she gets entangled with Kim Moo Young as she starts working in his office.


Truly impressive, just this year alone, Park has starred in two dramas: A Piece of Your Mind and Extracurricular. Thus, piquing interest more to what she can showcase.


With unique characters, rich humor, fast-paced plot and action elements, prospective viewers are in for this new treat from KBS2.


Director Shim Jae Hyun (The Producers) and writer Baek Eun Jin are joining hands for the creative team of Zombie Detective. The series is produced by KBS Entertainment Bureau, which backed up well-received dramas The Producers and Go Back Couple previously.

Source: Sports Donga

Photos Credit To: GQ Korea | Arena Homme Plus


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** According to KBS, first broadcast, at the end of August  & it will be on Monday/Tuesday
Glad to hear the Zombie team is busy filming


((from Choi Jin Hyuk IG: real_jinhyuk))

I haven't been able to communicate much until now as various things took more time to decide.
#busy filming Zombie Detective
I will talk to you more
Please give a lot of support



((KBS FB))
You couldn't see anywhere
A handsome zombie drama is coming

Sexy and wild, Zombie Detective #Choi Jin Hyuk
Positive and #full of tenacity, Detective Assistant # Park Ju Hyun
Casting official confirmed! First broadcast at the end of August

#KBS #Mon&Tue drama #Zombie Detective

#Zombie Fatal #Zombie Symbiotic Human Comic #drama

#KBS drama #kbsdrama #ComingsoonKBS


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  • Jillia changed the title to Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁- Current Drama 'Zombie Detective, 좀비탐정' (Mon&Tue, @21:30 KST)

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