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[THE OFFICIAL] The Leeteuk / Park Jungsu (박정수) Thread


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8 september 2014  Translation by @NKsubs of his posts (delete) in his Instagram @special1004 I pray that everyone will be healthy and happy.. I am thankful about being able to open my eyes in the morning, breathe, and live. I pray that everyone will spend each day meaningfully.. People who you want to see, and miss.. Or people that you want to contact and meet, but you hesitate because of this and that reason.. There isn`t enough time even just to love.. I hope you love a lot, and love..!! In a time like this today, I miss everyone and want to see everyone.. I pray that you will be happy..
I pray that everyone will be happy and healthy.. There isn`t enough time even to just love.. I hope everyone will treasure and love each other.. Today is a day where I am missing many people.. I want to see you..

Leeteuk's Chuseok Messages on Sukira  trans. by @NKsubs

   cr as tagged
Leeteuk: Super Junior's Kiss the Radio. Chuseok special, 'You are the gift'. Hello, I am greeting you again after a long time. Sukira's original DJ, first generation DJ, it's Leeteuk. Are you having a happy Chuseok? Are you with family members right now, or in the car on way back to home? I feel that it would be nice to listen to this song together, so I will recommend a song. I will recommend a song you can listen together with everyone. It's a remake song. Park Hyo Shin's Autumn Letter

(background talking sound)

Script writer: You can't just end it like that
Leeteuk: Ah Radio- Isn't the song suppose to play after this?
Script Writer: Teuk-ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Leeteuk: As you listen to the song, how about writing a letter to a family member? Everyone, till the end, be no more or no less like Sukira. I will greet you personally soon! It has been angel who's lost his wing, Wing DJ, Leeteuk. Everyone, bye.
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10 september 2014BxI1mikCMAAB2eV.jpg:large
This photo is taken by a fan in the airport (3 september 2014) when he went to Taipei.   cr as tagged

Today 10 september 2014 Super Junior wins !     cr simhy12

Thank you @leto25 : @YuiC said : ShowChampion 140910Leeteuk: I am very thankful about being able to receive our first '1st place' in a show where our member is the MC of. and I think I am happy whenever I receive an award, regardless of whether it is a small or big award. Thank you for giving us this small happiness, and I hope Show Champion viewers also feel at least a bit of happiness while watching us. There are many people who want to stand on this place, but cannot. For those who are running for their dreams, we will also do our best. And our ELF, thank you. I love you. We are Super Junior !
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10 september 2014 in Show Champion     cr as tagged140910-show-champion020.jpg?w=550&h=825


 Retweeté par Jungaine.8CFMGijT_normal.jpeg러버티 @Myloverty · 28 min

오빠 이쁘다 ㅎ.ㅎ pic.twitter.com/qOscpLXqVz


Fansigning 10 september 2014Fan: Oppa, I have something I really want to ask you about
Leeteuk: What is it?
Fan: Where did you get your caps of Ebichu?
Leeteuk: Ah, fans post them, and I see them online!
Fan: Do you know what kind of animation Ebichu is?1932333_672357639526485_3461442977651987
Leeteuk: No. What kind of animation is it?Fan: sexual animation.. it's really erotic;;
Leeteuk: ㅇㅅㅇ..??!!!!!!! really..? I- really?? Why is a hamster..? ah.. wa... Thank you, I'll look it up.. /handshake/
[sc: @/luvly_yu407]

=))  =)) =))
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SJ MAMACITA first place !! Show champion !! Thank you !! I love you !!

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translation by Uwie : ..Even though its tiring(,) I'm really happy..^^ 

He posted this same photo in 2009 on his cyworld.http://sup3rjunior.com/2009/12/16/091216-leeteuk-cy-entry/

Super Junior’s Heechul expressed his love and respect for Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk.

Leeteuk quietly got discharged from the army on July 29 in Gangwon province, without holding any special events. He started preparing for Super Junior’s album soon after and launched promotions on August 28 starting with the press conference for the 7th album Mamacita.

Returning to the stage in about two years, Leeteuk said, “I was worried about whether or not I can start it over again and get back up. But the members helped me out a lot.”

Meeting with enews on September 12, Leeteuk said, “Many things have changed on music programs. More than anything else, I’m so happy to be back on the stage again.”

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Heechul said, “It really feels like we’re Super Junior now because we have Leeteuk. Leeteuk makes Super Junior, which was scattered everywhere, come back to its own spot. I’m so happy that Leeteuk is back. We need to have leader Leeteuk in the team.”

Upon hearing this, Leeteuk waved it off and said, “It’s all thanks to the members who are united as a team. I’m so happy that I can promote as Super Junior again.”

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Guest kyutekyu

Wiki Kpop has organized an event for all the Kpop fans... They are giving out 10 CDs of Super Junior new album MAMACITA (yaaaaaaaaaaay)
Check out the event and participate in it ^^

2014 September 12 ~ 22 (Winner Announcement: September 23)

Step 1: "Follow" and "Like" us on Twitter and Facebook (both required)
Step 2: Share this on your Twitter and Facebook
Step 3: Write as many postings about the event (including the image) on any K-POP communities and paste the urls in the comment box of the event posting on WiKi K-POP's Facebook page.
REMEMBER: It should be K-POP related communities other than "YOUR OWN" Facebook and Twitter!
Super Junior's 7th album 'MAMACITA' autographed by all Super Junior members!
(10 winners will get 1 CD each of 10 CDs)
via @wikikpop

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