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[THE OFFICIAL] The Leeteuk / Park Jungsu (박정수) Thread


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Guest ajafighting!!_24

eeteuk's funny and crazy smile during their sorry sorry perf at KBS Traffic Concert..

couldn't capture that funny moment perfectly..O.o

anybody who can make a better gif for this,,just go ahead and post t here..;DDD

this is all i got:


made it a little bit slower during that cute and crazy little part:


a little bigger..



video credits to sjfullhouse.net

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Guest soulremix.

[090618] Leeteuk@Pusan National University/golden ladder







credit : 13달봉@sj-market.com

reup by achiotsuka@sj-world.net

His skin is really flawless *-* He looks like an angel <3

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Guest Rei_Asuka

LMFAO. i'm loving the Dooly costume. i remember cracking up like no other, when i saw him dance in it HAHAHA

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Guest bittersweet;

Eeteuk ! Happy 27th Birthday yoh !

We (elves) love you so so so so much !

especially ME . hahaha B)


rofl, eeteuk scratching himself . hahaha :lol:


and this is just so cuteee ~


I just want to share a Sukira KTR Pic of Eeteuk and Eunhyuk with SS501 ;)

eeteuk's clothes is <33

Happy Birthday Eeteuk ! -- and all other super junior members . :D

Nuhreul Neomu Saranghae ~ :blush:

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Guest hayakatsu

OMO!! SRSLY why are there only less than 20 pages?!?!?!

we need more! is this really the ~official~ angel teukie thread?? FOR REALS??!!!

anyway.... i almost forgot. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT BUT I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!


pls have a good year and take care of your health!! saranghae yongwonhi oppa<33

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Guest gooshness

omgomg he is soooo cute.... he's even cuter whenever he smiles.... his smile make people smile too

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Guest BunnehBexxie

^ the person on that photo is a guy in drag, i saw a fancam but look at the "girls" arms and hands .... It's a Guy...

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ahhhaha really ??? a guy ??????????? hahahahhhh :)):)):)):)) i saw fancam too buth its too far i cant see ,,her" face...:)):)) if thats a guy then ok...hahahah...buth their lips touched each other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((:((

Lee Teuk~...

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Guest BlueBalloon

hi everyone ^-^

we have to bring this topic alive ^.^ why only 16 pages =/

i know i'm still a new member here ..but..

Coooooome oooonnn guys

he is our teuki teuki eeteuk super junior's special leader (^.^)/

so let me help you spreading the teuki teuki love

fgfghfghfgh.th.jpg 70068901.th.jpg 5n917.th.jpg 49024798.th.jpg

1244739173img9918.th.jpg 1244738973img9877.th.jpg 1244738973img9905.th.jpg 1244739173img9908.th.jpg 1244739173img9911p.th.jpg

0625mclt1.th.jpg 0625mclt7.th.jpg 0625mclt3.th.jpg 124592788706.th.jpg

1182075583l.th.jpg filedowne.th.jpg 1584413412l.th.jpg

1388281165l.th.jpg 1576778194l.th.jpg 99199370.th.png

2n6zqyu.th.jpg 2qk8nxu.th.jpg 0531dangjinlt11.th.jpg 0522musicbank11.th.jpg

0531dangjinlt3.th.jpg 0531dangjinlt4.th.jpg 0531dangjinlt6.th.jpg

0603intfilmlt1.th.jpg 0603intfilmlt2.th.jpg 0603intfilmlt3.th.jpg 0603intfilmlt4.th.jpg

0603intfilmlt5.th.jpg 0603intfilmlt6.th.jpg 0603intfilmlt7.th.jpg 0603intfilmlt10.th.jpg 0603intfilmlt11.th.jpg

1243151192img3424.th.jpg 1243151192img3483.th.jpg 1243151192img3841.th.jpg 1243151192img3855.th.jpg

2008101812493610101bk6.th.jpg 2008101812535410101vz7.th.jpg 2008101812515410101uq4.th.jpg


i know it might be a big picspam ^^'' and there a few old pics of him in there

but there are tones of photos of our angel <3

there are many many manyyy more to come ^-^

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Guest Tekashi

BlueBalloon - txn for all pics! ^^ OMG xD *^^*

yeah - Teuk has only 16 pages...

Everyone else thanks too. I`ll add my pics too when I`ll have a little more time.

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Guest haruharu07

ahh yes teukie...i love everything about him..hehe here are just some i'll add more later









His hair looks super hot when wet.~~

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Guest haruharu07


this guy is really funny

love his dimple


well he do Mc with Ayumi Lee too

he is so cut and funny

that 1st pic

look like Junsu now

for some odd reason

agreed he look so hot with glasses

Could you tell me what show/movie your banner is? Thanks

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  • Guest changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] The Leeteuk / Park Jungsu (박정수) Thread

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