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[THE OFFICIAL] The Leeteuk / Park Jungsu (박정수) Thread


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I love his smile. He can get really emotional but still he knows how to handle his emotions and feelings and still be the strong leader of a 13 member boyband. He knows when to show his weak side but then he also knows how to cope up in those situations. I like his dorkiness and his funny side especially during shows and interviews. But it is not unknown that he is very quiet when not in front of the camera. People may sometimes see him being bullied by other members, but I guess it also a fact that the members are afraid of him getting angry coz by that time he is already seriously not in a good mood. I love the respect the members shows him and he deserved that. More power to our angel!!

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Guest kawaikiss

this thread is OFFICIALLY my second home. hahahahahah

i shall contribute soon with my enormous collection of pictures ^^

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Guest stockholm_syndrom

It's great seeing so much life in this thread! =D

I thought I'd post a few screencaps I took of Eeteuk in the Fino comersials. They are not great quality, but Eeteuk looks preatty anyway! ;D





Teukie is #1!


hihi, teukie seems drawn to the shiny!


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Let's all spread Teukie love.

Lately, emoteuk has resurfaced again as seen in his cy updates. I love the fact that he shares his personal thoughts and feelings with other people, with fans and just anyone who knows and visits his cy. We can see a truer side of him. The regular guy, not the celebrity Leeteuk. But sometimes, of course we can't avoid not to worry especially with all the words the words he says and the thoughts he has in mind. But what I love about Teukie is that he is not afraid to show his weak side even to the public and because of this people have known how strong he has become and how strong he is now.

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