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What To Wear With Uggs'


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So, i got a pair of uggs ( the dark brown ones ) for christmas

and ive been just wearing em with sweaters and jeans.

It looks so cute when other girls wear it

but Im not sure what else to wear with em.

Any help? Pictures would be nice (=

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well, do you have the long or short ones?

I have the long ones in chestnut brown.

I always wear them with jeans. to show them off you could tuck your jeans into the boots, but sometimes I don't tuck them in. once I left them untucked, which was pretty fortunate because that day someone spilled catsup on my pants that otherwise would have gotten on my expensive boots T_T

a lot of girls wear them with miniskirts, which I think is silly because the boots are meant to keep you warm in cold weather but wearing a skirt will make you cold! :o but if you like the look of uggs with a miniskirt then you should wear tights with it if it's cold out. I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone do that but I think it would look very cute to wear light-colored uggs (if they are the long ones, folded down a little) with pink or white tights and a light-colored (possibly denim) miniskirt. but since you have the chocolate brown ones, I suggest wearing them with off-white or beige tights and a brown or denim skirt, if you choose to go for the skirt look.

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skinny jeans.. or Bermudas with high socks..

IDK.. that's what i wear with it..

not really a fan of wearing it with skinny

jeans though.. since i'd rather wear skinny jeans

with chucks or with flats.. keke..

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Guest x3DOLPHiN

OH! i had a problem like this too.

but Skinny Jeans or Skirts with Leggings [i'm a tomboy sometimes]

or ! Capris ? like Rainie Yang in her dramas Why Why Love & Devil Beside You.

I wore it to school , some thought it was not american style but they thought it was

cute. && my friend also said i looked like Rainie Yang.





Crop pants ?

shorts ? [my friend wore that one time , it didn't look bad]

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