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Cutie Boy

Guest babossagaji

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Guest babossagaji

Title: Cutie Boy

Author: Hwang Mi Ri

Status: Completed!

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fighting

Scanlator: Esthetique


Summary from Esthetique:

Lee, Han-Ah is in her junior year in high school. Although she thinks of herself as a perfectly normal young girl, with a weakness for handsome boys, she's known as the "legendary girl captain" - an undeserved reputation mainly due to her best friend Young Sun's frame-up. So when she gets to meet with the "flower boy" she had always been hoping for, she immediately takes her chance and asks him out... But is he really who she thinks he is?

I really like this manhwa so far! I like YooMin's true personality..it's really cute! 

*credits to Evil Empire & Esthetique

okay...basically it starts out with a flashback (or should it be called a nightmare?). Oh, her parents are funny because they make out in front of her and she gets disgusted by it. She's the Jjang/Captain of her All Girls's School & even though she may seem weak, she has a natural instinct to defend herself and fight. She desperately wants a boyfriend but a lot of guys are afraid of her because of her reputation. One day she wishes for a flower boy (aka pretty boy) to be her boyfriend. While walking, a pretty boy falls from the sky and lands on her. I don't want to ruin too much so....read it! It's available at Evil Empire.



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Guest laslett

Such a funny manhwa. the leads are very cool. The bloke is a bit of a space cadet though. It is NOT a compliment to say a girl has a big butt. lol.

He's such a sweetie.

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Guest *beccas

i love this manhwa soo much .

i just wish the scanlators would translate faster...

i cant wait....

i dont really know wheere the story is getting at..but

i just like how the story is right now...

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Guest balloons*

At first I thought the art was bad but then after a while I got used to it. The story is so cute. The girl kinda ticks me off though. ^_^ I like the guy.

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HAH! i finished it. IT'S SOOO ADORABLE. yoo min is so adorable. i surely have likings with bad boys yet so weak in front of the girl he loves. really, I keep on ROFL just reading his thoughts. he is soooooo transparent and dense at the same time. LMAO. "tell me who that person who bully you in elementary and i`ll get the hell out of him" PFFFFFFFFFFT.

realllyyy recommended.

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I was glad that I got to read the ending! Their are so many manga/manhwas I've started and haven't been able to read the ending!!!

I thought the smart guy who has black hair and wears glasses had something going on with the mean girl with long blonde hair....

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Guest Autumn1430263885

^lol i thought so too, but they're actually cousins so ya..

OMG. i loooove loved this manhwa. At first i thought the drawings looked a bit odd and hana yori dango-ish but they just grew on to me and now i have no prob with em :) I thought that Yoo min was just wayyy to adorable hehe. the girl hanah kinda pissed me off though throughout the series...she lost that 'cool' side of her that she displayed to yoo min when they first met...and became a clingy crybaby -_- weakling. lol.

The ending seemed a bit rushed to me...and the last plot///

with min yoo?the animal lover,, kidnapping hanah...i found that a bit lame and stuff..:mellow:. I also didn't really like how the last chapters were more focused on jang rather than the main couple...but the author had to complete jang's story so yea :/

Haha...i thought the ending was cute though! Still the naive cute couple :) Definetly reccemend it!~

This would make a good k-drama! :D

edit: oh yeear...even though it ended, i wonder when Yoo min will finally realize that han ah is the ilhwa captain.. O__O

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oo i finally finished it in one sitting. @_@

^^ yoo min already knew han ah isn't really the captain because she's a fake one. her best friend is the real one.. she's just in cover yo

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