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[collab] Dbsk Collaborations Thread* (AUDITION NOW!)

Guest lccyn

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This page is on long HIATUS! To listen to our past collaborations, please visit the site below.

Thankful to all who have been supporting this thread ever since it started. Participants and mixers are much appreciated to get the collabs going!

If I have time, I will restart this thread and continue the Soompi + TVXQ Love!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


editted// 23 April 2011

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Guest kayzpal


I think you've heard some of my cover songs and you said you loved it. xD

Anyways, I have updated my Soundclick with some of the acappellas.

I'll send you the clip! :D


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Guest jadedbeauty

Ohh, ive been waiting for someone to do this! xD lol, i was just going to start it too. yay!

man, soo many songs i want... >..> lol ill upload my clips as soon as i can.. is there a deadline yet though?

cause i have finals all week.. -.- haha thanks!


Haha, not sure, but thats ok. ^^ Got the help, alrighty..

and the final clips have to be with an intrumental? sorry.. lol lost of dumb questions.

i havent done a collab in along time i forgot how things work.

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Stripesoflove, you have to sing it without instrumental. Which means, the clip you send to us is purely your voice only. Of course you have to listen to the music while singing. That's your choice. But just remember you only PM us your singing clips without the music. So that when we do mixing, the whole song will not turn out to be so havoc when music is all over the place. =)

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I'm going to try out for this (:

The thing is, I can only sing higher parts ( Junsu + Changmin sections ) x____x and only husk voice parts hahaha! *fail*

Okay, will try out when I'm at home *at school right now*

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Guest ashchronicles

wow~~u rock!hehe..it's nice not wanting other soompiers talents go to waste..tehehe..

i'll try out soon^^ i dont like singing girls songs..and i dont know why.. <_< maybe coz my voice aint high enough..?haha

thanks for making a dbsk collab thread!


can i request for 'somebody to love' ? thanks!

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i mite try out

but im going on holidays this week

so wen i come back and there still isnt alot of ppl for korean ballads

then ill sign up

and ill help u with lyrics!!

i can find them easily

jst pm me if u want me to help ^^

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Guest jwarder3001

i'd love to join the collab...i'm a guy

but would it be okay if i started recording after the winter break? i'm goin to korea for vacation and wont get back till after new year's

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hmmm... gah, choosing is going to be so hard *dies*

:] but definitely interested~

i shall somehow get myself to choose after exams are over :D

can probably help with lyrics.

what do you mean by max four but only one collab? are some of these suppose to be solos?


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Guest r0mantisteg0ist

will do. XD laterr ~~

i can help with instrumentals and lyrics.

or at least, i know i have O instru. =___=;

aigoo has most lyrics up XD

btw, for the people who are already 'accepted'

are they accepted for a specific person?

if so, can you post whose part their doing

so future auditioners dont re-do their part for our submission-in clip :]

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^ For me I said my vocal range is med-low, so I'm probably going to be getting the lower parts in the songs I chose.

I'm not sure. lol

Just as long as I don't get the soprano parts, I'm fine. ^ ^

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