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Anri Lin

Cherry Juice

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The description on the sites: Cherry Juice is about Otome and Minami, two step-siblings. Minami is a popular boy who takes cooking at school, and Otome is an average girl who is in love with Minami's best friend. Cherry Juice's main focus is on the love lives of Minami and Otome who are in love with other people...or are they?

So what'd you guys think of it? I personally like the "dangerous siblings" thing so I'm enjoying it pretty well.. so far, I've only managed to get to Chapter 12 though. MangaVolume has up to Chapter 15 but Chapter 13-half-of-15 is sort of messed up in graphics so its hard to read.

Any one recommend any other sites for Chapter 13-15?

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ooh i just read this currently =)

yeah i ended up reading the extremely low quality on other sites..

BUT...you can read it on youtube chapters 13-15 which is high quality and not messed up..

plus the person uploaded chapter 16!!

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