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[movie 2007] 1001 Nights (천일야화)

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[OCN] by Kim Jeong-Gu
OK guys, I'm affraid we missed the screening, but this looks interresting.


Title : 천일야화 (chonilyahwa)

English Title : 1001 Nights *

Director : Kim Jeong-Gu (김정구)

Casting : Kim Bo-Kyong (김보경), Seon Wu (선우), Lee Eun-Mi (이은미),...

Runing time : 60 min

TV release : 2007/12/14 on OCN

* I suppose, I hadn't seen any English title so nothing official, but 천일야화 is the Korean name for One Thousand and One Nights

BTW, I'm not sure of the romanisations, if the actors are known under a specific name... tell me :sweatingbullets:


I really know nothing about this feature... I guess it somehow deals with 1001 nights !

But what I know, is that the director is the guy who made Crimson Red (붉을 홍), fourth part of the drama Coma (코마) and nothing but the best Korean horror movie for years. So I highly expecting this.


Links :

Official site

Page on Naver

Page on Cine21

My Korean really sucks, so if someone can find some informations about the plot and a possible DVD release, thank you !

And waiting for a DVD (if they release DVDs for these kind of tv-movies... I'm affraid...), does anyone knows if we can download a copy of the TV screening ?



Thank to anyone for further information ! :sweatingbullets:

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