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[Variety] Happy Together Season Three 해피투게더 시즌3

Guest rkxo

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[KBS] MC: Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Shin Bong Sun

Happy Together



KBS2 Thurday Nights




Season Three started as Happy Together: Let's Go

To School where the MCs dressed up as students and

competed in school games. The show changed the

title of the show and their concept to make it more

popular. It is now just known as Happy Together Season 3.



Challenge! "Am-Kee" Song (도전! 암기송): a challenge among celebrities that try to sing a song by memory in a hot sauna.

That's You! (그건 너!): Celebrity Guests tell a story like it is there own and Park Myung Soo, Shin Bong Sun, and Kim Goo Ra try to guess who the story actually belongs to.

Real Tak Rooftop: Guests and MCs go up to the rooftop at night and talk about there stories.



Yoo Jae Suk(유재석)

Birthdate: 1972/08/14

KBS Happy Together Season 1,2,3 해피투게더,

MBC Come to Play 놀러와,

MBC Infinity Challenge 무한도전,

SBS Xman X맨,SBS Haja Go 하자고,

SBS Ancient TV 옛날TV,

SBS Truth Game 진실게임,

MBC !Exclamation Mark !느낌표


Park Myung Soo(박명수)

Birthdate: 1970/08/27KBS

KBS Happy Together Season 3 해피투게더,

MBC Infinity Challenge 무한도전,

MBC Come to Play 놀러와,

MBC Jipizigi 지피지기,MBC Dong-an Club 동안클럽,

SBS Xman X맨,SBS Haja Go 하자고,

MBC Park Myung Soo's Fun Fun Radio 박명수의 펀펀라디오


Shin Bong Sun(신봉선)

Birthdate: 1980/10/06

Gag Concert 개그콘서트

KBS Happy Together Season 3 해피투게더,

Clubbox Links:HQ





Date and Guest list

Ep.1 (070507) Chae Yeon, Andy, Park Joon Gyu, Yang Eun Ji

Ep.2 (071207) Nam Gyuri, Solbi, Park Joon Gyu

Ep.3 (071907) Kim Dong Wan, Park Jung Ah, Park Shin Hye, Park Joon Gyu, Solbi, Kim Heung Kuk, Yang Eun Ji, Kim Hyun Chul

Ep.4 (072607) Lee Sae Eun, Park Joon Gyu, Ji Suk Jin, Chu So Young, Jang Young Ran

Ep.5 (080207) Park Joon Gyu, Lee Hyun Ji, Kim Jong Suh, Kim Sung Su, Lee Su Geon

Ep.6 (080907) Chae Yeon, Kim Ku Ra, Lee Hyuk Jae, Solbi

Ep.7 (081607) Son Ho Young, Solbi, Song Eun Li, Joo Young Hoon

Ep.8 (082307) Shinji, Kim Chang Hun, Lee Seung Ki, Solbi, Jung Jae Yong, Kim Chang Ryul

Ep.9 (083007) Park Joon Gyu, Jung Joon Ha, Solbi, Nam Gyuri, Im Ha Ryong, Kim Mi Hwa, Lee So Yeon

Ep.10 (090607) Park Joon Hyung, Jo Jung Rin, Nam Hee Suk, Im Ha Ryong, Kim Mi Hwa, Lee So Yeon, Jung Joon Ha

Ep.11 (091307) Ahn Hye Kyung, Lee Minwoo "M", Kim Jong Min, Park Joon Gyu, Shim Hyung Rae, Park Seung Dae, Lee Bong Won

Ep.12 (092007) Gum Bo ra, Park Jung Ah, Jung Hyung Don, Shim Hyung Rae, Park Seung Dae, Lee Bong Won

Ep.13 (092707) Solbi, Byun Ki Soo, KBS Announcers: Park Ji Yoon, Choi Song Hyun, Kim Mo Bin

Ep.14 (100407) Seo In Young, Kim Heung Kuk, Kim Jong Seo, Park Joon Gyu, Solbi, Nam Hee Suk

Ep.15 (101107) Baek Ji Young, Kim Hyung Ja, Hong Rok Gi, Kim Jong Min, Solbi, Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan

Ep.16 (101807) Bae Seul Gi, Park Gyung Rim, Lee Yoon Suk, Solbi

Ep.17 (102507) Lee Jung, HaHa, Solbi, Hae Eun Li, Lee Soo Young, Lee Yoon Suk

Ep.18 (110107) Ha Joon Hwa, Tae Jin Ah, Park Hyun Bin, Yang Bae Choo, Jo Hyung Gi, HaHa Lee Jung, Solbi

Ep.19 (110807) Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Ji Hyun, Go Young Wook, Kim Goo ra, Solbi, Chae Ri Na

Ep.20 (111507) Lee Mun Shik, Han Yu Woon, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Jae Woo, Sung Shi Kyung, Hyun Young, Wheesung, Hong Rok Gi

Ep.21 (112207) KangIn, Shin Dong, Solbi, Lee Seung Chul

Ep.22 (112907) Kim Soo Hee, Lee Min Woo, Kim Ji Hye, Hyun Young, Sung Shi Kyung, Wheesung, Hong Rok gi

Ep.23 (120607) Seo Ji Young, Yun Ah, Ji Sang Ryul, Park Mi Sun, Shin Hae Chul, Kim Chang Ryul, Crown J


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Tried this show a few times and the format is pretty repetitive/boring I think.

Saw the older ones where they sat somewhere in school uniforms and tried figuring the songs out bit by bit together, those where a lot more fun imo.

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I enjoy watching the show, especially when the guests are good. But even when the guests aren't that fun, the 3 MCs have a good dynamic and still make the episode enjoyable. And now they added Park Mi Sun as a full time regular and I read they're going to add Ji Sang Ryeol as a regular as well. I'm really glad they got rid of the second part, the one where they try to find out who's telling the truth. That portion was a little stupid and a waste of time. With that section gone, they have more time to talk with the guests and show more of the sauna time.

They got to bring back Solbi! She's a hilarious addition to this show. I've seen her on a lot of other shows and she's always funny, but I like her on this show the most for some reason..

Anyways, the ratings for the show are reallly good..

080124 - Kang Jung Hwa, Eru, Yoon Ah, Blind Guest

Lee Han Eui

#4 (nationwide). 24.6%

#4 (seoul). 26.1%

080117 - Nam Sung Jin, Kim Ji Young, Blind Guest (Couple)

Noh Sa Yeon, Lee Moo Song

#3. 23.7

#3. 24.9

080110 - Lee Kyeong Shil, Eun Ji Won, Park Mi Sun, Lee Young Eun

#3. 21.4

#3. 22.5

080103 - Park Mi Sun, Yoon Jung Soo, Kim Ji Hye, Han Young, Blind Guest

Byeon Jung Soo

#4. 21.9

#4. 22.9

071227 - Park Joon Gyu, Park Mi Sun, Choi Song Hyeon announcer, Blind Guest

Nam Hee Seok

#4. 18.5

#4. 19.9

071220 - Eugene, Shoo, Lee Jung Min announcer, Jung Jong Chul, Blind Guest

Park Hee Soon

#5. 17.0

#4. 18.0

071213 - Park Mi Sun, Ji Sang Ryeol, Seo Ji Young, Yoon Ah

#3. 19.5

#3. 22.0

Of these episodes, I'd say 071213 with Ji Sang Ryeol and Park Mi Sun and 080117 with Nam Sung Jin & Kim Ji Young couple and Noh Sa Yeon & Lee Moo Song couple are the better episodes. 080110 is good too because Lee Kyeong Shil is really funny, especially with her Park Mi Sun impersonations, but Eun Ji Won is so damn annoying in the sauna room it pissed me off. He was acting so incredibly childish I wanted to choke him through the computer screen. I seriously thought even Yoo Jae Seok, who's like the nicest person ever on TV, was getting a bit annoyed as well and was having a hard time trying to cover his annoyance. I've never seen Yoo Jae Seok get even a little annoyed (I'm talking genuinely annoyed, not jokingly acting like he is) at anyone before, but he seriously looked and sounded like he was trying really, really hard not to show it with Eun Ji Won.

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Guest xx_swit_c_xx

This show used to be fun. Now it's old & boring.. and VERY repetitive. And there are some parts that are so annoying because you just KNOW that the PD is forcing them at times to be 'extra funny'.. and at those times it's very unnatural... the humour is dry or not funny......

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Guest redevilica

available in CB



Dong Bang Shin Ki - Preview on Happy Together Season 3 (2008-02-28) [Dopamine].avi [1832MB]

Thanks a bunch, Alek! :D

[HQ] Happy Together Season 3 - Dong Bang Shin Ki (2008-02-28) [Dopamine].avi [1.3GB]

Thanks a bunch, Joyce! :D

Happy Together - Dong Bang Shin Ki (2008-02-28).avi (Ental Version)[634.4MB]

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Guest cherlyn

the dbsk epi was damn funny... total crack!!

i totally miss PMS.... LOVE THAT NOW HES BACK :) w mc yoo... lol

thanks :) gg to dl the one w eru... does it have subs??

<3 <3 <3

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Guest silverwingz

i watched the episode subbed on YouTube with DBSK. it was damn funny!

they had so much fun! and everyone got a chance to show their personalities,

unlike with other shows, where certain members (like Yunho) are usually the only ones with a lot of screen time.

a really fun episode to watch. the MC's, especially PMS, were hilarious.

LOL @ Micky's socks.

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Guest TheHay

hi.. not sure if this is the place to ask.. but where can i download the DBSK ep on Happy together NOT with clubbox.. i dont know how to work with clubbox.. mainly because its all krn.. =.= but if there is a direct link or something like up on Megaupload.. it would be great.. thanx!

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Guest manutunia

they started subbing this series on kbs world..

nomu hengbokke

Chincha!!! Seriously, KBSworld should sub this!!!

But the last time I check, its still without sub :tears:

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