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[drama 2003] Summer Scent 여름향기

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Guest fanda5000
[KBS] Son Ye Jin, Song Seung Hun, Ryu Jin, Han Ji Hye
KBS Monday/Tuesday miniseries (2003) - 20 episodes total For KBS homepage for this drama in Korean, go to: summer.kbs.co.kr/ Aired on KBS2 in Korea: July 7, 2003 - September 9, 2003 Monday/Tuesday nights at 9:55 (replaced Wife) Cast: Yoo Min-woo: Song Seung Hun (Autumn Story) Shim Hye-won: Son Ye Jin (Delicious Proposal) Park Jung-jae: Ryu Jin (Who's My Love) Park Jung-ah: Han Ji Hye (Scent of a Man) So Eun-hye (Min-woo's deceased girlfriend): Shin Ae Art director Min-Woo (played by Song Seung-Heon) lost his fiancée in a car accident. Later, on a trip to the mountains, he meets florist Hye-Won (played by Son Ye-Jin) and falls in love with her. Hye-Won had received a heart transplant, and coincidentally it was the heart of Min-Woo's late girlfriend. From the first moment they meet, Min-Woo and Hye-Won are attracted to one other and the attraction continues to deepen. But Min-Woo is also loved by Park Jeong-A (played by Han Ji-Hye), while Hye-Won is the object of Park Jeong-Jae's affection (played by Ryoo Jin). Adding to the tragic twist of fate, Jeong-A and Jeong-Jae are brother and sister. The destinies of these four are sadly and ironically intertwined. Min-woo and Hye-Won do not act on their feelings however, out of consideration for Jeong-A and Jeong-Jae. Meanwhile, Hye-Won learns that she had received the heart of Min-Woo's late fiancée and tries to convince herself that Min-Woo is still emotionally attached to the dead woman. Even though they are in love, they cannot commit to a relationship because of Min-Woo's feelings for the dead fiancée as well as for others members of their group who are concerned for them. When problems arise with Hye-Won's new heart, she is hospitalized. Min-Woo blames himself. Wishing Hye-Won and Jeong-Jae a happy future together, he leaves Korea. As Hye-Won's condition worsens and she feels there is no hope of survival, she lets Min-Woo know that she is dead. While he is abroad, Min-Woo learns that Hye-Won died, which causes him great heartache. He is not aware that Hye-Won has received another heart transplant, this time an artificial one, and miraculously recovers. A few years later, Min-Woo returns to Korea. Outside a concert hall, concert-goers hold umbrellas in the pouring rain. As people climb up and down the stairs, Min-Woo and Hye-Won accidentally meet. The two feel their hearts beating again and realize that their feelings of love were true. And this time, Hye-Won's heart is her own - not the heart of Min-Woo's late girlfriend.
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Guest Choi Ji Woo

I'll post the great scenery from this drama..how I wish I was in Korea to be able to visit this refreshing sight!


The classic Summer Scent pair..Son Ye Jin & Song Seung Hun..


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love this drama....one of my favorite dramas of all time....this series is the one that introduced me to Son Yejin, the female love of my life..haha

here's the episode guide I made for my yahoogroup before...


Episode 1 & 2

Courtesy of dramaok of soompi

Edited by tracycutie

Episode 1

As a child Hae-won got sick a lot due to a weak heart condition.. the drama begins with her in high school... while the other girls are running around the school yard... she is looking up to the sky and saying to herself... (or perhaps to the world)..

"If my heart will still beat when I’m older…

…I want to experience the most tragic and beautiful love.

If my heart will still beat when I’m older…

…I’m going to run through every street in the world with the man I share that love with.

If my heart will still beat when I’m older…

…I want to meet the love of my life on a rainy day with sparkling raindrops."


If you saw the episode.. you've probably noticed a lot of rain scenes...

Min-woo and his girlfriend (Un-hae) met on a rainy day.. when both ran toward a tunnel to escape from the pouring rain..

Their first exchange..

Min-woo: "Is a tiger getting married?" (Koreans have a saying that when it's pouring rain on a sunny day tigers are getting married)"

Un-hae: “It is a fox getting married" (this is another folk interpretation of pouring rain on a sunny day)

This leaves an impression on Min-woo.


One's tragedy becomes another's blessing. Un-hae (Min-woo’s girlfriend) looses her life to an accident while Hae-won gains her life back through a heart transplant...


3 years pass..

Min-woo comes back from Italy. (He left Korea after Un-hae’s death to study and grieve)...

Hae-won is a florist. She often wonders about the previous owner of her heart. She is healthy and can run for the first time in her life.

Hae-won and Min-woo pass each other by at the airport while Hae-won waits for her boyfriend, Jung-jae, to arrive. Hae-won feels her heart beating loud when Min-woo passes by...

After the celebration of Hae-won’s birthday, Jung-jae proposes to Hae-won. She says she will tell him her answer some other day. He agrees to wait, since they have been a couple for a long time.


Hae-won takes a trip to the mountainside to take pictures of flowers bringing her friend, Jang-mi along who goes there to roam around looking for good-looking guys and takes pictures of them. Therefore, later leaves Hae-won alone. Hae-won meets Min-woo again and her heart started beating fast when he was near her, saving her from a bee. They separate as she tells him she’s with a companion, and Min-woo goes on his way to the mountain top. Going back down, he saves her again when hears her yelling out for help after falling. Being scared of being taken advantage by him, Hae-won lies to Min-woo saying she is a married woman.

Since Hae-won’s foot is injured, they are having a hard time going back down, still in the middle of the mountain, the sky is already darkening and it starts to rain. Min-woo suggests staying in a cabin nearby for the night, Hae-won refuses, saying she’ll go back alone, when Min-woo starts to get-up and leave, Hae-won ponders for a second, and being a scaredy-cat, she finally agrees to go with him.

They reach the cabin both of them wet from the rain. The owner allows them to stay for the night.

That night, in the cabin, although Hae-won feels awkward around Min-woo, Min-woo takes care of Hae-won. Despite of their situation, they had a good conversation and a nice time. Hae-won’s hungry and her stomach grumbles loudly, Min-woo cooks noodles. They drink coffee…

Hae-won: “Do you know what love and coffee have in common?”

Min-woo: “Coffee and love? Well…”

Hae-won: “Both of them are sweet and bitter, and there are many varieties.”

Min-woo: “It’s hard to switch once you get used to a certain flavor.”

Hae-won: “The flavor changes depending on the temperature, but it’s best hot.”

Min-woo: “It’s addictive…Both love and coffee are hard to give up.”

Hae-won: “You start when you grow up…and instant is also good”

Min-woo: “On a rainy day…you crave it more.”

Hae-won: “The mood has a big effect on it.”

Hae-won feels uncomfortable sleeping in the same room with a stranger, when Min-woo offers to leave and sleep in another room with the cabin’s owner, Hae-won gets scared and asks him to stay.


The next day, they start their way back.

It started to rain so they seek shelter from the tree. Hae-won says, "Is a tiger getting married?....Or is it a fox getting married?"

Episode 2

Min-woo is surprised with what she said but stays silent.

Hae-won explains, “They say a fox is getting married when sparkling rain falls on a sunny day. That’s why it is called a fox rain.”

Min-woo sees a shadow of his first love in Hae-won, remembering that it was what Un-hae used to say.

After the rain stops, they go on their way and pass by a river. They make their way across it through stepping on the rocks. Min-woo leads while Hae-won follows him behind. Seeing that she is having difficulty, he offers her his hand and she takes it. Losing their balance, they both fell in the water start laughing.

They sit and wait for their clothes to dry. Hae-won starts to hum her favorite, ‘Serenade’ by Schubert. Remembering that it happens to be Un-hae’s favorite song as well, Min-woo grabs her and they stare at it other, as if Min-woo’s in a trance..

After regaining his thoughts, he then apologizes for what he did.

Min-woo: “For a second there…I thought….”


Hae-won asks Min-woo what his favorite flower is, he answers, "yellow roses".

Hae-won: ”Moonlights?”

She tells him that she is a florist and would love to give him a bouquet of moonlights when she gets the chance to thank him for his help.

He then asks her, her favorite flowers.

Hae-won: "Calla lilies"..

Jang-mi, waiting for Hae-won to comeback, spots a good-looking guy, who turns out to be Minwoo, and hurriedly takes a photo of him not noticing Hae-won right behind him.

They go on their separate ways as Jung-jae fetches her.


Dae-poong, Min-woo’s friend asks him about his night on the mountains..

And asked his help in a new work project, the project is titled "calla resort renovation"... it makes Min-woo think of Hae-won.

After much prying and telling Min-woo to date again, Min-woo tells his friend that he would only love again if he finds a girl who resembles Un-hae. He then tells him that he found someone who reminds him of Un-hae... but she is a married woman, and he doesn’t know anything about her, not even her name..


Jang-mi, Hae-won’s roommate notices something different about Hae-won ever since she got back from the mountainside.. Hae-won tells her that her heart has been beating oddly lately.. She wonders if it's something’s wrong with it..


Jung-ah, Jung-jae’s sister, comes back from Italy abruptly. She was supposed to get her degree but because the man she has a crush on returned to Korea, she left as well following him..

Jung-ah, being Hae-won’s best friend tells her why she’s back.


At the apartment, Jang-mi is looking at her photo album containing the pictures of guys from their recent trip to them mountains. Hae-won arrives and takes a look at the pictures while laughing at her friend for taking ridiculous pictures. Jang-mi takes out a picture, saying that it’s her trump card and hands it to Hae-won. Hae-won takes a look at it and sees Min-woo in the picture with her in the background. Her heart starts to beat fast.


One day, Jung-ah sets up an opportunity for Jung-jae and Hae-won to meet the man she likes. She asks Hae-won to make her a bouquet of flowers for him. Hae-won, while preparing to do the bouquet thinks of Min-woo and decides to make a bouquet of moonlights.

Jung-ah waits for Hae-won to arrive as she calls Min-woo asking him to go meet her and meet her friend, Hae-won. The name makes an impression on Min-woo.

Hae-won arrives with the bouquet of moonlights. While waiting, Hae-won asks Jung-ah about the guy she likes. She tells her that he is a talented architect, Yoo Min-woo. The name makes an impression on Hae-won and she repeats saying the name. However, Jung-jae is tied up at work so Hae-won decides to bring dinner to Jung-jae, so both missed the opportunity to meet Min-woo.

Raining, Hae-won leaves as Min-woo arrive, they pass each other on the steps but both faces are covered by their umbrella.


Jung-ah gives Min-woo the bouquet of yellow roses. Min-woo is so taken by it that he continues to admire it while having dinner. He asks Jung-ah if she made it, she says no, it is done by a professional. “A florist?”, Min-woo asks. Jung-ah says yes, her best friend and her brother’s fiancée. “Hae-won?” Min-woo asks. Jung-ah say yes and was amazed on how he remembered her name after hearing it only once.


Jung-jae helps Hae-won find out who her heart donor is. The donor's family wishes to be anonymous but she wants to go see them because her heart has been uneasy lately.. she thinks the heart wants to see her old family.. she plans to see donor’s family from afar just to see what they're like.. so she gets on the train to the countryside where Un-hae family lives..

Min-woo plans a trip back to his hometown.. he gets on the same train...

Episode 3

Min-woo and Hae-won arrive separately on the same train.

Min-woo meets Un-hae’s father... they drink tea with flower petals in it.

Min-woo: "Un-hae used to always put flowers in these drinks.”

Un-hae's father: “She always did love flowers.”

Un-hae’s father: “It’s been three years…Let the departed go. That would be good for you as well as her.”


Hae-won walks around the tea farm near Un-hae’s house...

She thinks, "This feels strange as if I’ve been here before...The sound of the wind and the hills…What’s going on? "


Min-woo goes to Un-hae’s old room and sees the necklace and remembers the time they bought it together. It has a special round pair of keys that lock together as pendant.


Un-hae: (Referring to the necklace) This is so pretty.”

Salesman: “Hello.”

Min-woo: “What is this?”

Salesman: “It’s called the ‘Eternal Scent’ necklace. If two lovers share it, they’ll never part.”

Un-hae: “What if someone dies first?”

Salesman: “You doubt me? These parts are connected…the lovers will always find each other…you two will never part.”

As Min-woo leaves, Un-hae’s father tells him again to let go of the past. He tells Min-woo, "Just think of it as fate."


At the field near the house, Min-woo walks and he hears Un-hae's voice calling his name, "Min-woo!"... he turns around and imagines Un-hae's presence.... he looks again and it's Hae-won instead...

Min-woo: "What are you doing here?"

Hae-won: "Meeting someone…and you?"

Min-woo: "Same…did you see the person you wanted to meet?"

Hae-won: "Yes.."


Hae-won: "I wanted to thank you for your help last time"

Min-woo: "The truth is, I hoped to see you again.."


Min-woo: "By chance, did you call out my name a minute ago?"

Hae-won: "Me? How could I? I don't even know your name.."


Jung-jae's father owns the hotel that wants to start the renovation project "calla resort".. Jung-jae picks Min-woo as the new art director for "calla resort"...


Min-woo and Hae-won chase after the bus to take them to the train station. The train ticket is already sold out. Min-woo has a return ticket he bought ahead of time. He gives it to Hae-won. He says he can take the night train. They try to exchange business cards but Min-woo had none with him, Hae-won puts hers back in the purse.

Min-woo: "Your husband must be waiting for you. You should get going."

Hae-won: ...

Min-woo: "Be safe"

Train is about to leave with Hae-won on board. Min-woo realizes he's carrying her camera. He gets on the train without a ticket. Min-woo sits on the seat behind Hae-won’s since she’s asleep and he didn’t want to disturb her. Still half-asleep, the woman next to her asks if she could turn their seats around, Hae-won agrees, making their seat across Min-woo’s. face-to-face. Min-woo seems amused watching the sleeping Hae-won. Waking up, still yawning and stretching she sees Min-woo’s smiling face.

When the inspector starts collecting ticket, Hae-won helps Min-woo hide in the bathroom when the ticket inspector goes by.

Hae-won: "Once again I gave you trouble"

Min-woo: smiling, "Ah yes…I should tally it up for you to repay me later"


Hae-won: "What does the train and love have in common?"

Min-woo: "They both move you back and forth"


Reaching Seoul Hae-won feels sorry for Min-woo as he has to pay the train fare three times the price, Min-woo says its okay and tells her to go out first.

Before she walks out ahead…

Hae-won: “By the way…I never said what trains and love have in common...”

Min-woo: “Oh…”

Hae-won: “There’s always a meeting and a parting.|”

Hae-won then waits for Min-woo outside but Jung-jae already arrives and they leave. Min-woo sees them, their back to him and Hae-won turns to look at him feeling sorry that she has to leave without a choice.


Jung-jae meets Min-woo in his office to talk about work. Jung-ah is there too, she tells him how surprised she was when she found out he applied for the project and is happy they would be working together. Jang-mi sees Min-woo with Jung-ah and goes to find Hae-won who is working on the flower arrangement in same building as they are...

Jang-mi drags Hae-won in a room, telling her that the man in the mountains is in the building. Hae-won seems anxious about this but she receives a call from Jung-jae asking her to have lunch with him, she says sorry to Jang-mi and she turns to leave. When she was gone, Jang-mi’s disappointed as she wasn’t able to tell her the juiciest part of the news. (Min-woo being together with Jung-ah)

Jung-jae: "Why did you apply for this job?"

Min-woo: "I liked the name of the project."


At their table in the hotel’s restaurant,Jung-ah gets a call from her father and leaves Jung-jae and Min-woo for a while. Jung-jae sees Hae-won arriving, she and Min-woo are surprised to see each other again... Jung-jae introduces Hae-won as his girlfriend and the florist for "calla resort".. He introduces Min-woo as the art director of "calla resort" and they pretend not to know each other.

At the buffet line, Min-woo and Hae-won are alone momentarily..

Min-woo: "This is our third time..,strange isn’t it?"

Hae-won: “I know…”

Min-woo: “I’ve never been told to scare people…but you must have been… ”

Hae-won: …

Min-woo: "To say you were a married woman"

Hae-won: "It wasn’t that..."

Min-woo: “We’ll call it even…

Hae-won: “Pardon?”

Min-woo: “The yellow roses…they were nice”

Jung-ah interrupts them.


Jung-jae wants the four of them to bond and be comfortable with each other since they'll be working together on the "calla resort" project… He suggests a trip to the coast…

Min-woo declines saying he had already planned to go see his parents instead...

Jung-ah says that their place is beautiful seeing it from the pictures and suggests they all go see his parents....

Hae-won expresses doubt about the idea…

Min-woo: "My parent's place has a lot of wild flowers…you could take pictures of them."

Jung-ah: "How do you know she likes to take pictures of wild flowers?"

Min-woo: ...

Jung-jae: "She's a florist so it's only logical... seems like you two (Min-woo and Hae-won) are already making a connection."

Hae-won: ....


Jung-ah, Min-woo and Hae-won goes to the trip together and Jung-jae will follow them after he’s done with the things in the office.

They arrive the place and they start site seeing on their way to the house. Hae-won starts taking pictures as Jung-ah and Min-woo walks ahead of her.

On his way to Min-woo’s, Jung-jae gets a flat tyre and calls Jung-ah for help and she goes to pick him up. Leaving Min-woo and Hae-won alone. Hae-won doesn’t even notice this at first since she was engrossed in photographing flowers.


note: the rest of the eps will be posted later by me

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Episode 4

Min-woo and Hae-won finally reach the house and his mom welcomes them. Seeing Hae-won, Min-woo’s mom is pleased thinking that at last, Min-woo has finally found someone new. But Min-woo tells her that she is not his girlfriend and she already has a fiancé. Jung-ah and Jung-jae finally arrive.

The four of them sit to have beer and snack...Jung-ah said she doesn't want to be the only girl drinking so she asks Hae-won to drink too. Hae-won tries to drink.. and drops a handkerchief while she struggles with her cup... the handkerchief was the one Min-woo used on her ankle in the mountains...

Jung-ah: "Isn't that a man's handkerchief? Why do you have it?"

Hae-won: ....

Jung-ah: "Let's play a word association game using the word 'handkerchief'"...

Jung-jae "Handkerchief... dating... because it's a tradition for a guy to buy his girlfriend handkerchief…”

Min-woo: "handkerchief... fate.”

Hae-won: "handkerchief... lingering love…”

Jung-ah: "Explain or you lose…penalty is to drink beer one-shot"

Jung-jae drinks the penalty instead.. and says Hae-won probably has lots of lingering love for him...

Jung-ah: "handkerchief…suspicion…why does this handkerchief look just like the one I bought Min-woo in Italy? Why do u have it, Hae-won?"

Hae-won: .....

Jung-jae: "There are lots of handkerchiefs with the same design. She probably bought this for me.. But I don't want it either…because handkerchief symbolizes farewell…I don't ever want to be apart from Hae-won"


Next morning, early in the garden.

Hae-won runs into Min-woo.

Hae-won: "Now I know your name."

Min-woo: "I guess you won't be calling me by 'excuse me' anymore."

Hae-won: "Excuse me.."

Min-woo: "Please don't feel awkward around me."

Hae-won: "I have something to say"

Min-woo: "Is it about what happened up on the mountain? Don't worry I won't say anything about it. It makes you uncomfortable and I don't want to cause misunderstanding.”

Hae-won returns the handkerchief.

Min-woo: "I'll take it back some other time. If I take it now it'll cause more suspicion"

Hae-won: "Strangely… feels as if I've been here before…it's windy... will it rain soon?"

Min-woo: "Wind feels good doesn't it?"

Hae-won: "Especially the summer wind"

Min-woo: "Windy days are for proposals"

Hae-won: ...?

Min-woo: "My proposal to you is to be friends"

Hae-won shakes his hand in agreement.

Min-woo gets dust in his eyes. Hae-won helps him blow it out.

Min-woo: "Thanks...my mother used to blow into my eyes whenever it had dust too"

Hae-won: "Ah same here"

Min-woo: "Thank you"

Hae-won: "What for? We're friends"

Min-woo: "Right…"

Jung-ah walks by and sees this from a distance. She misunderstands the scene as the two of them exchanging a kiss. She confronts them back in the house. They explain her misunderstanding....


Jung-ah tries to set up a dinner at the hotel for her parents to meet Min-woo. Jung-ah’s dad questions Min-woo’s true intention, he implies that maybe he got the project through Jung-ah’s help…Min-woo says that he only sees Jung-ah as a sister and leaves. Jung-ah father likes Min-woo and says that they will have a good son-in-law.


Hae-won needs to bring a notebook to Min-woo regarding "calla rennovation project".. She tries to catch the bus but misses... She sees him at the bus stop.. he asked if she had time to see the opera with him. He had free tickets from his Dae-poong. She agrees.... but she doesn't tell Jung-jae that she's going with Min-woo when he calls to see if she's free. She says she's busy with her friend tonight. Jung-ah calls Min-woo too and asks if she can buy him dinner and apologize... he tells her that he's busy with a friend..


At the opera, Jung-jae and Jung-ah arrive and sees Min-woo while Hae-won is at the bathroom. Hae-won sees them as she walks out and runs back into the bathroom to hide... later she calls Min-woo and tells him that she can't see the opera with him tonight... he understands... she says she'll see the opera with him some other time... together with Jung-jae and Jung-ah...


Hae-won walks home and laughs at herself for being in that situation. She had to endure the toilets bad smell. She asks herself what she was thinking…. “You have to have a strong heart to lie…”, she tells herself.

Jung-jae waits outside of Hae-won’s place at night...She apologizes to him for always making him worry about her... as they part she hugs him from behind..

Hae-won: "Your back has always been so broad and comfortable... I feel so safe and secure.."

Jung-jae: "Is there something troubling you? Is work too hard? Should I add more employees to help you?"

Episode 5

Hae-won and Min-woo are at the work site.

Hae-won: “That’s really nice,”

Min-woo: “Pardon?”

Hae-won: “Your necklace…you were wearing it in the mountains too. Since you always wear it, you must cherish it…Does it have some special meaning?”

Min-woo: “There was a girl I liked very much…she and I shared it.”

Hae-won: “I see. You must have liked her very much…”

Min-woo: “Very much…I did like her very much…”

Hae-won: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”

Min-woo: “It’s okay. For me to be able to talk about it…I guess enough time must’ve passed…It’s the first time I have told anyone…I never thought I’d fall in love again…I thought I’d never be able to love again…But oddly enough…(looks at Hae-won) I’ve met a woman I want to love.”

Hae-won: “I’m curious about her…”

Min-woo: “She’s a good person”

Hae-won: “A good person? Do I know her?”

Min-woo hesitates.

Hae-won: “Even if it’s not Jung-ah, I might know her.”

Min-woo: “That’s true. You do know her?”

Jung-ah overhears only the last part of the conversation.

Jung-ah: “It must be me then…”


Jung-ah, Hae-won, Jung-jae, Min-woo, Jang-mi and Dae-poong go on a work related trip.

During dinner Jung-ah suggests that they go up to the mountains for fun.. Jung-jae says he refuses to send Hae-won up on the mountain again… since she got hurt and lost last time... Dae-poong says it's such a coincidence that Hae-won got lost because Min-woo was stuck on mountaintop too... Jung-ah wants to know which mountain but Min-woo changes the subject..


Jung-ah and Hae-won ride side by side on the merry go around while Min-woo and Jung-jae stand and watch..

Jung-jae: “I want to ask you man to man…who’s this person that you like?”

Min-woo looks at Hae-won on the Merry-go-round.

Min-woo: “When I see her she brightens my heart.”

Jung-jae looks at where Min-woo is looking, he thinks he is referring to Jung-ah, who is next to Hae-won.

Jung-jae: “She can brighten people’s hearts…I hope Jung-ah can take the place of your past love.

Min-woo continues to look at Hae-won and Jung-jae thinks it is Jung-ah he’s looking at.

Jung-jae: “Even if you were hurt, don’t cling to the past. New love can be good too.”

Min-woo looks at Jung-jae, thinking, “I’m sorry.”


Jung-ah goes to Hae-won’s room and finds the photo Jang-mi took at the mountain of Min-woo with Hae-won behind him in the background. She recalls Dae-poong saying both of them were missing in the mountain at the same time. She goes to confront Min-woo in his room...

They stand on the balcony…

Jung-ah: “Your room is nice…You have a nice view…It’s right next to Hae-won’s….You can talk on the balcony in the evenings.”

Min-woo: “What are you trying to say?”

Jung-ah: “It just seems nice…for example, you can talk about what happened in the mountains.”

Min-woo: ….

Jung-ah: Why didn’t you tell me what happened?!

Min-woo: Jung-ah…

Jung-ah: “I don’t want to hear any excuses!...I’m sure there was a good reason…but how can you deceive us?”

Min-woo: “Please don’t misunderstand Hae-won…”

Jung-ah: “What about her? What did she tell you?...I don’t want to hear you even mentioning her name! It upsets me!”

Jung-ah starts to leave.

Min-woo: “Let’s talk…”

Jung-ah: “Why? Afraid I might tell my brother? Hae-won is Jung-jae’s fiancé…he has the right to know.”


Hae-won comes to see Jung-jae. She tells him about what really happened to her up on the mountain and about Min-woo helping her. She apologizes for not telling him sooner... Jung-jae says he understands and says she probably did it to protect him so he wouldn't misunderstand.. he says he is not upset but a little sad that she couldn't trust him enough to tell him sooner.. he says though he doesn't trust people easily, once he does he will always trust them.. so he would never suspect Hae-won of anything....


Jung-ah acts rude and uncooperative toward Hae-won during work meeting. Jung-jae sees her in private. She tells him what she knows.. He says she should just forget about loving Min-woo..

Jung-jae: “You have no right to love.. love is not about suspicion.. it is about trusting the person you love... you should thank Min-woo for helping your good friend Hae-won instead of misunderstanding their intentions...


Hae-won apologizes to Jung-ah for not telling her the truth earlier.. Jung-ah apologizes for acting immature.... she confesses that she overheard the conversation she and Min-woo had the other day about him wanting to fall in love again... she thought it was her at first but after seeing the photo she thought it could be Hae-won instead.... Hae-won assures her that there is nothing between her and Min-woo and agrees to help Jung-ah win Min-woo’s heart..


Hae-won lets Jang-mi handle all contacts about work with Min-woo for her.. she's avoiding him for Jung-ah and Jung-jae’s sake..

Min-woo and Dae-poong wonder why they haven't seen Hae-won lately... Jang-mi tells them that Hae-won wants to avoid them...


Min-woo catches a cold from riding bike in the rain because he was depressed about Hae-won... Hae-won goes to his house to retrieve a document needed at work...They sit in the sofa…

Hae-won: Did you take some medicine?

Min-woo: I’ll sleep it off.

Hae-won: I’m making some soup. Take some medicine with it.

Min-woo: How have you been lately?


Min-woo: Hae-won…That is…Thank you for coming…

Hae-won: Don’t thank me…I think the soup is boiling…

Hae-won stands up to turn off the stove.

Hae-won: Take a few days off…Dae-poong will be here later…Make sure you warm up the soup and have it later.

Min-woo: Hae-won…We’re friends, right? Friends share everything right?

Hae-won: …

Min-woo: Do I make you uncomfortable?

Hae-won: No, why would you…?

Min-woo: Then don’t avoid me. We’re friends.


Next day.. Hae-won and Dae-poong are at the restaurant waiting for Min-woo.. so they can celebrate about getting their work done..

Hae-won: Is Min-woo feeling better today? He seemed quite ill..

Dae-poong: Physical illness is easy to heal from... what he suffers is difficulty in his heart.

Dae-poong tells Hae-won that Min-woo has fallen in love with that woman he met on the mountains but he doesn't know her name or where she is...

Hae-won: .... Sorry I must get going...

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Guest LesterKao

Hey! my teacher at school is making us write a elements analysis thing for a tv drama. I did summer scent. so here it is since we're required to post it on the forum...

sorry it needs to be formatted

Episode one of the Korean drama, Summer Scent, is an essential segment that is crucial in laying out the storyline of this television series. This is because episode one provides the necessary background information for viewers to understand the complex history of both Hye-won and Min-woo. Without this complex history, viewers would not be able to understand Hye-won and Min-woo’s love in other episodes.


• The setting of episode one, due to the inclusion of scenes involving the newly built, Incheon International Airport, and other visual clues in Seoul, evidently show that this drama takes place in modern-day South Korea. Other important scenes take place in the mountains of Korea.


• Summer Scent is told in an objective fashion, primarily relying on the use of character dialogue and what the audience actually sees to present the story. A case in point is the opening scene in which Hye-won is introduced as a high-school student through the technique of her talking to herself alone. The objective point-of-view in Summer Scent is sometimes altered for what the director wants you to see.



o Hye-won and Min-woo must meet for the drama to develop.

o This is the director’s attempt to introduce Hye-won to Min-woo, as they are shown as the main characters.


o Hye-won has an implanted heart from Min-woo’s dead girlfriend, though both of them do not know each other.

o Min-woo and Hye-won cross each other’s path many times.

o Hye-won’s boyfriend, Jung-jae, returns from overseas and proposes to Hye-won.

o Jung-jae, Min-woo, and Hye-won could possibly be involved in a love triangle if Min-woo and Hye-won actually meet.


o The crisis occurs when Hye-won and her friend, Jang-mi, go to the mountains to take picture of flowers. However, Hye-won and Jang-mi go separate ways, and Hye-Won, who has a heart condition, gets lost.


o Thus, the climax is reached when Hye-won stumbles down a hill and injures her ankle. She cries for help, as she cannot get up on her feet.


o With night soon coming, along with a downpour of rain, Min-woo, who by coincidence was also in the mountains, finds her and helps her to her feet. The two characters meet for this first time, and the episode concludes when both are forced to spend a night in the mountains due to the darkness, lack of roads and transportation in the mountains. It is then that Hye-won and Min-woo begin to know of each other, paving the way for their romance in future episodes.


• The theme is that “fate sometimes brings people together”. This is shown by the inclusion of scenes in which Min-woo and Hye-won almost meet and when Min-woo “rescues” Hye-won in the mountains. This can also be seen in that main conflict of the entire series – Hye-won’s heart coming from Min-woo’s deceased girlfriend.


The main characters, and protagonists of episode one are Min-woo and Hye-won. This is because both are heavily focused on by the camera, with the plot of episode one concerning the issue of when they would meet. The antagonists of this episode probably are Hye-won’s heart and Min-woo’s memories of his deceased lover. Hye-won’s weak heart causes Jung-jae to be worried about Hye-won, meaning Jung-jae might also encounter Min-woo. Min-woo’s memories of his deceased lover cause him pain, pain that might not let him start a new romance, especially with Hye-won. June-jae does not develop into an antagonist until he is introduced to Min-woo, which is found in episodes two and three. Both Hye-won and Min-woo are dynamic characters in episode one as they are burdened with experiences from the past. Many traits of Hye-won and Min-woo are shown – ranging from reflective and mournful, to joyfulness and laughter. Min-woo, especially is multi-sided as he has just returned from Italy, still with scars of his girlfriend’s death years before. Jung-jae, in episode one, is flat character as he is only introduced as Hye-won’s current boyfriend with great concern for her health. Dae-poong, a friend Min-woo, and Jang-mi, a friend of Hye-won, are also flat characters with traits that show their concern for their respective friends. They are also foil characters used for humor, as well as for allowing Hye-won and Min-woo to meet in mountains unaccompanied. Jang-mi, Jung-jae, and Dae-poong are only complications to the conflict of when Hye-won and Min-woo meet.

Episode 1 contributes to the overall series as it introduces us to the characters, and the broiling conflict. However, episode one also takes away from the overall series. For instance, the director’s use of Hye-won and Min-woo “almost meeting” several times by passing each other is commonplace in other dramas and shows. This is ineffective as it makes the plotline too predictable. In addition, the introduction of Jung-jae, Hye-won’s boyfriend, makes it certain that later episodes would incorporate a love triangle – a concept that is prevalent in many Asian dramas. The director of Summer Scent should have considered other complications in romance, as people get tired of seeing the same material in different forms. The main purposes of first episodes, other than to give basis and background, are to compel the audience to “stick” to that show. Though contributing much to the storyline, episode one of Summer Scent could have done more to draw people in to the story. This fault could lead some viewers to “change the channel”.

Even though I criticize drama in my above, I still Love this drama :D

Here is the Missing U Music Video

Click Here :P

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