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☆☆☆ The Official JUNG YUNHO Thread (정윤호 ☆ ユンホ ☆ 鄭允浩) ☆☆☆

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Guest shzzle8dizzile

my contribution








^ bad hair day? XD

some smexy gifs to lag your computers



i have lots more but i'm too sleepy to upload more. XD

edit: owned a page!

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Guest oKiiExDoKiiE


I LIKEY.! :sweatingbullets:

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Guest <3tvxq

thanks for all the yunho pictures!

omo i'm fainting from all the pictures~~

thanks for sharing!!!

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Guest love_dbsk5

wahhhhh!! so hott!!!

I love him!!!!

Love every singel picture!! Thanks for sharing these everyone!!!

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I've checked a few pages back [15pages to be exact! LOL] and there aren't any official pictures thread for YunHo, so I decided to make one for none other than Jung Yunho! :blush:



Stage Name : U-KNOW | U-know YunHo

Real Name: Jung YunHo

Birthdate: February 6, 1986

Birthplace: Gwangju

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Position: Bass Vocals , Leader


1. Is the best fighter.

2. He has the deepest thoughts.

3. he likes to write stories especially when it is raining.

4. he took on numerous odd jobs to pay for his sisters tution fees during the ninth grade.Some of them were:sprinkling snow with sand so that people do not slip and tying up bottles for recycling.(this was during korea's depression)He also used to sleep in the train station.(he didnt care where he slept last time because during that time he thought that having enough sleep is the most important.)

5. He had his tooth fixed because he said it was bothering him and his singing.

6. He can reach the lowest in the group.

7. during debut he was the fatest in the group and he had man boobs o_0 lol(Ya shim man man)He had to do special exercise to get fat away around THAT area.

8. sleeps diagonally.

9. he wakes up the earliest and wakes the other members.

10. he LOVES little children.He wants to have 25 kids..you should think twice before becoming his wife hahah:P

11. he loves music.he has written a song 'spokesman'.It is a rock-ish song.It's mostly rapping.I recommend you on listening because he screamed WOAH!!power.(he performed it in their rising sun concert and in a episode of NEW XMAN.)

12. he is responsible.

13. he is very dedicated in his career.

14. he wants to be a PD if he was not a singer.

15. his first performance was not with dbsk but it was in dana's diamond.

16. people mistake him to be with Dana but he said clearly that they were just very close friends.Dana also said they were just friends.

17. he has two scars on his face.

18. he admire's the girl from the drama my sassy girl.

19. he used to be quite short.

20. he is very competitive.(He said that he is competitive not that he WANTS to win but he said that he always tries his best in everything he do because he wants to lose without feeling that he could have done better.)

21. has a mole on the left side of his mouth.

22. is chrstian.I'm guessing his catholic because he goes to catholic university.

23. he does not like to cry in public.

24. he can do break dance.

25. he wears glasses.

26. he says he his flaw is his small face.

27. he has 4 piercings.

28. he has NO tatoos.

29. he smokes/use to smoke.It is unknown whether he stopped.

30. members say that he is very manly and very sexy in a manly way.All members respect him alot.

31. He is the only member that was never mistaken to be a girl.(LOL)

32. he likes to tease girls until they cry.For a good example watch the special Xman episode with Yuri hahahaha..LOL

33. During the scene in Yunho's Tokyo Holiday where he was saying that he was the best member in DBSK(LOL Micky is a playboy,Jaejoong loves to comb Barbie dolls hair and Max and Xiah LOL LOL!!!)Yunho was afraid to say he was the best and he felt awkward.(he was afraid the other members will get angry at him.)

34. he was poisoned by the anti-fan during the filming of heroin 6.He was so kind he did not want to press charges on that girl because he said the girl was almost same age with his sister.

35. Some of the members from super junior(I forgot which one) HeeChul knew that Yunho bought a leather jacket.They told Yunho that to know whether the jacket was fake or real he had to burn it.Of course they were kidding.But Yunho really burn the jacket and bye bye jacket.

36. he likes to steal food from the other members.

37. he actually has a korean dialect.

38. he has one younger sister and a dad and mom.His dad and mom used to be fighting to become school president.In the end they fell in love with each other)

39. Yunho was supposed to debut in a 5 or 4 member group with Jaejoong and the others were super junior members.

40. Yunho takes a LONG time in the shower. Xiah says that he sings at least 3 songs and does 3 dance routines in the bathroom(LOL)

41. his mini looks very up to him and wants to be like Yunho when he grows up.

42. Yunho used to teach dancing.

43. Yunho(or jaejoong)asks Xiah for advice on how to have expression during singing.

44. Yunho(and/or Xiah)gets very serious before a performance so DON'T TALK TO HIM.hahaha...

45. after a very stressful day of work Yunho was walking I think in his hallway than he saw a little girl holding a doll.And he cried.Micky was with him but Micky did not see the 'dirty thing' but he also cried(LOL).

46. Yunho was caught wacthing 'special videos' and he said it was a school assignment.

47. Yunho brings his bambi doll everywhere he goes...(he call's it his daughter).

Credit: AF


1. 2004 DBSK got into a car accident. A sedan hit DBSK’s van, the driver was pronounced dead on the spot, the van was completely crushed, each member was hurt in different ways. Yunho’s neck was very injured.

2. 2005, Nov 18 to 19th, he was running schedules non stop. The minute the camera shuts down, he fainted.

3. 2006, before his concert, his wrist was injured, but he removed the cast for the sake of the performance, during the performance he was bleeding, but he kept on singing. After the performance his hand was completely swollen.

4. 2006, march, barely 20 years old, fainted due to dehydration. His stomach isn’t strong, members always stick little reminder notes in his pocket reminding him to eat. Whenever he was trying to care for other members, they would say “ you should be the one resting right now”.. they flew between Korea and Japan every week.

5. For the sake of having a better pitch when he sings and a better, more mature image, he got procelin veneers on his teeth, PV needs to be changed every 10 years, he has gone through numerous discomfort and pain after his procedure. May of 2006, because he was in such pain (his teeth), he was rushed to the hospital right after his performance one night. June, he experienced eve more pain because of it, he could barely eat, his face was so swollen he had to start wearing a mask

6. 2006, July. Concert in Malaysia, knowning his fans have waited forever for him, he gave a perfect performance that fooled everyone, no one could tell that he was trying all his might to hold the pain that was caused by dislocation of his ankles. He insisted on performing for his fans, he had to be carried out after the performance. That performance caused him to be away for one month so he can rest.

7. 2006, October, around 10pm. Something horrible happened, emergency room, different hospitals, cleaning and pumping out his stomach. The suspect has turned herself in. Yunho said “ she’s about my age, I have a sister, so I hope she will receive forgiveness. As for me. No worries. I’m fine. I’m sorry I’ve made you guys worry”

8. At an award ceremony, all the members were crying their eyes out, Yunho stayed strong, he held his tear in, he smiled, he kept thanking everyone, but backstage, he shed more tears than the rest of the members combined.

9. At another award ceremony, everyone could tell his eyes were watery and red, but once again, held in it. He bit his fingers.

10. The famous 18 continuous bow. After the MBC dance battle special, he was sick, but he held himself together for the show, backstage, he bowled to every single performer and crew members, the fans captured the total number of times he bowed. 18 times.






mind contribute some guys? LOL

CLOSE THIS THREAD NOW!! There A Thread Already!!

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CLOSE THIS THREAD NOW!! There A Thread Already!!

As I mention at the very first page, I just went through 15pages only[my bad] and I thought there's no official thread for Yunho and so I did one. You've the right to bash me for this, but I felt really uneasy with your demand anyway. :sweatingbullets:

I talk to one of the mod, edward1849, regarding this stuff. The mod said this thread can still run as usual and if you do have other queries, you can PM him. :)

Can you as well please remove the img] when you quote the description? Tha


%7Boption%7Dhttp://img118.imageshack.us/img118/8649/1e6bbfc452c662a78326ac6sn2.jpg' alt='1e6bbfc452c662a78326ac6sn2.jpg'>


Yunho is into fur thingy lately, eh? Still hawt on him! xD

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Yunho Sshi :D You are one hunky leader who's just too adorable (: Ahahaha, he's such a good rapper & singer too. ^^*

Ack, I know this is kind of fuzzy & all but I thought it was just TOO cute so I just had to share. (:


More yunho pics :D















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you know i never paid attention to celebrities and their jewelry until other threads pointed rings and such out...but i just noticed going through these pages that yunho wears the same "cartier love ring" on his left pinky...hmmm...

and i don't think he does wear glasses (#25) except for style cause i remember that dbsk was on a show where they asked who wore contacts/glasses and i think yunho was the only one that didn't raise his hand

anyhoo i can never get enough of this genetic perfection...*sigh* thank you so much for this thread..i learn something new about him everyday and it's a real treat lol

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Guest cathyy_

GAH i think i just DIED

i love love love THIS thread

officially my favourite


:blush: oh goshh

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Guest funnyfriend

im so thankful for this thread!

i love it sooo much! x)

yunho can be so HOT.SEXY.CUTE.and.DORKY! love him <3

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yunho picture thread! weeeee... dang! yunho is really my dream guy! buwahahahahaha.......

he's cute, those smiles, his lips, eyes wah everything! hahahaha...

i don't know what will I do if I saw Yunho! hahaha maybe I'll faint?!?! buwahaha

thanks for the yunho pictures!!! v^__^v

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ohly flippin gee! Yunnie pic thread


thanks guys for pics & gifs, HOTT!

35. Some of the members from super junior(I forgot which one) HeeChul knew that Yunho bought a leather jacket.They told Yunho that to know whether the jacket was fake or real he had to burn it.Of course they were kidding.But Yunho really burn the jacket and bye bye jacket.
^ lol Yunnie.. what the hell?

more giffies anyone? (:

the gifs are big so i posted in thumbnail size, click to view original size

sexy lickin thumb, oo yeah.. ♥¬♥


sexy freak :blush:


sexy bein shy & banana (:



b o n u s mexicanboy




credits: as tagged + amorfati + naver + onlyone-uknow + withyoonho

h o t l i n k & d i e ! :crazy:

will post more later... midterms burning my richard simmons T_______T

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