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[movie 2008] Once Upon A Time - 원스 어폰 어 타임

Guest conduongmuathu

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Guest conduongmuathu

Lee Bo Young, Park Yong Woo
원스 어폰 어 타임 - ONCE UPON A TIME


Website: http://www.onceuponatime.kr

Release on 01/31/2008

Trailer: http://ziness.gscdn.com/dmc/ziness/movie/o...r(512_700k).wmv

Producer: CH Entertainment

Director: Jeong Yong Gi


Park Yong-woo will play Bong-gu, one of the most notorious swindlers of all time.

And Lee Bo-young will play Hae Dang-hwa, a jazz singer, who not only steals the heart of Bong-gu, but also numerous priceless items in the country.

Lee Bo-young, who is expected to reveal her sensual beauty in the film, is currently undergoing an intense vocal training, as well as a rigorous physical training to perform various action scenes.

"Once Upon a Time," which is set in the Japanese colonial period, is expected to open in theaters during the Lunar New Year's holidays, early next year (2008).


Lee Bo Young as Hae Dang Hwa


Park Yong Woo as Bong Goo








1. 나의 길 - 이보영 (Naee gil - Lee Bo Young)

2. 동방의 빛

3. 오봉구의 테마

4. 해당화의 테마

5. 우리는 독립군

6. 작전 1

7. 작전중

8. 작전실패

9. 정적

10. 야마다와 봉구의 대결 1

11. 미행

12. 야마다의 테마

13. 오덕술의 죽음

14. 희봉의 편지

15. 우리의 노선은 하나

16. 야마다와 봉구의 대결 2

17. 대한독립만세 1

18. 대한독립만세 2

19. 지금처럼 - 이보영 (Ji geum cheo reom - Lee Bo Young)

20. 영원 - 이보영 (Yeo Wan - Lee Bo Young)

21. Keep On Dancing - 이보영 (Lee Bo Young)

22. Forever My Life - 박용우 (Park Yong Woo)

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Guest lollicup

This looks really interesting. hehe. I was wondering what Lee Bo Young was up to these days and here's news of her new movie. :D Thanks for sharing

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