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Realize ☆ミ

Guest fantasiimaker

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Guest orange&kiwie;

you sing so good >_< good luck on your career keke^^;;

i love melody's singing, and i also love yours <3

i'm your new fan :D

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Guest fantasiimaker

babiixru - <333 thanks ru ^^

NAN - XD listening to two is more than enough. <3

conversebunny - I also think Realize turned out somewhat decent ^^ (I also liked that song the best to begin with =X)

kristiniee - I appreciate you taking the time to listen to the first one =)

IHMJack - thanks ^^

Hsiang84 - Thank you, Kevin! The collab is coming soon XD

JJames - yay~ I'm glad I didn't disappoint you then XD

marshmellow - lol ^^ thanks for listening, I appreciate it!

hmaster - I guess I'd rather be relaxed than tense up a lot? xD; and uh..nothing I can do about the volume and mixing now, as I don't save my old raw vocals. >P

yandje - Thanks for the critique! I definitely need to watch out in those areas ^^

ALLY. - Thank you! =]

orange&kiwie; - haha what career xD; woot another melody. fan! thanks for the kind words >_<

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Guest memefluzit

i loved simply wonderful. your notes are so clear compared to others i've heard. you can fit the style very nicely. i like it^^

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