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List of Korean stars Cyworlds

Guest _dovely

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Guest evon_kame1

Any cyworld for DBSK?? anyone know if they have their own cyworld too??

Lee JUn Ki's cyworld is the hottest !! cyworld.com/start006 >_<

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Guest alicechan

DBSK doesn't have a cyworld... anymore, because SM has told them to put their cyworld down after they debuted. You know, Fan girls will attack their cyworld and ask them to marry, where they live, ect. =__=

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Guest system_chaos

They (DBSK) actually HAVE cyworlds... but you won't see anything in it. I mean, even the domain names (like /system_chaos) of their cyworlds are unseen. -_-;; And it has that note that says to not ask for ilchon approvals. :x If you ever chance upon it.. it just looks like an empty cyworld... (but maybe if you were their ilchon you'd SEE sth. :x)

And there were times when DBSK had to move to their new apartment (one seen in the DVD) that JaeJoong posted in his cyworld (I don't know it so don't even bother asking :x) and he was really sad that fans were like stalkers already. ;_;

So yeah they have it but it's not for their fans... jut for... them and their close friends.

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Guest kkam jjak

um does anyone have g-dragon's cyworld address? The one on the front page, i clicked on it but it turned out to be someone else's by the name of jeon ul chan

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